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Wiyaala at 238th US Independence Day Reception (2014)

Noella Wiyaala Nwadei (also known as Wiyaala; born 22 December 1986) is a Ghanaian Afro-pop singer-songwriter.


  • When I was growing up, girls had no say. Your only use is to be married off for your bride price. I saw many girls taken out of the classroom and handed out to men - usually older men.
  • I don’t go to church because the churches around where I stay currently make too much noise which doesn’t invite me to worship with them. I believe we go to church to worship God, sing and pray but what goes on in my area is beyond measure.
  • I am a religious person but marrying a man of God won’t work for me. I do secular music and a man of God wouldn’t allow his wife to be doing that. I will rather marry a free thinker so that we manage, particularly someone who is not too much into church.
  • I can do any kind or style of music I want...Reggae, Ragga, Ballad, African, Afro pop, even Pure pop. As an African, I still have my African thing and I don’t want to lose that because I just believe from day one that would make me stand out quick and I can never let that go.
  • It’s true that my music is not always genre specific, but I always see it as Afro-centric. I will be releasing an album of my own songs later this year (2016) and I will be singing in my local languages of Sissala and Wale as well as English. Some of the songs will sound traditional and local to where I grew up, whilst others will be more mainstream influenced.
  • All my life, I have dreamt one day I would climb international stages and showcase my talents on behalf of Ghanaians to the world. I say to all Africans, in whatever field you have talent, dream big and go out and live that dream. We can and will change perceptions about Africa.
  • If you’re authentic, artificial intelligence can’t kill your career.
  • I will be as popular as anything in the North but because it’s (Ghana Music Awards) an Accra-based program and most of the radio stations are Accra-based, it is normal that they only hear Accra songs. Most of the DJs don’t understand our songs and a lot of people are not willing to understand our songs.
  • That is why in my opinion I think you would have to understand [the language in] rap music to enjoy it. Because rap is very similar to talking. If you are a rapper and you went to certain places and they don’t understand what you are rapping about because you are talking to them in a much faster pace.
  • Every parent must teach their child their local dialect, if you don't do that, it's very embarrassing and when you go home they will be making fun of you... it is one thing you have to learn 'compulsory by force'.
  • You need not copy people blindly, else you will find yourself wanting.
  • I decided to let people know the real Wiyaala. Rock My Body happened because I was trying to join what was trending. That was because I just allowed myself to be influenced by some friends who said 'oh do this because it is trending. It is going to make you [popular]. [So, I said] let's get it [done]'. Deep down I'm not sure.
  • Rock My Body, is a sex song but if it comes out people will just put me in a certain category that is not me. I'm versatile. I can sing any style but I really need to start well. If I don't lay the foundations well and I come with the wrong start, that's how the industry will receive her. Rock my body did that.

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  • The land is good, the land is fine
    Gold we have, diamonds we mine
    Yet we fight; we cover it all in blood
    Tell me why we wallow in the mud
    Africa! Africa! Africa!...Mama Africa
    We cry for peace...Africa!
    Tell me why you fight...Tell me why we fight
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