Wizards of Waverly Place (season 1)

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21 Episodes by October 12, 2007 - August 31, 2008

Episode 1.Crazy 10 Minutes Sale[edit]

Justin: Edgebonoutoosis! [He clones the rabbit]
Jerry: Good! Thank you Justin! That is how you execute the duplication spell properly. Real rabbit, duplica... duplicate rabbit real rab.. It's... ANYWAYS, there's two now!
Max: What's the big deal? They're rabbits. Wait 5 minutes and they'll duplicate by themselves.

Gigi: Bonjour Alex. Bonjour Alex's friend.
Harper: Nice shoes!
[Alex gives Harper a look]
Harper: I mean.. Pfft! I don't care about you or your shoes!
Gigi: Yeah. I've had these shoes for about a week. Oh, I mean I'd give them to you, but I'm already donating them to :another charity.
Alex: No! You should keep them. They go well with your eyebrow.
Gigi: Well, at least I don't have man-hands. How do you get those meat-stubs through your sleeves?
Harper: And what happened to you two? Pick your noses so hard they fell off?
Gigi: They got nose jobs.
Gigi's Copycat Crew: When they heal, they'll look exactly like Gigi's!
Alex: [sarcasm] When's Gigi's gonna heal!?

Alex: So what you are saying is that getting back at Gigi was really hurting myself?
Jerry: No, but I like that better.
Alex: Well, since I figured that one out, I should pick my own punishment?
Jerry: No. Why don't you take my punishment, and duplicate it? You're grounded for 1 week.
Alex: Does that mean 2 weeks?!
Jerry: Oh, now it's four. I love this game!

Episode 2.First Kiss[edit]

Alex: You know a lot of stuff about stuff people don't care about, which is great. But I know relationships. I know how girls think!
Justin: So do I! They're right brained dominant and they have a slightly larger hyper-tholimus!
Alex: There you go again, knowing stuff people don't care about.

Justin: You may find this hard to believe, but...I've never kissed a girl before.
Alex: [smugly] I find it hard to believe that you think I'd find that hard to believe.

Alex: Alright, this is what we're gonna do. First of all, take out five dollars.
Alex: I need $5 dollars.
Alex: Second, tomorrow when you walk her to school, take her to by that old scary abandon house in the corner.
Justin: Right, cause she'll think I'm brave.
Alex: No, you'll get scared and she'll comfort you, and that's when you plant one on her.
Justin: Ok, that's a great idea.
Alex: Thanks, you have five ones for this five?
Justin: Umm... [takes out another 5 dollars]
Alex: Great, cause my five was lonely

Max: What's Deja Vu?
Jerry: It's when you feel like something happened before.
Alex: For example, dad you have five dollars?
Jerry: umm.. Why?
Alex: Cause I need five dollars.. Deja Vu, huh Justin?

Justin: So Alex, what was your first kiss like?
Alex: You know, it was in this place...with this guy...and it was very romantic. Over Christmas Vacation.
Max: We went to Grandma's over Christmas Vacation.
Justin: Wait a minute! You haven't kissed a guy yet! [smugly] I so have this over you now!
Alex: No you don't!
Justin: I know so when I go to school tomorrow and tell everyone you've never kissed anyone, no one'll care.

Alex: Hey Justin!
[Justin looks over at Alex. Alex grabs a random boy and kisses him.]
Alex: Now you've got nothing over me!

Episode 3.I Almost Drowned in a Chocolate Fountain[edit]

Justin: I'm gonna get even!
Alex: Hah-yeah. Okay. That'll never happen. Remember the time you wanted to get "even with me"? I got the bigger bedroom and you got what?
Justin: [he says embarrased] Shot-gun on that one trip to the outlet mall..
Alex: Exactly, some things never change!

Alex: Oh! Some chocolate! Oh wait, that's not a straw!
Max: We didn't play paintball!

[Theresa opens the curtains and the windows are covered with bright colored splotches]

Justin: ...What are pigeons eating now a'days?
Hello Maria and Ana remember Bangtan

Anyone name a cuter baby than Gabi

Episode 4.New Employee[edit]

Gurt Barn Lady: [takes picture of Harper] [monotone voice] I know you've only been working here four hours, but congratulations. You're Employee of the Month. I almost won it 4 times, but I lost cause I take too many breaks. That reminds me. It's time for my break.

Alex and Harper: [Singing the Funky Hat Song] What's that? A hat? Crazy, funky, junky hat! Overslept? Hair unsightly? Trying to look like Keira Knightley? We've been there, we've done that! We see right through your funky hat!

Frankie: AAAHH! He's after me!!!

Episode 5.Disenchanted Evening[edit]

Justin: You don't know our dad. He'll throw a tantrum. And you'll know because it sounds like this. Wadigibadee hobadee ha! HA! ALEX!"

Jerry: Ooh! A catwalk! [Walks on it like a model]

T.J.: I'll show you a lair!
Max: [To Alex] Wow, you weren't kidding He really does do that.

Jerry: [Throwing a tantrum, the spell broken] It's! Gah! Mars! Who- !? ALEX!!?
Alex: Then again not so ridiculous!
Max: Not to mention she left me on Mars.

[Jerry and Teresa look both shocked and angry]

Alex: H-He's right, it's completely my fault.
Jerry: You are in SO MUCH trouble, young lady!
Alex: ...I know. (she hugs him, and he points his finger up speechlessly)

Alex: That's not magic.
Justin: How do you know I didn't forget my locker combination and then used magic to remember it?
Alex: Because you made up a locker combination song.
Alex (with Justin joining in): Right to clear it come on let's hear it! 23, left 8 digits, but don't fidget, 31. Now for the last, don't go too fast! 6 and you're off to class! WHOO!

Justin: Mom and Dad are charmed? WHAT?! HOW?! WHEN?! WHO?!
Alex: Mom and Dad.
Justin: WHAT?! HOW?! WHEN?!
Alex: At Dinner.
Justin: WHAT?! HOW?!
Alex: It was in the Kugel.
Justin: WHAT?!
Alex: Justin, I think you know what!

Episode 6.You Can't Always Get What You Carpet[edit]

Alex: Dad got all tensed and frustrated like how he acts when he's around you and your dolls.
Justin: [is scrubbing the teeth on his pig] Action-figures. Collectibles. In their original packaging.

Episode 7.Alex's Choice[edit]

Alex: No I got a D on the test. I'm pretty sure I'm right.

Alex: What happened to your faces? Applied your makeup with a hammer?
Gigi: [Laughs with her friends]

Harper: You didn't come for the tea. You came to protect me.
Alex: I'll always be there to protect you.

Alex: [Searches her spellbook] Truth spell. Truth spell. [Reads and casts the spell] Some are evil, some are kind, now all must speak their mind.

Alex: Oh, this is going better than I thought. Hey everybody! I'm a wizard!
Everyone: Huh!?
Alex: Just kidding!

Episode 8.Curb Your Dragon[edit]

Justin: C'mon guys, hurry! We've got to go check on Dragon!
Max: Why? If anyone messes with him, he'll just breathe fire.
Alex: (Annoyed) That's what we're worried about.
Max: What? I thought we just didn't want him to take leaks in the house.
Justin: C'mon, Dragon, let's go up to my room.
Theresa: Wait, Justin.
Alex: What's going on?
Theresa: Those flyers you put up worked. Dragon's rightful owner came and picked him up.
Alex: His owner?
Theresa: I'm sorry, honey.

Frankie: You lost your found dog? Why don't you rest your head on Frankie's shoulder and tell him ALL about it?
Alex: I would, but I don't have time for you to get a ladder.

Frankie: The guy came out with the dog and bought this. A program for the Hudson Dog Show.
Alex: The Hudson Dog Show? When is it?
Frankie: Why dontcha buy a copy and find out?
Alex: I have to buy it?
Frankie: Would I come into your restaurant, lick a sandwich and leave? ZINGER! That'll be $8.00 please.
Alex: Ugh, okay.... ( reads the program) IT'S TODAY! I'd like to return this for a refund. ( takes money back) ZINGERR!

Episode 9.Movies[edit]

Theresa: Oh Maxy, promise you'll never grow up and leave me!
Max: But I'm supposed to be taking out the trash.
Theresa: Oh, no. Your daddy will take out the trash.

[Jerry gives her the WHAT look, and she gives him the DO IT look]

Max: Thank you, daddy.
Jerry: Save it.

Jerry: Alex, lets give it a try. Now, lets say you havent eaten for days and You're in desperate need for a sandwich. What do you do?
Alex: I walk over to the sandwich shop and have Mom make me a sandwich.
Jerry: Okay, yes, but Mom's not here.
Justin: Wheres Mom?
Jerry: It's not important where she is, umm, she's gone, she left the country.
Justin: She left the country? Why, is she ok?
Jerry: Yes, she's fine.
Alex: Well if she's fine, I don't see why she can't make me a sandwich.

Jerry: Here, I've already written one down for you, just read that and concentrate.
Max: Satisfy my empty belly, make me a peanut butter and jelly. [Max turns into a PBJ sandwich]
Jerry: You see what I just did there? I just illustrated the dangers of "Spell Improv". '[Justin is about to eat Max] Ha-di-di-da! You have to use your words very carefully because in the Wizard World they take you literally. So, when Max said "Make me a peanut butter and jelly," they made him a peanut butter and jelly. [Justin begins to open Max and throws him back onto the couch] Yhoy!
Alex: Oh, I get it! Let me try it. Although I love such tasty snacks, I'd rather have my brother Max. [Max turns back into a human]
Justin: Hello!
Max: [To Justin] Hey, thanks for not eating me.
Jerry: Alex, you're a natural.
Alex: Thanks, that wasn't even true!

Justin: I'm sensing you have a devious and poorly thought out plan to get into this Ruby Donahue movie. I'm gonna ask you to leave me out of it.
Alex: Gladly. [As they walk away from each other, Alex gets in an isolated space.] I'm old enough to hang with actress model spokeswoman Ruby Donahue, so get me into Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2. [Alex is zapped away and is in an unvacant room with lots of pajama-clad teenagers]

Alex: Is that Ruby Donahue over there?
Party Member: No, silly! That's Bambi, the sensitive one! Just stay in character and scream when it's your turn.
Alex: [Alex, confused, walks towards the screen and finds out she is in the actual Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2 film] Oh, my goodness, I'm in the movie.
Party Member: And just in time, too! We're about to have a super fun Halloween pillow fight in our pajamas!
Alex: Maybe you're a little old to be in a sorority?
Party Member: Aren't you a little young?
Alex: Fair enough. [grabs a pillow and begins smashing it over the guest while everybody does the same. Suddenly a phone rings, causing everybody to stop in fear] What's the matter? S'just a phone...why did the music get all scary?
Justin: [plays arcade games and stops upon seeing his friends] Why are you guys out of the movie? It's not even over yet!
Friend #1: Justin, that movie is WAY too scary! There's somethings in life you cannot unsee!
Justin: Where's Alex? She said she'd catch up with you guys.
Friend #2: She never did. But weirdly enough, there's an actress in the movie that looked just like her.
Justin: Really?
Friend #2: Yeah, and she even sounded kinda like her, and she was wearing the exact same outfit as her. Weird, right?
Justin: [now understanding that Alex did a spell on herself to get in the movie, he begins making sarcastic answers] Yeah, that's weird. What'd you get on that deductive reasoning test?
Friend #2: 99%, why?
'Justin: Now thats even weirder. Would you guys excuse me for a moment? [runs to the same isolated space Alex was in] Alex Russo has messed up and put herself in a movie. Put me also in that movie. [fails to get zapped] That didn't even sound like a spell. OK, what rhymes with "movie"? Boovy, juvy, loovy, PLANT! [realizes that "movie" and "plant" don't rhyme] Plant...this is going to take a while. [leans against the wall, looking for a spell that will work]

Alex: Hey, you're Ruby Donahue!
Ruby: Who are you?
Alex: Alex.
Ruby: Are you the evil sorority sister who's come back from the grave to punish us for our cute but reckless destruction of perfectly good pillows?!?!
Alex: What? No! I'm just a kid, I don't even know what I'm doing in this movie.
Ruby: Me neither. This was all my agent's idea!
Alex: Oooh, there's that music again! Where's it coming from?
Ruby: This is the part where I run screaming into the showers for no reason at all.
Alex: Well, it was nice meetin' ya.
Ruby: You too!

Justin: [finally getting inside the movie] ...in a groovy movie! Well, the 1970s would've worked.

Theresa: [after seeing two movie clerks talking about two new characters in Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2] Miss, two tickets for that, uh, disaster...party--bingo!--Halloween thing, yeah.

Episode 11.Potion Commotion[edit]

Jerry: Ok Max, now that your full powers are here. its time for the hat.
Alex: Oh not the hat!
Max: What hat?
Alex: Dad that hats so ugly!
Max: What hat?!?!
Theresa: I cant believe my mijito is ready for the hat!
Max: Somebody tell me about the hat already!

Episode 12.Justin's Little Sister[edit]

Justin: Oh, so its like giving a burgler your money so it doen't steal it!

Max: I know a Jeannie. Jeannie Kowalski. Jeannie's dont like it when you flick them in the ear. Thats lesson number one.
Jerry: No, lesson number one is leave that girl alone. Shes bigger than you.

Alex: I fell asleep on table 5 one night, its pretty comfortable.

Justin: What did you do!?

Alex: Max, how would you get a genie to come back to her lamp?
Max: I know, orange soda.
Alex: What?
Max: If someone poured orange soda in my room i'd be really mad.
Theresa: You spilled orange soda in your room again didn't you? What did we say about taking it up there?
Max: See shes really mad and going to my room.

Alex: Please believe me. You have to believe me. You can't let him be invisible forever; I grew up with him. You know he may dorky, and annoying, but he's fun, and gullible to pull pranks. He's my brother I need him back.

Episode 13.Wizard School, Part 1[edit]

Alex:(sees Justin in wizard's clothing) You know, you remind me of someone…Terry something? Umm…Barry something? Larry something? Oh, never mind.


Jerry:(Alex admits she used the portal key, stammering) AHH! THE...PORTAL...G...G...[SCREAMS]

Theresa:Okay, and on the way we can pick up your new wizard's robes!
Justin:Oh, no, Mom. They do just black bathrobes now. Wizard's robes are too formal for these casual times.


Episode 14.Wizard School, Part 2[edit]

Justin: I'll see you in the finals, jerk.

Hugh Normous: [during 12 ball semi-finals] He did it! He hit the tattler!

Jerko Phoenix: Looks like it's just you, me and destiny.

Jerry: Oh, I love porcini mushrooms.

Salad Girl: That's what the hot dog guy in Washington Square Park said.

Max: Get your Bronxstrami. Central Park sandwich. Right here at the Sub station!
Jerry: Hey, it's working.
Salad Girl: Salads make you perky. Sandwiches make you sleepy.
Max: Salads are un-American!!

Dr Evilini: Did my messenger fish just tell you my evil plan?
Alex: No.
Messenger Fish: All right, this time pay attention, 'Dear Mamma, you'd be proud to know that after the twelve ball tournament reveals the best young wizard I will drain [Alex puts hand over the messenger fish's mouth]
Alex: Ok, maybe he did tell me.

Episode 15.The Supernatural[edit]

Alex: Oh, come on, she isn't that cute!

Justin: Yes, she is!

Alex: No, she isn't!

Justin: Uh huh.

Episode 16.Alex in the Middle[edit]

Alex: Wow. Dad is mad inside and out.

Kelbo: Okay, let's talk about it. (disappears with the kids)

Episode 17.Report Card[edit]

Jerry: Very good, Justin. Alex, you're up.
Alex: Oh, okay. This guinea pig is now not, a dove with wings shall fill its slot. [a brick appears] Oh! It's a pretty dove!
Jerry: No. Oh! It's a pretty brick. You weren't concentrating. Max, you're up.
Max: This guinea pig is now not, a dove with wings shall fill with snot. [dove sneezes] I said snot, didn't I?

[The Russo siblings are taking a spell exam and Justin got an answer on one question]

Justin: Got it.
Alex: Does he have to say, "Got it" after every question? It's throwing me off on my exam.
Max: [surprised] We're taking an exam?

[Prof. Crumbs has arrived at the Russo household to collect the Russo siblings' exams and grade them]

Max: Why doesn't Dad just grade our papers?
Professor Crumbs: So that no one will get better grades just by batting their eyes and trying to look cute.
Alex : [batting her eyes and looking cute] Are you talking about me?
Justin: [mocking Alex's expression] Alex, you're doing it right now.

[Alex's parents have just seen her report card]

Jerry: Hey, what's that?
Alex: [hastily] Uh...

[takes out her wand]

Alex: These parents are now not...
Jerry: What're you doing?
Alex: ...two guinea pigs should fill their slot.

[Jerry and Theresa are turned into guinea pigs. Alex is shocked]

Alex: What did I just do? I panicked! I needed to buy myself more time.
Report Card: To do what?
Alex: To panic!

Justin: I don't know why you guys even bothered taking that test. We all know that I'm the one that's gonna win the family wizard contest and keep my powers.
Jerry: That's not for a long while, Justin.
Alex: And what if they change the rules so only girls keep their powers? Oh, wait, you still might win.
Justin: Oh, Alex, you're so transparent. You know that I'm better than you at magic, so you have to lash out and make fun of me. And, you don't take any of this magic seriously.
Alex: I can't take *you* seriously. You use big words like "transparent". What are you, British?
Professor Crumbs: No, but I am.

Alex: [Professor Crumbs, who was about to take Alex's powers, is turned into guinea pig] Don't look at me, I don't have my powers!
Jerry: [shocked] Justin?
Justin: ...I panicked!
Alex: This is my problem not yours. Don't let me drag you down.
Justin: But you don't drag me down. I don't want you to lose your powers. Everytime you mess up; I have to think of a way to fix it. You make me a better wizard.

Report Card: Hey kid, I can tell you how to get rid of a bad report card.
Alex: Really? How?
Report Card: Get good grades.

Alex: I hate you.
Justin: Hate you too. (they look at eachother for a bit, then hug)
Alex: ...And if it means that much to you, i'll sign your tortilla petition.

Episode 18.Credit Check[edit]

Alex: I quit. [Grabs Harper's arm] And we're going to the kitchen...[Everyone gasps] to eat...[more gasps] And we don't care who watches!

Episode 19.Alex's Spring Fling[edit]

Justin: [Talking on the phone] Mom, Dad, Can I be in charge? What if there was a tidal wave, THEN can I be in charge? YES!! [Hangs up phone and blows a whistle] Okay, I'm in charge.
Alex: [Throws a water balloon at Justin] Hey, look, a tidal wave, now you're in charge!
Justin: Alex, you just ruined my new clothes.
Alex: Justin, when you wear something for a week, it's not new anymore. It just needs a wash.
Max: [Throws a water balloon at Justin] Hey, look, I just washed it. You're welcome!

Episode 20.Quinceanera

Grandma: I talked to your mom. She thinks your dad could lose 5 more pounds too.

Richard (in Justin's body): What am I doing here? Candace (in Max's body): "I dunno. But like all the trouble spots I've been into all my life. I'm gonna dance my way out."

(Music plays and they start to dance)

Richard (in Justin's body): If you were 15 years older I would ask you out

Teresa (in Alex's body): Okay that just really weird

(Now they do the swan)

Richard (in Justin's body): Leap into my arms, I got you baby.

Candace (in Max's body): Arms out, hold it girl, you're a swan.

Episode 21.Art Museum Piece[edit]