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A wolverine

Quotes about the glutton, also known as Wolverine.

  • Insatiable gulon, in the Suecian language it is called Ierff, and in German Vilfrast, which animal unloads and purges its belly by squeezing it between the trees, and immediately runs back to eat, and when the hunter comes he wounds it with an arrow for the skin they carry gentlemen, because she is very beautiful. But those who wear such garments almost change into the nature of similar animals. (Sebastian Münster)
  • The wolverine of Europe and Asia agrees with the wolverine of North America, but it inhabits all the northern parts of the earth. (Alfred Edmund Brehm)
  • The importance of the wolverine from a practical point of view presents controversial aspects. On the one hand, it is a fur animal that provides durable, warm and rather beautiful, although not expensive, skin and sanitizes the taiga and tundra, eliminating carrion and diseased or dying ungulates. On the other hand, with an increase in the number of wolverines, they begin to attack healthy animals, especially young ones and, therefore, in areas where deer are raised, they must be considered dangerous. (Vladimir Georgievič Geptner)
  • Despite its small size, the wolverine is not an adversary to be despised. It is very ferocious, extraordinarily strong, and knows how to defend itself well. He ensures that even bears and wolves give way to him. The latter especially do not touch it, perhaps due to its stench. It defends itself against man only if it can no longer escape. Usually when he sees a hunter he saves himself by running away; if he is chased he climbs a tree or the highest rocky peaks, where no enemy dares to keep up with him. In a place without trees he is soon joined by agile dogs, but he defends himself with perseverance and courage and bites angrily around him. A single dog can never conquer it, and even several find it difficult to subdue it. If he cannot escape to a tree, he places himself on his back, grabs the dog with his sharp claws, throws him to the ground and tears him so that he often succumbs to his wounds. (Alfred Edmund Brehm)
  • He climbs a tree, and remains in wait until a prey comes within range; then it throws itself on top of it, wraps itself around the victim's back and tears its chest with bites. In vain does the animal try with desperate efforts to get rid of its ferocious companion; he ends up succumbing to his terrible grip. The Wolverine is not afraid to attack the largest Ruminants, such as the reindeer, the elk, and manages to kill them. (Louis Figuier)

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