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Wu Po-hsiung

Wu Po-hsiung (吳伯雄; Wú Bóxióng, born 19 June 1939) is a politician in the Republic of China (ROC). He was the Chairman of the Kuomintang (KMT) in 2007–2009.


Hu reiterates opposition to Taiwan independence (2012)[edit]

Wu Po-hsiung (2012) quoted in: ""Hu reiterates opposition to 'Taiwan independence'" in China Daily 22 March 2012: These statements made in meeting with Hu Jintao, 22 March 2012.

  • There should be no civil war among the Chinese people and no friction across the Taiwan Strait.
  • It is not a country-to-country relation between the two sides of the Strait.
  • The common ground is that both sides belong to one China, and as for the differences, we will squarely face reality and put aside disputes.

Wu lauds DPP’s China department (2012)[edit]

Wu Po-hsiung (2012) quoted in: "Wu lauds DPP’s China department" in Taipei Times 29 July 2012: These statements were made during the 2012 KMT-CPC Forum opening ceremony in Harbin.

  • We are delighted to see that some political parties (e.g. DPP) have decided to change their approach and start a dialogue with mainland China. More communication between Taiwan and the Mainland can only help to reduce differences within Taiwan and achieve consensus, so the KMT welcomes such developments.
  • We should continue to abide by the principles of putting aside differences and seeking consensus, and put economics before politics in handling cross-strait relations. This is why we are focused on cross-strait exchanges in the area of economic and trade cooperation.
  • While both insist there's only 'one China,' we have different interpretations of 'one China'.
    • Wu Po-hsiung (2012) quoted in: "'1 country, 2 areas' new basis for dialogue: KMT" in The China Post 23 March 2012.
    • Statements were made during his visit to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to meet with Secretary-General of the Communist Party of China, Hu Jintao when both agree on One-China Principle under 1992 consensus in governing cross-strait relations between Taiwan and Mainland China, 22 March 2012.
  • Cross-strait relations are not nation-to-nation based. These are special relations.
  • The more areas in which we (Taiwan and Mainland China) agree, the greater the chances of resolving our differences.
    • Wu Po-hsiung (2013) quoted in: "Taiwan, China should put aside disputes: KMT’s Wu" in Taipei Times 19 September 2013.
    • Statements were made during the visit of Yunnan Communist Party of China secretary, Qin Guangrong, and his delegation to Taiwan in September 2013.
  • We should cement political trust between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait and continue to define cross-strait relations under the 'one China' framework. Cross-strait relations are special relations.
    • Wu Po-hsiung (2013) quoted in: "Political talks may come up: KMT’s Wu" in Taipei Times 27 October 2013.
    • Statements were made during the 9th Cross-Strait Economic, Trade and Culture Forum in Nanning, Guangxi on 26-27 October 2013.

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