X-Factor (III)

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The third Marvel Comic series to have this title, it is set just after M-Day.

X-Factor (III); #33[edit]

Val Cooper: The only reason your group hasn't been press-ganged into the Initiative or just thrown into permanent holding is--
Jamie Madrox: We’re Americans with rights protected under the constitution?
Guido Carosella: Warn me next time you're gonna crack wise, okay?
Jamie Madrox: Sorry, dude.
Guido Carosella: "Rights." Jeez. What an imagination.

Guido Carosella: Don't worry, Boss. You'll think of a witty comeback after she leaves, like always.

X-Factor (III); Layla Miller "Stuff Happens"[edit]

Dwayne: What's in Atlantic City?
Layla Miller: Once I'm there? Me.

Ruby Summers: Wait... you?
Layla Miller: I get that a lot.

Layla Miller: You think if I had the power to make things not happen, I wouldn't have used it to save myself? You think I wanted this?

Layla Miller: (RE; Linqon) She needs your help. Because things are about to change. It's your time.

Ruby Summers: Layla... to hell with getting the apple cart rolling. Let's kick the damn thing over.

Government Spokesperson: War is peace. Hatred is acceptance.
Ruby Summers: And up is down! And down is where you are going!

Ruby Summers: I am Ruby Summers! I am a mutant! Most of you are not! But today we stand together and say enough! Enough of our rights being trampled! Enough of imprisonment for the sake of freedom! Enough of sins in the name of redemption! Today... we rebel!!!