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Xiang Cun Jing Cha Gu Shi (乡村警察故事, lit. Story of the Villiage Polices, 2016–) is a special programe brocasted in Legal Report in CCTV-1, based on the official scene of a villiage polices' life.

Season 1[edit]

“Episode 1” [1.01][edit]

Chen Chen: I think we should pay more attention to visit and investigate. Considering that he knew accurately that she was the only Xiaoyun living at home at that time and he easily prised off the door, I think that it must be commited an offence by acquaintances and he is likely the people in this villiage. (我觉得现在应该集中精力放在走访调查上。你想,在那个时间能那么精确地知道只有小云一个人在家里,还顺利地撬开了门,我想这肯定是熟人作案,而且很有可能就是这个村的人。)
[Ma Dajun looks at Chen Chen and wants to say something but without saying anything.]
Ge Dazhuang: It's not wrong to investigate, but we should consider Xiaoyun. Considering that her parents is making a living in city, only her and her grandmother is living together and she is just engaged. If this thing (being raped) is spreaded, how do you do to make her be a woman? It's villiage and it's not your city. Director Ma, we must keep it secret and we mustn't leak it. We must seek unity of talking, don't you? (调查不是不对,可是咱们要为小云着想。你说她父母在城里打工,就她和奶奶两个人,这不又刚定完亲。这一旦传出去,你让人家姑娘怎么做人呢?这是农村,可比不了你们城市。哎,马主任,咱们一定要做好保密工作,可不能传出去,一定统一口径,你说是不是?)
Ma Dajun: Don't worry, elder Ge. With such a thing occured, I know what I should do as the director of villiage. I must keep it secret. (老葛,你放心。出了这种事,我作为村主任,我知道应该怎么做。一定会保密的。)

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