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Xombie is an animated Flash cartoon series created by James Farr, and is comprised of Xombie: Breathless (comic strips) and Xombie: Dead On Arrival (Flash cartoon and novel). Breathless is hosted on the Xombie website, and all episodes (with the exception of the first installment) can be found on Newgrounds.

Xombie: Dead On Arrival

Dirge: [after killing some undead] Who are you? How did get here!?
[Zoe faints]
Dirge: Hmmm... Perfect...

Zoe: Is this where you live?
Dirge: You could say that. More accurately, you could say that this is where I spend the majority of my time. And I have lots and lots of that.

Zoe: What are you doing?
Dirge: Borrowing a car.
Zoe: Why?
Dirge: It's twenty miles to the nearest settlement, and the world is full of bloodthirsty zombies. Would you rather walk, or drive?

Dirge: Not good. The hearse is dead.
Zoe: Tsk, how appropriate.

Zoe: What if there's zombies outside?
Dirge: There are always always zombies outside.

Dirge: [surrounded by undead clowns] Even when dead clowns are annoying!

Dirge: [injects himself with embalming fluid]
Zoe: Ew. Yuck. Does it... hurt?
Dirge: No. Nothing hurts when you're dead.

Zoe: My head's been throbbing for hours...
Dirge: Good.
Zoe: Why's that good?
Dirge: Means you're still alive.

Dirge: Hmmm. Look's like somebody's home.
Zoe: Yeah, a dead somebody.

Zoe: Any zombies in here?
Dirge: [shows Dirge and Cerberus] Just two.

Nephthys: She's a good security measure.
Zoe: She?
Dirge: Tsh, that figures.

Dirge: 20 years, eh? Something tells me you're not the curator.
Nephthys: The curator? No, more like... An exhibit.

Dirge: Your lizard broke my dog.

Nephthys: All men let themselves go, sweetheart - even the dead ones.

The Xar: We are the hands of god.

Dirge: Does it make it easier for you, believing we're meant to suffer for some greater purpose?
Nephthys:The right part is rarely spacious, which is how we learn to recognize where we're meant to go.
Dirge:You're saying I was meant to help her.
Nephthys:I'm saying everything happens for a reason.
Dirge: Even us?
Nephthys: Even us. Dirge, the child may be home, but you know she will never be safe.. Not while those creatures still exist. the power she contains is enough to blot them from the face of the earth of this forever. I believe they will not willingly let her live. What happens when they track her down again, What happens when they find her?
Dirge: Then they'll find me.
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