Ya'qub ibn al-Layth al-Saffar

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Ya'qūb ibn al-Layth al-Saffār (Persian: یعقوب لیث صفاری; 25 October 840 – 5 June 879) was a coppersmith and the founder of the Saffarid dynasty of Sistan, with its capital at [[w:Zaranj]|] (a city now in south-western Afghanistan). Under his military leadership, he conquered much of the eastern portions of Greater Iran consisting of modern-day Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan as well as portions of western Pakistan and a small part of Iraq.


  • After this we read nothing of Kabul till the time of the Saffarides — A.H. 256 A.D. 868-9.' In the succeeding year Ya'kiib Lais took Kabul, and made its prince a prisoner. The king of Ar Rukhaj was put to death, and its inhabitants forced to embrace Islam. Ya'kiib returned to his capital loaded with booty, and carrying with him the heads of three kings ; and many statues of Indian divinities, which were amongst the booty, were sent to Baghdad for presentation to the Khalif.'

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