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Yakkity Yak (2002-2003) is an animated television serites where a young anthropomorphic yak dreams to be a comedian.

Hypnotic Yak[edit]

[First lines]
Professor Crazyhair: (touring Mount Onion to the Onion falls class) Behold! A testiment to the power of nature. Carved by wind and time. Mount Onion resembles a giant, onion! (clears throat) Hence its name.
Lemony: Wow, Mount Onion is the best field trip ever!

[Last lines]
Keo: "I hope you learned your lesson!"
Yakkity Yak: "Yeah! I'm never gonna read again!"

As the Worm Turns[edit]

Puppet: "You're exhausted? I tell all the jokes. All you do is stick your hand up my-" (is cut off)

The Yak and the Hat[edit]


3 Cheers for Penelope[edit]

Penelope: You're offering me your assistance?
Lemony: I just figured another girl might be able to show you how to fit in a little better than Yakkity.

My Dad the Robot[edit]

A Tree Grows in Onion Falls[edit]

Spring Cleaning[edit]


Keo: "Do you think Granny will let you go?"
Yakkity Yak: "Not to worry, Keo. Not to-"
[Clock Tower tolls]
Yakkity Yak and Keo: "WORRY!"

Darn-It Dog[edit]

[First lines]
[As Yakkity digs through mail, Keo and Lemony show up]
Keo: Hey, Yakkity. Whatcha Doing?
Yakkity Yak: [pulls mail out]I'm expecting a message!


Curly Top[edit]

I Want My Yak TV[edit]

Election Dysfunction[edit]

And That's the Weather[edit]

Pineapple Upside-Dead Cake![edit]

Keo: It's not aliens, Yakkity.
Lemony: "It's a party for Keo!"

A Yak and His Fish[edit]

Regarding Chuck[edit]

Double Double Oil and Trouble[edit]

High Fashion Yak[edit]

Nerds Are People Too[edit]

The 10% Solution[edit]

Keo: Way to go, Yakkity! You're up to Level 12!
Lemony: You're finally gonna finish Comet Raiders!
Keo: (hops on Yakkity's back) I can't believe you've been playing for 2 hours straight.
[As Lemony jumps]
Yakkity: I can Just touch 5 more collosal orbs over the Super Mega Boss Alien's belly button for 4 key

National Day of Yakking[edit]

Fairy Yakkity[edit]

3 Minutes and Funny[edit]

[Repeated line]
Yakkity Yak and Lemony: "Oops, it's an onion!"

Nature Calls[edit]

Trilobyte: A three-legged dog lifts into a saloon and says "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw".
[The birthday kids glare at him]
Trilobyte: 3 legs. Shot my paw?

Fount Onion[edit]

Keo: Gee, Your Hair Looks Nice. Did You Trim Your Ponytail?
Lemony: No, it's Stuck to the Back of My Neck. (Fixes it) I Just Wish I Knew Somebody. Anybody with a Swimming Pool.
Keo: I Know Where There's a Pool!
Lemony:You Do?
Yakkity Yak: Uh, No He Don't.
Keo: I'm Sorry, Yakkity. But She Tricked Me with Her Girlish Wiles.
Lemony: "Wiles Schmiles. Where's this pool? and make it fast!"

Ice Scream, You Scream[edit]

Cabin Fever[edit]

Due Back Tomorrow[edit]

End of the Line[edit]

House Sitters[edit]

Teachers Pet[edit]


Sharing Bear[edit]

Lucky Undies[edit]

Techno Prisoners[edit]

It's a So-So Life[edit]

Camp Onion[edit]

Snow Biz[edit]

The Fan[edit]

From Boom to Bust[edit]

Rondo Reversal[edit]

The Damage is Done[edit]

My Fair Crazy Hair[edit]

Practically Funny[edit]

Onion Falls Most Wanted[edit]

Blue Rinse Test[edit]

Daddy Uh-Ohs[edit]

Lemony: "Now that you mention it, it is kinda lame."

Yaks A Plenty[edit]

Home School[edit]

The Onion Falls 500[edit]