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Yane Sandanski, 1911

Yane Ivanov (Jane) Sandanski (May 18, 1872 – April 22, 1915) was a Macedonian Bulgarian revolutionary. He is recognized as a national hero in both Bulgaria and North Macedonia.


  • As I worked in the mountains, I will continue to work for the sacred fatherland with heart and soul in any kind of duty for which the fatherland employs me and any kind of task the fatherland expects from me.
  • Today, all of us, Turks, Bulgarians, Greeks, Albanians, Jews and others, we have all sworn that we will work for our dear Fatherland and will be inseparable, and we will all sacrifice ourselves for it, and, if necessary, we will even shed our blood."
  • Come, let us sow together the seed of revolution, to awaken the spirit of the sleeping. Come. Let there be no more Bulgar, Greek, Serb or Vlach but only the oppressed serf.
    • Yane Sandanski. Letter to the Greeks printed in a newspaper, cited in: Bulgarian Review, Vol. 7-11, (1967). p. 37

Quotes about Yane Sandanski[edit]

  • ... Finally, one whom I took to be the voivoda (leader) spoke rapidly and roughly, telling us that they were highwaymen, that among them were many nationalities (my glance involuntarily wandered from his face to those of his companions; one, with dark, shaggy hair and beard, I thought might be of Spanish extraction, while he of the thick, light-hued curls might be a Jew, and the voivoda himself a Macedonian Parmak). He told us that they had taken us for money, and should hold us until the ransom was forthcoming.
  • The head of the leaders of the Bulgarian çetes, famous Sandanski, will come to Salonica within a few days. Sandanski is a captain famous for his patriotism and conscience. It is known that the Bulgarian Committee which had caused the awakening of the Macedonian Question was later split into two fractions, named Centralists and Vrhovists. The first of these fractions adopted the idea of Macedonia for the Macedonians and opposed the aim of unifying Macedonia with Bulgaria; it began to follow the aim of reforming the fatherland, and gaining freedom and equality.He has been living in the mountains for ten years and led this party with great success. He succeeded in killing Sarafov and many other famous leaders working to unify [Macedonia] with Bulgaria, against whom the weak [Ottoman] government was powerless.There is no doubt that Sandanski will be greeted with great acclamations, as he deserves it.

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