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Yang Yuanqing in 2008

Yang Yuanqing (born November 12, 1964) is a a Chinese business executive and philanthropist who is the current chairman and CEO of Lenovo.


  • Strategy. The industry is absolutely shifting toward mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which are growing fast. But Lenovo has prepared for this shift for many years. Our belief is that we can address those markets as well as our core PC market. In the smartphone sector, for example, we’re number two in China; we’re in the top five now worldwide.
  • As the world continues to adjust to the ‘new normal’, we are confident in the long-term growth potential of both devices and cloud infrastructure. We will continue to leverage our core competences of operational excellence and global/local footprint, while accelerating our service-led transformation to better grasp opportunities and drive sustainable growth.
  • Our success is a combination of four things: first is right strategy and good execution. The second is innovative products and third is efficiency of our delivery. And finally the diversified global leadership team which understands the needs of different geographies. On top of that, in the last four years we have had a strategy of ‘protect and attack’. We protect our strength in our core geography and business, that is, China business and global enterprise business. And we attack with new markets with new products — like emerging markets.
  • Lenovo has been paying huge attention to technology innovation ever since I became the CEO. Even when I was not the chief executive, I was responsible for research and development. Many people may think Lenovo achieved its success through efficiency and execution. But constant investment in R&D and product innovation have been another crucial factor in Lenovo's success. Back in the PC era, we added a feature that made tablet access to the Internet just a click away. Our products are unique in design and address particular requirements. In fact, it is innovation that helped Lenovo score over competition.
  • After having had my microblog for a year, I find that Chinese netizens like to comment on topics regarding me. For example, my hairstyle has received a lot of reviews lately. I log on to Weibo everyday to check netizens' comments. There is no doubt that social media is a great platform to post information related to Lenovo's businesses.
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