Yasser Elshantaf

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Yasser Elshantaf

Yasser Elshantaf (Arabic: ياسر الشنتف; born 20 January 1983) is a German entrepreneur of Palestinian origin.


  • Documentary film AlGhad TV:
    • Creativity is the power of failure, the inventive is the one who has the capability to turn failure to success.
  • Seminars and articles:
    • One of the meanings of democracy is the criticism of political parties, not the homeland ... the homeland for all, and the parties for power.
    • The occupation and destruction of peoples is paved with a political strategy, developed by a culture of society, and embodied by doctrines, systems and economic theories.
    • Political backwardness is a mental activity that works outside the logic of rationality. It turns the national thought into my party and the authority of the institution to the institution of power.
    • Think outside the box you are accused and crazy in the best case !

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