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Yeghishe Charents (13 March 189727 November 1937) was a prominent Armenian poet and writer. He is widely regarded as the most important poet of Armenia in 20th century.


  • Oh, eternal mother of mysteries
    who, in suffering and lust, conceives
    numerous lives, who creates
    a thousand twists, a thousand hues, and shades,
    what is the spring of these eternal rhythms?
    • Dantesque Legend (1916)
  • To you, comrades, near and far, to you, other suns.
    in other worlds, to all your souls on fire,
    to all you burning fires,
    to you burnished spirits
    who light this untamed darkness called life, and death,
    to you all who are sacrificed for the sake of light,
    • The Frenzied Masses (1919)
  • Our language is flexible and barbaric, masculine and rough.
    • Our Language

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