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Yemisi Edun is the Managing Director/Chief executive officer of First City Monument Bank in Nigeria, the first woman to ever hold the position.Yemisi Edun is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).


  • Managing the affairs of a financial institution at this time is a yeoman’s job. The best bankers in the world will affirm this.
  • "The fundamental approach to managing customers situation was professionalism, patience, and a people-first attitude".
    • [1] Different customers with different attitudes, Yemisi Edun speaking on how to manage customers attitude.
  • "The Bank recognises that good customer service is essential to earning its customers’ trust and loyalty".
    • [2]Yemisi Edun speaking on how to earn customers loyalty and trust.
  • “I am not a product of my circumstances; I am a product of my decisions".
    • [3] standing firm in life choice and decisions.
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