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Yes is an affirmative particle in the English language.

For the English progressive rock band, see Yes (band).


  • Yes is the answer and you know that for sure.
    Yes is surrender, you got to let it, you got to let it go…
  • Unschuld ist das Kind und Vergessen, ein Neubeginnen, ein Spiel, ein aus sich rollendes Rad, eine erste Bewegung, ein heiliges Ja-sagen.
    • Innocence, the child is, and forgetting; a new beginning, a play, a self-propelling wheel, a first moving, a holy Yes-saying.
  • Y E S
    • Yoko Ono, in her "Ceiling Painting" an avant-garde artwork presented at the Indica Gallery, in which people had to climb a white ladder and use a magnifying glass to see what was printed on a tiny message on the ceiling : "Y E S". (November 1966). It was during this exhibition that John Lennon first became familiar with her and her work, and he later referenced the work in his song "Mind Games" (1973).
  • After the final no there comes a yes
    And on that yes the future world depends.
    No was the night. Yes is this present sun.
    • Wallace Stevens, "The Well Dressed Man with a Beard", in The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens (1965), p. 247
  • Those that say yes are rewarded by the adventure they have. Those that say no are rewarded by the safety they attain.

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