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Yoel Esteron (Hebrew: יואל אסתרון‎‎) is the founder and publisher of Calcalist, the leading business newspaper and media group owned by Yedioth Ahronoth.


Who's for destroying democracy? (14-02-2016)[edit]

Who's for destroying democracy?, Ynetnews (14-02-2016)
  • Do nine tenants in a residential building have the right to place the dumpsters in front of the tenth tenant's door? Seemingly, they enjoy a clear majority. But the role of democracy is not only to assure the governance of the majority, but to protect the rights of the minority.
  • The Netanyahu government was chosen lawfully, in alliance with the rules of democracy. Those who cry out: "They've deprived us of our country," are, well, no more than crybabies. The rules of democracy haven't been broken. No one has altered the rules, not even the bastards. Yes, but the fact that a government is chosen lawfully, abiding by the rules of democracy, doesn't necessarily mean that the country will be run as a law-abiding state and that democracy will be protected from those who try to undermine and destroy it, including the government itself and the prime minister himself, with his own bare hands.

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