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Yogi Bear is a 2010 3D live-action/CGI film adaptation of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series The Yogi Bear Show. The film was released on December 17, 2010. The film stars Tom Cavanagh, Anna Faris, T. J. Miller, and the voices of Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake. It is distributed by Warner Bros. with Hanna-Barbera serving as a co-producer. The film was released with a Looney Tunes short called Rabid Rider starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote.

Please do not feed the bears.(taglines)

Yogi Bear[edit]

  • It's because I'm smarter than the average bear.
  • I'm so smart and it hurts.
  • Did you check the safety manual!
  • I wonder if he noticed the pie.


[As Yogi and Boo-Boo fall from the sky in their plane]
Yogi Bear: Hang on, Boo Boo!
Boo-Boo Bear: What do we do now?
Yogi: Did you check the safety manual!
Boo-Boo: It's just a picture of us screaming!
Yogi: Then hit the eject, Boo-Boo!
Boo-Boo: Don't you mean "eject"?

Ranger Smith: Welcome to the 100th Anniversary of Jellystone.

Rachel: I've heard you unusual brown bear.
Smith: Brown bear?
Rachel: When they talk it so rare.
Smith: Not that I can think of.
Rachel: I think he's trying to steal your lunch box.
Yogi: I smell PB and J. [falls down over the edge of the building] I'm okay.

Yogi: Kick it, Boo-Boo!
Boo-Boo: Kicking it.
Radio: I like big butts, and I cannot lie You other brothers can't deny Then when a girl walks in with the itty-bitty waist then around me in your face you get sprung...

Smith: We got a bear disturbance.
Ranger Jones: All unit lock the park. I repeat lock down the park.
Smith: You know, I am the other ranger here, right?

Jones: Yeah. Bears are supposed to avoid people not run around, stealing their food.
Yogi: Boo-Boo and I would never pick and disturbing family picnic.

Boo-Boo: Yogi, your cape!
Yogi: I know, it is magnificent.
Boo-Boo: And on fire!

Mayor Brown: Do you think I care about what the law says, or about some endangered "frog-mouthed turtle" or some stupid park for families to have a picnic in? I care about power, you pinheads, and I'm going to get it! Nobody knows this turtle exists and nobody ever will.

Smith: Yogi, that's the problem - all the thinking. Hey, you know what would be great? If you didn't think, if you could just be a regular bear. [Yogi begins to whimper like a puppy] You know, sit in the woods minding his own business, but nope, you're different, you're smart, and you have to spend your days of being selfish and destructive while everyone else pays the price. I'm sure it's never been enough screwing up my life, but this time, you had to go and bring down this entire park. So, tell me, Yogi. How smart are you now?

Smith: [to Rachel] Is he still filming?
Rachel: I needed more footage, so I told him to keep it rolling.
Smith: Then I can plug that into the video camera right up there. I just need a way to distract the guards.
Yogi: I think we can take care of that.

Announcer: And here is what Mayor Brown proudly has to say about protecting our natural resources!
Brown: [Ranger Smith plugs the confession to the big screen] Do you think I care about what the law says... [Mayor Brown and his Chief of Staff make shocked faces] ...Or about some endangered "frog-mouthed turtle" or some stupid park for families to have a picnic in? [crowd and fans get angered and begin to riot] I care about power, you pinheads, and some way I am going to get it! Nobody knows this turtle exists and nobody ever will!
Chief of Staff: [runs over to the guards] There's about to be a riot out there, I need you out front! [guards run to scene]
Brown: [actual] No, no, no! That was not real. Trust me. There is no such thing as a frog-mouthed turtle! [Turtle frog like's tongue plunges onto the Mayor who is nervous and shocked] He's right next to me, isn't he?


  • Life's a pic-a-nic.
  • Please do not feed the bears.
  • All great things come in Bears.


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