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You're Next is a 2011 American slasher film starring Sharni Vinson as a woman who unleashes her secret survival skills when her family becomes under attack by a gang of vicious hunters.

Directed by Adam Wingard. Written by Simon Barrett.
They will hunt you.(taglines)


  • Grab anything that might make a good weapon.


[Paul taps his wine glass with his spoon.]
Paul: Lets bow our heads.
[Everyone stops what their doing and hold each others hands.]
Paul: Dear Heavenly Father we thank thee for thy food, feed our souls on the bread of life, and to help us do our part, with kind words and loving deeds. Amen.
Crispian: Amen.
Drake: Amen. And, thanks to mum and dad. For having us all here together.
Paul: It's our pleasure.

Aubrey: [cries] Oh my god, what is happening to us?
Erin: You know what's going on?
Paul: I don't know.
Felix: Do you see anyone?
Paul: I don't see anyone. Do you see anyone?
Erin: No.

Felix: [Lamb Mask removes his bloody shoe] Whoa wait, don't do that! You don't want your DNA in here man!
Lamb Mask: I'll clean it up later. Just like the rest of this fucking mess!
Felix: Excuse me? You say that like it's my fault. Listen, just so we're perfectly clear, I just had to kill my own brother because you guys keep getting beat up by some girl! I had to stab my brother! More than once! You were supposed to do that! For all the good you guys did in here you could have stayed outside with your fucking crossbows!
Lamb Mask: You wanna talk about brothers? That's my brother, laying dead right there. And unlike you, I liked my brother.
Felix: Look... I'm sorry, I didn't know that. I mean, I knew you guys served together but I didn't know you were related though. Man, she really fucked him up good huh?


  • Did you remember to lock your door?
  • The Animals Will Hunt You.
  • Hunt Sweet Hunt.
  • The Pack Is Back.
  • Don't bother locking the doors. Animals don't use doors.
  • They will hunt you.
  • The door may be locked, but it won't protect you.
  • His pack versus yours.


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