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You Wish! is a 2003 Disney Channel Original Movie, based on Jackie French Koller's 1991 novel If I Had One Wish. The film was directed by Paul Hoen; it stars A. J. Trauth, Spencer Breslin, Lalaine and Tim Reid. The movie was filmed in Auckland, New Zealand. It was released on January 10, 2003, on the Disney Channel.


Pam: Alex, why are you hanging onto the television?
Alex: It's Stevie.
Pam: Yeah, it's Terrence Russell McCormack. He's so cute.
Alex: No, it's not Terrence somebody, it's Stevie.
Pam: Okay, look, um, honey, your father and I have to go. Are you okay?
Alex: Stevie. He's *on* the television.
Pam: Every week. I didn't think you liked that show.
Alex: What... show?
Pam: "Where's Stevie?"
Alex: He's *on* the television!
Dave: Alex, I don't understand.
Alex: It's Stevie.
Pam: Right, from the TV show.
Alex: What TV show?
Dave: "Where's Stevie?"
Alex: He's *on* the television!

Alex: Hi, Abby.
Fiona: Alex - what are you doing?
Alex: I'm saying hi to Abby.
Fiona and Abby: Why?

Alex: Gary, you know what position you play, right?
Gary: [confused look] Yeah.
Alex: So you know what position I play, right?
Gary: Yeah.
Alex: Gary, what position do I play?
Gary: Quarterback.

Abby: We have a... semi-human, non-existent life at stake here.
Terrence: Which is me, in another dimension.
Larry: ...Cool.

Terrence: Bye, Abby. Sorry I don't have an autographed photograph for you.
Abby: It's OK. I know what you look like.


  • A.J. Trauth as Alex Lansing
  • Spencer Breslin as Stevie Lansing/Terrence Russell McCormack
  • Lalaine as Abby Ramirez
  • Tim Reid as Larry
  • Peter Feeney as Dave Lansing
  • Joshua Leys as Gary
  • Sally Stockwell as Pam Lansing
  • Ari Boyland as James Cooper
  • Emma Lahana as Fiona
  • Jay Bunyan as Charles
  • Jodie Rimmer as Zoe
  • Stephen Butterworth as Ronald

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