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Young Justice is an American animated television series created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti for Cartoon Network. Despite its title, it is not and adaptation of the comic series of the same name, but rather an adapation of the entire DC Universe with a focus on young superheroes. The series follows the lives of teenaged heroes and sidekicks who a members of a covert team, its essentially a young counterpart to the celebrity-level famous adult team, the Justice League. The main setting is the fictional universe of Earth-16, during a time period when superheroes are a relatively recent phenomenon, and supervillians have all began working in tandem in a grand conspiracy on behalf of a cabal of key villains known as The Light.

Season 1


Independence Day

(Freeze is attacking picnickers in Gotham City Park)
Mister Freeze: Enjoying family time? [freezes a family grilling burgers] My family has other plans.
[A batarang hits Mister Freeze]
Mister Freeze: Batman. I was wondering when...
[interrupted by a childish laugh]
Mister Freeze: Oh, Boy Wonder. The Bat sent you to drag me off to prison? Frankly, I'm underwhelmed.
Robin: Great, but I'm kinda in a hurry here.
Mister Freeze: Kids...always in such a rush.
Robin: [sing-song] Not talking to you.
[Batman arrives gliding with a punch to Freeze's face]
Icicle Jr: Ahahahaha!
Icicle Jr: Finally! I was wondering what a guy had to do to get a little attention around here.
Speedy: Junior's doing this for attention?
Speedy: I'm telling you now, this little distraction better not interfere.
Green Arrow: Hahaha, kid had a glass jaw.
Speedy: Hilarious. Can we go? Today's the day.
Aquaman: Don't tell me you're not excited.
Aqualad: Right now, my king, I'm more focused on the matter at hand.
Aquaman: Well?
Aqualad: Yes, I'm excited. Today is the day.
Flash: Stealing ice? Seriously? Isn't that a bit cliché even for Captain Cold?
Kid Flash: Come on, we don't have time for this.
Flash: Calm down, kid.
Kid Flash: Oh, please. You'll chat it up with the cops, with bystanders, with Cold even. No, no way. Today is the day.
Batman: Today is the day.
Green Arrow: Welcome to the Hall of Justice.
Aquaman: Headquarters of the Justice League.
Kid Flash: Oh, man! I knew we'd be the last ones here.
(Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arrow arrive at the Hall of Justice with their protègès: Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Speedy)
Spectator #1: Is that Batman?
Spectator #2: Oh, my goodness.
Spectator #3: I see Flash and Flash Jr.
Spectator #3: His name's Speedy. Duh.
Spectator #4: No, Speedy’s Green Arrow’s sidekick.
Spectator #5: Well, that makes no sense.
Green Arrow: Ready to see the inner sanctum?
Speedy: Born that way.
Aqualad: I'm glad we're all here.
Kid Flash: Have all four sidekicks ever been in the same place at the same time?
Speedy: Don’t call us sidekicks, b=not after today.
Kid Flash: Sorrry. First time at the Hall. I’m a little overwhelmed.
Robin: You’re overwhelmed, Freeze was underwhelmed. Why isn’t anyone ever just whelmed?
[They enter the Hall and see towering statues of six Justice League members]
Robin: Oh, maybe that’s why.
Martian Manhunter: Robin, Speedy, Aqualad, Kid Flash. Welcome. You now have unlimited access to the gym, our fully stocked galley and of course, our library.
Flash: Make yourselves at home.
Batman: Quick debrief to discuss the coincidence of four ice villains attacking on the same day. [to the sidekicks] We shouldn't be long.
Zeta-Tube: Recognized. Batman, 02. Aquaman, 06. Flash, 04. Green Arrow, 08. Martian Manhunter, 07. Red Tornado, 16.
Speedy: That's it? You promised us a real look inside, not a glorified backstage pass.
Aquaman: It's a first step. You've been granted access few others get.
Speedy: Oh, really? [points to the spectators watching through a large window] Who cares which side of the glass we're on?
Green Arrow: Roy, you just need to be patient.
Speedy: What I need is respect. [to the rest of the protègès] They're treating us like kids. Worse, like sidekicks. We deserve better than this.
[Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad look at each other confused]
Speedy: You're kidding, right? You're playing their game? Why? Today was supposed to be the day. Step one in becoming full-fledged members of the League.
Kid-Flash: Well, sure. But I thought step one was a tour of the HQ.
Speedy: Except the Hall isn't the League's real HQ. I bet they never told you, it's just a false front for tourists and a pit stop for catching Zeta-Beam teleporter tubes to the real thing, an orbiting satellite called the Watchtower.
[Green Arrow turns to look at Batman and Batman crosses his arms, annoyed]
Green Arrow: I know, I know, but I thought maybe we could make an exception.
[Batman narrows his eyes]
Green Arrow: Or not.
Aquaman: You are not helping your cause here, son. Stand down or--
Speedy: Or what? You'll send me to my room? And I'm not your son. [looks at Green Arrow] I'm not even his. I thought I was his partner. But not anymore. [throws Speedy hat on the ground] Guess they're right about you three. You're not ready. [leaves the Hall of Justice]
Superman: Superman to Justice League, there's been an explosion at Project Cadmus. It's on fire.
Batman: I've had my suspicions about Cadmus. This may present a perfect opportunity to--
Zatara: Zatara to Justice League. The sorcerer, Wotan, is using the amulet of Aten to blot out the sun. Requesting full League response.
Batman: Superman?
Superman: It's a small fire. Local authorities have it under control.
Batman: Then Cadmus can wait. All Leaguers rendezvous at Zatara's coordinates. Batman out. [to the kids] Stay put.
Robin: What? Why?
Aquaman: This is a League mission.
Flash: You're not trained--
Kid-Flash: Since when?
Flash: I meant you're not trained to work as part of this team.
Aquaman: There will be other missions, when you're ready.
Batman: But for now, stay put.
Green Arrow: Glad you didn't bring you know who?
Martian Manhunter: Indeed.
[the adults leave to stop Wotan]
Kid-Flash: (scoffs) When we're ready? How are we ever supposed to be ready when they treat us like, like sidekicks?
Aqualad: My mentor, my king, I thought he trusted me.
Kid-Flash: Trust? They don't even trust us with the basics. They've got a secret HQ in space.
Aqualad: What else aren't they telling us?
Robin: I have a better question. Why didn't we leave with Speedy?
Aqualad: What is...Project Cadmus?
Robin: I don't know, but I can find out.
Computer: Access denied.
Robin: Hah. Wanna bet?
Kid-Flash: Woah! How are you doing that?
Robin: Same system as the Bat-Cave.
Computer: Access granted.
Robin: Alright, Project Cadmus, genetics lab here in D.C. That's all there is, but if Batman's suspicious maybe we should investigate.
Aqualad: Solve their case before they do. It would be poetic justice.
Robin: Hey, they're all about justice.
Aqualad: (sighs) But they said stay put.
Robin: For the blotting out the sun mission, not this.
Kid-Flash: Wait. A-Are you going to Cadmus? Because if you're going, I'm going.
Aqualad: Just like that we're a team on a mission?
Robin: We didn't come for a play-date.
Scientist #1: Help!
Scientist #2: Get us down!
Fireman #1: Stay put. We will get you out.
Fireman #1: It's, what's his name, Flash Boy.
Kid-Flash: Kid-Flash. Why is that so hard?
Robin: So smooth.
Aqualad: Does he always have to run ahead? We need a plan, we.. Robin?
Aqualad: [to firemen] I need to borrow that. [to scientists on the burning building's roof] Step aboard. Now.
Aqualad: Appreciate the help.
Robin: You handled it. Besides we're here to investigate. Poetic justice, remember?
Aqualad: There was something in the--
Kid-Flash: Elevators should be locked down.
Robin: This is wrong. Thought so. This is a high-speed express elevator. It doesn't belong in a two-story building.
Aqualad: Neither does what I saw.
Robin: And that's why they need an express elevator.
Robin: I'm at the end of my rope. Bypassing security. There. Go.
Robin: Welcome to Project Cadmus.
Aqualad: Kid, wait.
Kid-Flash: Aah!
Aqualad: No, nothing odd going on here.
Guardian: Dr. Desmond.
Dr. Desmond: Tell me, Guardian. What part of no interruptions did you not understand?
Guardian: A G-Gnome on sub-level 26 reports three intruders.
Dr. Desmond: [sighs] Did I miss a perimeter breach alert?
Guardian: No.
Dr. Desmond: Then the G-Gnome's confused. Whatever might occur in our faux lab above ground, the real Cadmus is the most secure facility in D.C.
Guardian: My job to keep it that way.
Dr. Desmond: Fine, take a squad.
Dubbilex: Might I recommend Guardian leave his G-Gnome behind? If violence should occur.
Guardian: The little guy would be in my way.
Dr. Desmond: No. The advantage of instant telepathic communication outweighs other concerns.
Guardian: I need my G-Gnome with me at all times.
Robin: Okay, I'm officially whelmed.
Kid-Flash: This is how they hide this massive underground facility from the world. The real Cadmus isn’t on the grid. It generates its own power with these...things. Must be what they're bred for.
Aqualad: Even the name is a clue. The Cadmus of myth created a new race by sowing dragon's teeth into the earth.
Robin: And this Cadmus creates new life too. Let's find out why. They call them Genomorphs. Whoa, look at the stats on these things. Super strength, telepathy, razor claws. These are living weapons.
Kid-Flash: They're engineering an army, but for who?
Robin: Wait, but there's something else. Project Kr. Ugh! The file's triple-encrypted. I can't--
Guardian: Don't move! Wait. Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash?
Robin: At least he got your name right.
Aqualad: I know you. Guardian, a hero.
Guardian: I do my best.
Kid-Flash: Then what are you doing here?
Guardian: I'm chief of security. You're trespassing. But we can call the Justice League, figure this out.
Kid-Flash: You think the League's gonna approve of you breeding weapons?
Guardian: Weapons? What are you...What have I...Ugh. My head. Take them down hard. No mercy.
Kid-Flash: Way to be a team player, Rob.
Robin: Weren't you right behind me?
Aqualad: We're headed down?
Kid-Flash: [to Robin] Dude, out is up.
Robin: Excuse me? Project Kr. It's down on sub-level 52.
Aqualad: This is out of control. Perhaps...Perhaps we should contact the League.
Kid-Flash: We are already here.
Aqualad: Which way?
Robin: Yeah. Bizarre looking hallway one, or bizarre looking hallway two?
Dubbliex: Halt.
Dubbliex: They are headed for Project Kr.
Kid Flash: Hurry!
Robin: I disabled the door. We're safe.
Aqualad: We're trapped.
Kid Flash: Uh, guys. You'll wanna see this.
Robin: Whoa.
Kid Flash: Big K, little R. The atomic symbol for Krypton. Clone?
Aqualad: Robin, hack.
Robin: Uh, right, right.
Robin: Weapon designation Superboy. A clone force-grown in...sixteen weeks? From DNA acquired from Superman.
Aqualad: Stolen form Superman.
Kid Flash: No way the big guy knows about this.
Robin: Solar suit allows him to absorb yellow sun radiation 24/7.
Aqualad: And these creatures?
Robin: Genomorph Gnomes. Telepathic, force-feeding him an education.
Kid Flash: And we can guess what else. They're making slave out of...well, Superman's son.
Aqualad: Now we contact the League.
Robin: No signal.
Kid Flash: We're in too deep...literally.
Dr. Desmond: They're still in there with the weapon?
Guardian: We can't get the door open.
Dr. Desmond: Use your telekinesis.
Dubbliex: I have tried to no avail.
Dr. Desmond: Useless. This is a debacle. Get some G-Trolls down here to muscle the door open. Now!
Guardian: Already on their way.
Dr. Desmond: You realize once we get in there we can't ever let them leave.
Guardian: Doc, these aren't your typical meddling kids. You don't want to get on the wrong side of the Justice League.
Dr. Desmond: Better than getting on the wrong side of the Cadmus' board of directors, believe me. Contact the G-Gnomes inside Kr.
Kid Flash: This is wrong.
Robin: We can't leave him like this.
Aqualad: Set him free. Do it.
Kid Flash: Whoa! Hang on, supey.
Robin: We're on your side.
Robin I don't wanna do this.
Aqualad: Ugh.
Aqualad: Enough! We are trying to help you.
Dr. Desmond: Atta boy.


(Superboy is guarding/staring at Aqualad, Kid Flash and Robin)
Kid Flash: [to Superboy] What? What do you want? Quit staring. You're creeping me out.
Robin: Uh, KF, how about we not tick off the guy who can fry us with a look?

Superboy: Wha-what if he wasn't?
Kid Flash: He can talk?
Superboy: Yes, he can.
Kid Flash: Not like I said, "it."
Aqualad: The Genomorph taught you.
Superboy: They taught me much. I can read, write. I know the names of things.
Robin: But have you seen them? Have they actually let you see the sky or the moon?
Superboy: Images are implanted in my mind, but no. I have not seen them.
Aqualad: Do you know what you are, who you are?
Superboy: I am the Superboy, a Genomorph, a clone made from the DNA of the Superman, created to replace him should he perish, to destroy him should he turn from the light.
Aqualad: To be like Superman is a worthy aspiration, but, like Superman, you deserve a life of your own beyond that solar suit, beyond your pod, beyond Cadmus.
Superboy: I live because of Cadmus! It is my home!
Robin: Your home is a test tube. We can show you the sun.
Kid Flash: Uh, pretty sure it's after midnight, but we can show you the moon.
Aqualad: We can show you, introduce you to Superman.
Mark Desmond: No they can't!

Mark Desmond: Activate the cloning process.
Robin: Pass! Batcave's crowded enough.

Mark Desmond: And get the Weapon back in its pod.
Kid Flash: Hey, how come he gets to call Supey an "it?"

(telepathically while being tortured)
Aqualad: Superboy, you live. That gives you the right to follow your own path. A weapon or a person, the choice is yours, but ask yourself, "What would Superman do?"

(Superboy reenters the containment room)
Kid Flash: You here to save us or fry us?
Superboy: Huh. I don't seem to have heat vision, so I suppose helping is my only option. (frees Robin)
Robin: Finally. Lucky Batman isn't here. He'd have my head for taking so long.
Kid Flash: Seriously?! That's what you're worried about? The whole League'll have our heads after tonight!

Mark Desmond: He hacked the motion sensors.
Robin: I hacked the motion sensors.
Kid Flash: Sweet!

Superboy: I'm falling. Superman can fly. Why can't I fly?
Kid Flash: Don't know, but it does look like you can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Still cool.

Aqualad: (after Kid Flash runs into a barrier) We are cut off from the street.
Kid Flash: Thanks, my head hadn't noticed.

Mark Desmond: You'll never get out of here! I'll have you back in pods before morning.
Robin: That guy is not whelmed. Not whelmed at all.
Kid Flash: What is with you and this whelmed thing?

Guardian: We'll cut them off at sub-level one.
Mark Desmond: We'd better or the board will have our heads - my head. I need to get something from Project Blockbuster just in case. I'll meet you at sub-level one.

(the genomorphs have subdued the escaping heroes telepathically)
Dubbilex: Perhaps for the sake of all genomorphs, our brother Superboy should make up his own mind.
Superboy: It was you.
Dubbilex: Yes, brother. I set the fire and lured your new friends into Cadmus, woke them when they were in danger...
Superboy: And guided me. Why?
Dubbilex: Because you are our hope, the genomorph hero. you will blaze a trail for all our brothers, showing us the way to freedom. What is your choice, brother?
Superboy: I... choose... freedom.

Guardian: (after being relieved of telepathic control) Feels... like fog... lifting.
Aqualad: Guardian?
Guardian: Go, I'll take care of Desmond.
Mark Desmond: (enters) I think not. Project Blockbuster will give me the power to restore order to CADMUS.

Aqualad: (as Superboy fights) Superboy. The goal is escape. Not to bury ourselves here.

(Mark Desmond, now Blockbuster has just torn a hole in the ceiling)
Kid Flash: You think Labcoat planned that?
Aqualad: I doubt he is planning anything anymore.

Kid Flash: Come and get me, you incredible bulk!

Kid Flash: (to Blockbuster) Got your nose.

(Cadmus has been destroyed and the heroes are free)
Kid Flash: See? The Moon!
(the League arrives)
Kid Flash: And Superman. Do we keep our promises, or what?
Batman: [looking at Superboy] Is that what I think it is?
Kid Flash: He doesn't like being called an "it."
Superboy: I'm Superman's clone!
Batman: ...Start talking.

(Superman is in conversation with Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter then walks over to Superboy)
Superman: We'll, a, we'll figure something out for you. The League will I mean. For now I better make sure they get the Blockbuster creature squared away.
(flies away)

(Batman, Flash and Aquaman come over to the teens)
Batman: Cadmus will be investigated, all 52 levels. But let's make one thing clear:
Flash: You should have called us.
Batman: End results aside, we're not happy. You hacked Justice League systems, disobeyed direct orders, and endangered lives. You will not be doing this again.
Aqualad: I am sorry, but we will.
Aquaman: Aqualad, stand down.
Aqualad: Apologies, my king, but no. We did good work here tonight, the work you trained us to do. Together on our own we forged something powerful, important.
Flash: If this is about your treatment at the Hall, the three of you...
Kid Flash: The four of us, and it's not.
Robin: Batman, we're ready to do what you taught us, or why teach us at all?
Superboy: Why let them tell us what to do? It's simple. Get on board or get out of the way.

(discussing the new covert team for the kids)
Flash: The League will still handle the obvious stuff. There's a reason we have these big targets on our chest.
Aquaman: But Cadmus proves the bad guys are getting smarter. Batman needs a team that can operate on the sly.
Batman: The five of you will be that team.
Robin: Cool! Wait. Five?
(Ms Martian enters)
Batman: This is the Martian Manhunter's niece. Ms. Martian.
Kid Flash:Liking this gig more and more every minute

Robin: Hey Superboy come meet Ms. M!
(Superboy walks over to the rest of the team; Ms. Martian uses her shape-shifting ability to change her shirt color to black)
Ms. Martian: I like your t-shirt.
(Superboy gives her a small smile)

(The Light discusses the result of Project Cadmus' exposure.)
L-1: Can the Light afford to leave Guardian in charge without the G-nomes?
L-3: We have subtle means of control. What concerns me is the children. We now know the League is employing young heroes to do their dirty work. Huh, that's a dark twist.
L-1: Yes...But one that can be played to our advantage. Even the temporary loss of the weapon may prove useful. Eventually, everyone sees the Light.

Welcome to Happy Harbor

Brick: (to Speedy) You again? I'm starting to get insulted Green Arrow's not messing up my operation personally!

Aqualad: (to Speedy) The cave is perfect. It has everything the team will need.
Robin: For covert missions. You know, spy stuff.
Kid Flash: And wait till you see Superboy and Miss Martian. But I saw her first.

(Robin has just invited Speedy to join The Team)
Robin: So, Speedy, you in?
Speedy: Pass. I'm done letting Arrow and the League tell me what to do. I don't need a baby-sitter or a clubhouse to hang out with the other kids. Your Junior Justice League is a joke. Something to keep you busy and in your place. I don't want any part of it!

M'gann M'orzz: Hello, Megan!

Wally West: I'm Wally. See, I already trust you with my secret ID. Unlike Mr. Dark Glasses over here. Batman's forbidden Boy Wonder from telling anyone his real name.

(the Team is wanting to go on a mission)
Red Tornado: Mission assignments are the Batman's responsiblity.
Robin: But it's been over a week and nothing...
Red Tornado: You'll be tested soon enough. For the time being, simply enjoy each other's company.
Kaldur'ahm: This team is not a social club.
Red Tornado: No. But I am told social interaction is an important team-building exercise. Perhaps you can keep busy by familiarizing yourselves with the cave.

M'gann M'orzz: I'm sorry, I forgot he's a machine, inorganic. I cannot read his mind.
Wally West: Nice try, though. So, uh, you know what I'm thinkin' right now?
Robin: We all know what you're thinking now. (elbows him)
Wally West: Ow.

Robin: (flying M'gann's ship) Incredible!
Wally West: She sure is... I-I mean the ship. Which like all ships is a she.
Robin: Fast with the speed, not so much with his mouth.
Wally West: DUDE!

(looking at Miss Martian as female "Kid Flash")
Wally West: Is it wrong that I think I'm hot?

Wally West: Can you do that ghosting through walls thing Manhunter does?
M'gann M'orzz: Density shifting? No, it's a very advanced technique...
Robin: Flash can vibrate his molecules right through a wall. (chuckles) When he tries it, bloody nose.
Wally West: Dude!

(discussing secret identities)
M'gann M'orzz: [telepathically] Don't worry, Superboy. We'll find you an Earth name too.
M'gann M'orzz: [telepathically] What's wrong? I- I don't understand. Everyone on Mars communicates telepathically.
Kaldur'ahm: M'Gann, stop! Things are different of Earth. Here, your powers are an extreme invasion of privacy!
Wally West: Besides, Cadmus's creepy little psychic genomes left a bad taste in his brain.
M'gann M'orzz: I-I didn't mean to...
Superboy: Just... stay... out!

Kaldur'ahm: And your clothes?
M'gann M'orzz: They're organic like the ship, they respond to my mental commands.
Superboy: As long as they're the only ones.

(about Superboy)
Robin: He'll come around.
M'gann M'orzz: He doesn't seem to like me very much.
Wally West: You guys remember he has super hearing?

Superboy: Who's your new friend?
Robin: Didn't catch his name, but he plays kinda rough.

Wally West: You brought your utility belt?
Robin: Never leave home without it. First thing Batman taught me.
Wally West: Right after don't go to the bathroom without it.

Mister Twister: I was prepared to be challenged by a superhero. I was not, however, expecting children.
Robin: We're not children!
Mister Twister: Objectively, you are. Have you no adult supervision? I find your presence here quite disturbing.
Robin: Well, we hate to see you disturbed. Let's see if you're more turbed once we kick your can!
Mister Twister: (blasting them away) Indeed. That was quite turbing. Thank you.

(Mister Twister makes lightning strike)
Wally West: Uh, can Red Tornado... do that?
Mister Twister: You think I'm Tornado? Ironic.

Wally West: What have you done to my team?
Mister Twister: Embarrass them, largely.

(the Team has just been defeated by Mr. Twister)
Superboy: [to Miss Martian] You tricked us into thinking Twister was Red Tornado.
Kaldur'ahm: She didn't do it on purpose.
Robin: It-it was a rookie mistake. We shouldn't have listened to her.
Wally West: You are pretty inexperienced. Hit the showers. We'll take it from here.
Superboy: Stay out of our way.
(Robin, Kid Flash and Superboy run off)
M'gann M'orzz: I was just trying to be part of the team.
Kaldur'ahm: To be honest, I'm not sure we have a team.

Robin: [after M'Gann drops a boulder on Mr. Twister] Don't know how things are done on Mars, but on Earth we don't EXECUTE our captives!
M'gann M'orzz: You said you trust me. [Lifts the boulder to reveal an android] That's why I couldn't read his mind.
Wally West: Cool souvenir.

(after the battle with Mr. Twister, when Red Tornado didn't step in to help)
Wally West: Batman, Aquaman, Flash, they'd all have jumped right in to fix things.
Robin: Guess if we're going to have a baby-sitter, heartless machine is exactly what we need.
Wally West: DUDE! Harsh!
Red Tornado: And inaccurate. I have a heart, carbon-steel alloy. I also have excellent hearing.
Robin: Right. I'll strive to be... more accurate.
Kaldur'ahm: And more respectful.
(Red Tornado leaves the main room)
Wally West: Speedy was so wrong.
Robin: This team thing?
Kaldur'ahm: Might just work out.
(as the three leave, Superboy turns to M'gann)
Superboy: Sorry
(M'gann smiles at the apology)


Bane: (speaking in Spanish) You give me back my greatest weapon? What's the catch?
L-1: No catch. It would hardly be a test of his champion's prowess if you were not at your best.
Bane: You want my best? (activates venom feed) You got it!

(while en-route to their first official mission Robin is flashing back on the debrief)
Robin: So who's in charge?
[Batman and Red Tornado exchange glances]
Batman: Work that out between you.

Kid Flash: Hey, Supey, not too late to put on the new stealth tech.
Superboy: No capes, no tights. No offense.
Miss Martian: It totally works for you. In that you can totally do good work in those clothes.

(after disembarking from the Bio-Ship)
Superboy: Knew I didn't need a line.
Robin: And yet, creating a seismic event may not have helped us much with the 'covert'.

Aqualad: We need to identify that buyer.
Kid Flash: Just what I was thinking.
Robin: Yeah. You're the thinker.
Kid Flash: Sarcasm? Dude. A real leader would focus on getting answers.

Superboy: Did you hear that?
Kid Flash: Uh, no... Wait! Is this a super-hearing thing?
Miss Martian: You do have great ears.
Kid Flash: Okay, Rob, now what? [realized Robin disappeared] Man, I hate it when he does that!

(about Bane)
Kid Flash: So. Now 'El Luchador' is our leader.

(the Team has partnered with Bane in order to get into the factory making the Venom)
Bane: (Robin has disappeared) Has that little fool already been captured?
Aqualad: No. He just does that.
Kid Flash: Stay put. I'll get our intel and be back before Boy Wonder.
(Runs off)
Aqualad: Wait. Kid!

(the Team and Bane have been defeated and are retreating through the hidden tunnels going out of the factory)
Robin: How can my first mission as leader go so wrong?
Aqualad: You do have the most experience. But perhaps that is exactly what has left you unprepared. Fighting alongside Batman, your roles are clearly defined. You two do not need to talk. But this team is new. And a leader needs to be clear, explicit. He cannot vanish and expect others to play part in an unknown plan.
Robin: Oh, so I'm supposed to hold everyone's hand? (groans) Who am I kidding? You should lead us, Kaldur. You're the only who can.

(Aqualad has been unanimously elected Team leader)
Aqualad: Then I accept the burden. (to Robin) Until you are ready to lift it from my shoulders. You were born to lead this team. Maybe not now- but soon.

Kobra: Batman must be desperate, if he sends whelp to task me.
Robin: What's wrong, Koby? You look disconcerted.
Kobra: This is beneath me. Shimmer, take him.

Robin: I know you hate getting your hands dirty.
Kobra: True, but sometimes even a god must stoop to conquer. (brushes Robin aside) What's wrong boy? You look disconcerted.

Kobra: I am plagued by mosquitoes!
Robin: Good, because this mosquito is mighty concerted over your pain!

(the Kobra has escaped into the woods and the fighting is over)
Robin: We picked the right guy to lead. Automatically making you the right guy to explain this mess to Batman! (laughs)

Batman: A simple recon mission. Observe and report! You'll each receive written evaluations detailing your many mistakes... Until then - good job... No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. How you adjust to the unforeseen is what determines success. And how you choose who leads determines character.

Sportsmaster: All I managed to recover is a single vial of Cobra-Venom.
L-6: The formula can be reverse-engineered, but what of these heroes? First Cadmus, then Mister Twister, now Santa Prisca.
L-1: Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times is enemy action. And enemies of the Light must not stand.


(while trying to save a school bus Superboy's landing destabilizes a bus already in a precarious situation)
Superman: We don't yet know the limits of your powers.
Superboy: Well, maybe you could, you know, help me figure that out.
Superman: ...Batman's got that covered.
Superboy: I know, but...
Superman: [Superman receives a call on his JL communicator] Superman. Wait. Arrow, slow down. What's attacking?... No, I'm definitely available. Coordinates?... Acknowledged; on my way... Sorry, Super... boy. Duty calls.
(Superman flies off cut to Bruce Wayne in his office)
Superman: Already on it Bruce.
Bruce Wayne: I know Clark, we need to talk.
(Superman disconnects his communicator and continues flying)

(Black Canary is giving instruction as the Team's new combat instructor)
Black Canary: Now, combat is about controlling conflict. Putting the battle on your terms. You should always be acting, never reacting.

Kid Flash: After this--swish--I'll show you my moves. (Black Canary knocks him down) Oww. Hurts so good.
Black Canary: Good block. But did anyone see what he did wrong?
Robin: Ooh, ooh. He hit on teacher and got served?
Kid Flash: Dude!
Black Canary: He allowed me to dictate the terms of...
Superboy: Oh please. With my powers, the battle's always on my terms. I'm a living weapon. And this is a waste of my time.
Black Canary: Prove it.
(Superboy and Black Canary spar and Superboy goes down)

(Batman has briefed the Team on being security for the transportation of AMAZO)
Superboy: So now we take out your trash?
Batman: You had something better to do?

Robin: If dislike is the opposite of like, is disaster the opposite of aster? See, if things are going wrong, they go right... Uh, clearly you're not feeling the aster. What's wrong?
Superboy: Canary. And what business does she have teaching combat skills to a guy with super-strength?
Robin: Taking down stronger guys is part of the gig. Canary learned that the hard way. Same with Batman - and, well - me.

(Professor Ivo's MONQIS arrive and latch on to the truck carrying AMAZO)
Superboy: I hate monkeys.
Robin: Hey. Hey. Switch your ride to Battle Mode.
Superboy: No point.
(Superboy jumps off his bike and onto the armored car)
Robin: Or not.

(Superboy has ditched his comm and Robin)
Robin: Definitely a disaster. Heavy on the 'dis.'

(in a Metropolis diner)
Clark Kent: Apple pie.
Bruce Wayne: The Devil's Food
Bruce Wayne: The boy needs you.
Clark Kent: No. He needs you. He needs Red. I'm just a constant reminder of what he's not.
Bruce Wayne: Sorry, Clark, but you're dead wrong. Look, I know he troubles you. But he's here. You have to get over the how and why. Trust me on this. This boy needs his father.
Clark Kent: I'm not his father! I'll take that apple pie to go.

Professor Ivo: Oh, hello.
Superboy: You? You're Ivo? I'm whelmed.
Professor Ivo: You're one to talk. Since when does the big blue boy scout have a brat?
Superboy: He doesn't.
Professor Ivo: Well, if you say so...
Superboy: Give me your best shot.
Professor Ivo: Please, my android has the strength of Superman. What chance do you have?
[Superboy attacks Amazo. Amazo counterattacks sending Superboy flying back]
Professor Ivo: Oh, sorry. Did that strike a nerve? Amazo, strike a few more.

Professor Ivo: Have you met my Mobile Optimal Neural Quotient Infiltrators? (the robots attack) Ah, and after all the trouble I went to finding an acronym for MONQI.

Professor Ivo: Since Professor Ivo's magnificent monkeys don't float your boat, maybe my amazing Amazo would better suit you - or better slay you.

Robin: So you changed too.
Kid Flash: You kidding? Ugh. I feel naked in civvies. You still tracking the parts?
Robin: They were heading through Gotham, but they veered. Wait! Dude, they're at my school!

(the rest of the Team have arrived and are joining Superboy in battling AMAZO)
Miss Martian: Superboy! Are you all right?
Superboy: Fine. (looking at Robin) Feeling the aster.
(AMAZO is down and Ivo has escaped)
Robin: Help me disassemble him! NOW!
Kid Flash: Dude. The guy has no head.
Aqualad: Don't take any chances!

Batman: Complications come with the job. Your ability to handle them has impressed the League.
Superboy: The whole League?
Batman: Given time, yes. Kryptonians, as you know, have very hard heads
Batman: Of course, there's no shame in asking for help. That's why the League exists. Because there's some problems even we can't handle individually.
Robin: Please, if we needed help, we'd never get the chance to ask.
[Pulls out an arrow. Green Arrow takes out one of his arrows and compares the two]
Robin: Look familiar? You were following us. Baby-sitting! YOU STILL DON'T TRUST US!
Batman: We didn't follow you.
(Green Arrow pulls an arrow out and the tip is different then the one Robin has)
Robin: And that's not your arrow... But that means...
Kid Flash: Speedy!
Aqualad: He has our backs.


Red Arrow: Dr. Roquette?
Dr. Serling Roquette: Tell me you're the advanced guy.
Red Arrow: The only guy.
Serling Roquette: You couldn't bring back up? What? Were there budget cuts?
(henchman are trying to bust down the door)
Red Arrow: Now or never, doc.
Serling Roquette: [about a device] We can't leave this.
Red Arrow: Look, I take it, or I take you.
Serling Roquette: Right. Take me. So what do you call this, the Arrow-boat?
Red Arrow: I call it a rental.

(Green Arrow has just introduced Artemis to the team)
Green Arrow: Um, she's my new protégé.
Kid Flash: Wha-what happened to your old one?
Computer: Recognize. Speedy. B-06.
Red Arrow: Well for starters, he doesn't go by Speedy any more. Call me Red Arrow.
Green Arrow: Roy - you look...
Red Arrow: Replaceable.

(telepathic conversation while guarding Dr. Roquette)
Robin: You might cut her some slack. It was her arrow that saved your butt against Amazo.
Kid Flash: What? No! That was Speedy's—I mean, Red Arrow's—arrow. Right?
Robin: Not so much.
Kid Flash: Hmph. Well, still not giving her the satisfaction.
Artemis: You know, I can still hear you!
(Kid Flash groans)
Serling Roquette: I couldn't get the Justice League.
(telepathic about Superboy)
Artemis: Mmm...that boy.
Miss Martian: He can hear you. We can all hear you.
Artemis: Oh, I know.

Miss Martian: You embarrassed Superboy.
Artemis: Didn't hear him say that.
Miss Martian: Must you challenge everyone?
Artemis: Where I come form, that's how you survive.

Dr. Serling Roquette: She's getting away! You're letting her get away!
Kid Flash: (to Artemis) This was all your fault. You were on the perimeter! How'd that Shadow get in?
Miss Martian: That's not really fair. I was outside too.
Kid Flash: (to Miss Martian) Outside being distracted by her. Besides I can't be mad at you. (telepathically) You gave me mouth-to-mouth.
Miss Martian, Aqualad, Artemis: We heard that!
Kid Flash: Dang it!

Aqualad: Stop it, both of you!
Kid Flash & Artemis: What?
Aqualad: I can hear you glaring!

Cheshire: (to Dr. Roquette) So you've finished the virus. Eliminating the reason for your elimination. Though not your entertainment value. (knocks Dr. Roquette down) Lucky for you my orders are clear. You live to program another day. After all, doctor, SHADOW may find another use for you.

(the team has split up to find the kidnapped Dr. Roquette and Artemis has caught up with the 'Shadow')
Cheshire: (to Artemis) I suppose now you bring me to justice. Let your new friends interrogate me. I wonder if your position's secure enough to survive them learning everything I know.
(Long pause. Artemis lowers her bow)
Cheshire: Didn't think so. So like the Cheshire Cat, I'll just disappear.

(later after Dr. Roquette has been saved and the danger has been stopped)
Robin: Yes! The infiltrators have been out-filtrated!

Miss Martian: I always wanted a sister. Here on Earth, I mean. I have twelve back on Mars, but trust me, it's not the same.
Artemis: I wouldn't know.

Artemis: Step into the light, now!
Red Arrow: (to Artemis) Nice move. Almost made me believe you are Green Arrow's niece. Though we both know you're not. Still, I'm sure G.A. and Bats had a reason for lying so your cover's safe. But I warn you: do not hurt my friends!

(the Light is discussing the what went down with Dr. Roquette)
L-2: Once again the young... heroes interfere. So it's fortunate that we have an operative... on the inside.


Madame Xanadu: Then madame will make contact, if fate be kind.
Kent Nelson: (sighs) But he so rarely is.

(watching Superboy and Aqualad spar in the cave)
Artemis Crock: Kaldur's uh, nice, don't you think? Handsome, commanding. You should totally ask him out.
M'gann M'orzz: He's like a big brother to me. But you know who would make the cutest couple? You and Wally. You're so full of passion and he's so full of...
Artemis Crock: It.

(the Team are asking Red Tornado for a mission)
Red Tornado: This is Kent Nelson, a friend. He is 106 years old...
Wally West: Guy doesn't look a day over 90.
Red Tornado:...and he has been missing for twenty-three days. Kent was a charter member of the Justice Society, the precursor to your mentors' Justice League.
Kaldur'ahm: Of course. Nelson was Earth's sorcerer supreme! He was Doctor Fate!
Wally West: (scoffs) More like "Doctor Fake." Guy knows a little advanced science and "Dumbledores" it up to scare the bad guys and impress the babes.
(everyone turns and glares at him)

Kent Nelson: [holographic message] Greetings. You have entered with a key. But the tower does not recognize you. Please state your purpose and intent.
Wally West: We are true believers here to find Dr. Fate.
[the team falls through the floor towards a lava pit]
M'gann M'orzz: Having trouble. Maintaining altitude... I'm so hot.
Wally West: You certainly are.
Artemis Crock: WALLY!
Wally West: Hey! Inches about sizzling death. I'm entitled to speak my mind.

(the Team get out of the trap but Superboy's boots were lost in the lava)
Superboy: Those were my favorite boots! This Nelson guy better be worth it.

(after lying about believing in magic results in the lava trap)
Wally West: Fine! Fine! I lied about believing in magic. But magic is the real lie, a major load.

Kent Nelson: The tower may not appreciate trespassers.
Abra Kadabra: Mute. (puts a collar on Nelson)

Klarion the Witch Boy: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Abra Kadabra: Tell us how to find the helmet.
Kent Nelson: Can't. Having too much fun.
Abra Kadabra: (electrocutes him) Still having fun?
Klarion the Witch Boy: I am! Zap 'im again! Or dump him off the side, and watch him splat!

M'gann M'orzz: I don't understand Wally. It's almost like he needs to believe the impossible can't happen.
Kaldur'ahm: Wally uses his understanding of science to control what he cannot comprehend. Acknowledging magic would relinquish the last vestige of that control.

(Wally, Artemis and Kent Nelson have just escaped Klarion in an elevator)
Wally West: Right. You're a Lord of Order.
Kent Nelson: Oh, no. Not me. I'm just an old coot Fate used to put on. Until my wife Inza convinced me there was more to life. Ah, she was a real pistol, that Inza. Anywho, Klarion's after the helmet. If he gets his sticky little mitts on it, he'll turn the planet into his own personal playground of pandemonium.

(Kent Nelson has been hit by a blast of magic and Wally now has possession of the helmet)
Wally West: I have no idea what I need to do.
Kent Nelson: [dying] Have faith in what you can't explain. Believe in what you can no longer deny.

(Wally prepares to put the Helmet of Fate on)
Klarion the Witch Boy: Hey, dumb kid. You put that on, you may never get it off!

Klarion the Witch Boy: Give it up, Nabu! Order went out of style in the 20th century.
Doctor Fate: This battle is pointless. You sought to take the helmet before it gained a host. But you are too late.
Klarion the Witch Boy: SHUT IT, YOU OLD FART!

Doctor Fate: We both know that creature is no cat, Witch Boy.

Doctor Fate: Without your familiar, you have no anchor in this reality.
Klarion the Witch Boy: Bully! Killjoy! Geezer! (Dr. Fate shoots a mystical blast) Holy crap! We're out of here!

Wally West: Yes! That's how we kick it on the earthly plane! Uhh, it's over, right? Why isn't Nabu taking off the Helmet?

Wally West: Wait. What happened to you ascending? Seeing Inza?
Kent Nelson: So you believe now, eh? Don't sweat it, kid. I'll spend a few millenia here then see Inza. That's the great thing about eternity, it's eternal.

(back at the Cave the Helmet of Fate is now on a shelf)
Artemis Crock: Wait, you're still claiming there's no such thing as magic? (scoffs) If that's how you feel, why keep it at all?
Wally West: ...Souvenir.
Artemis Crock: Geek!

(parting words to Wally)
Kent Nelson: Find your own little spitfire, one who won't let you get away with nothin'.


(arriving at the Cave, the Team is splattered with mud having been in a fight with Clayface)
Batman: I need to talk to Aqualad. The rest of you, hit the showers and head home.
Superboy: "Head home?" I am home.
Aqualad: I am sorry you had to intervene. I know the team performed poorly.
Batman: The team performed adequately. The problem was you. You're their leader, and your head wasn't in the game.
Aqualad: No, you are [sighs] correct. Of late, I am not even convinced I belong on the surface world. For so many years, it filled my every thought. But now that I am here, my dreams are all of Atlantis.
Batman: Atlantis or someone you left behind? You can split your time between the surface and the sea. But not your mind. Either you're here 100% or you need to walk away. Make a, decision, Kaldur, and make it soon.

(later at Wayne manor Dick is upset that Bruce took Aqualad aside to talk with him privately in the backyard Bruce tosses him a basketball)
Dick Grayson: What's this?
Bruce Wayne: Training. Hand-eye coordination.
Dick Grayson: One on one?
Bruce Wayne: If you think you can handle it.

Mary West: You're a lucky lady, Iris. Our Wally certainly isn't that fast, not when it comes to clearing the table.
Wally West: (from kitchen) Mom!
Joan Garrick:Neither is my Jay, believe me. I know, I know, you're a retired speedster, and since it's your birthday, we won't argue.
Barry Allen: Wally's fast enough when he wants to be. We're suddenly out of ice cream.
Mary West: Wally!
Wally West: Umm, Happy Birthday.

Tula: You look well, Kaldur.
Garth: Yes, surface life agrees with you!
Kaldur'ahm: You speak as if I have been gone for years. But it has only been...
Tula & Garth: Two months!

Kaldur'ahm: (to Tula) I am considering rejoining you at the Conservatory.
Queen Mera: You realize - you left your studies - some time ago. Your sorcery skills have not kept pace. You will no longer be in Tula's class, or Garth's.
Kaldur'ahm: (looks at Tula) Perhaps I will need a tutor.

King Orin: (to Kaldur) Batman has made me aware of your dilemma. I know from personal experience it can be difficult to live there and love here.
Computer: Recognize Aquaman B06.
King Orin: I am confident you will make the right choice,

Kaldur'ahm & Tula: There is something I must -
(both laugh)
Tula: I...
Kaldur'ahm: Please, Tula. I have made a decision - to stay in Atlantis - with you - because of you.
Tula: Kaldur, I'm sorry. We wanted to tell you sooner. But Garth and I - we're together.

Prince Orm: Then it is all a diversion. But with the King away, I must protect the Queen... and the heir.
Queen Mera: I need no protection. Go!
Prince Orm:No, Mera. If you suffered any injury, my brother would never forgive me.
Kaldur'ahm: The Prince is right, my Queen. This battle is mine! (starts to swim off)
Garth: And mine.
Kaldur'ahm: (Kaldur stops and turns to face Garth) Your place is with Tula!

Garth: (Checking the Science Building during the attack) You have a plan? (realizes Kaldur isn't beside him) Kaldur?
Kaldur'ahm: (Two of Manta's men appear. Then Kaldur appears and knocks them out) I too have my studies.

Black Manta: (to Kaldur) Such a waste. You really have no ambition beyond serving Aquaman? Aren't schools of others willing to die for their king? This fool, for example. (attacks Garth)

Black Manta: If I can't have it, NO ONE CAN!

Tula: Kaldur - I - we - that is...
Kaldur'ahm: I wish you both, nothing but the best.
[Starts to enter the portal]
Kaldur'ahm: Have you ever wondered what would have happened if I had stayed behind and you had become Aqualad?
Garth: No. Never.
Kaldur'ahm: Neither have I.

(to Batman)
Aqualad: I am here. One hundred percent.

Black Manta: I was unable to secure the objective, and was forced to execute plan B.
L-5: You did well. Everything falls into place.


(Robin wakes up alone in a desert)
Robin: Those were Bialyan Republican Army uniforms. But what are Bialyans do in uhh... Bialya! Ok, better question: what am I doing in Bialya - in September? What happened to March? Better radio Batman.
Batman: [flashback] Maintain radio silence at all times.
Robin: Or not.
Kid Flash: Hey, you, wake up.
Artemis: Mmmm. [groans, then gasps]
Kid Flash: Hey it's okay. It's okay. I won't hurt you. I-I'm one of the good guys. You know, Kid Flash.
Artemis: Seen Kid Flash on the news. He doesn't wear black.
Kid Flash: Uh, little unclear on that myself. What about you? Green Arrow fixation?
Artemis: [noticing her costume] WHO PUT ME IN THIS?
Kid Flash: Wow. I am not touching that with a 10-foot - uh, so you know how to use that bow?
Artemis: Yeah, my dad taught me... DAD! He must've done this. Another of his stupid tests.
Kid Flash: What kind of test?
Artemis: He probably wants me to kill you.
Kid Flash: Sorry, they've got bigger arrows.
Artemis: Thanks.
Kid Flash: Hey, I told you. Good guy. Now, uh- not to pry, but uh- what's your name? Oh, and what's this about you killing me?
Miss Martian: [telepathically] Don't worry, I'm almost there.
Artemis: Did you just hear a girl talking in your head?
Kid Flash: Girls are always on my mind, but they're not usually talking.

Kid Flash: (Meeting Miss Martian) Well, J'onn, the costume looks familiar, but I'm not sure the new bod screams 'MANhunter'.

(Robin, Artemis, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash have all met up and are trying to find Superboy and Aqualad)
Robin: This must be his.
[gives an S shield to Miss Martian]
Miss Martian: Yes! Did you see him?
Artemis: I think we did.
Kid Flash: Feral boy? Some teammate. He attacked us.
Artemis: He didn't know who we are. I don't know who we are.
Kid Flash: [playing with his stealth suit activator] This is so cool.
Artemis: We look ridiculous. Quit touching yourself!

Miss Martian: Careful, Superboy, they're hot.
Kid Flash: Not as hot as you Babe.
Miss Martian: Uh, thanks, Wally. That's uh...sweet.
Kid Flash: Not as sweet as you Sugar.
Artemis: Oh, grow up!

Miss Martian: You know my uncle J'onn? Hello, Megan, of course you do! You're Kid Flash. Wally! And you're Artemis.
Kid Flash: Wait, wait, wait. Martian Manhunter is your uncle? Is that how you know my name?
Artemis: Your name is really Wally?
Kid Flash: Ohh...

Kid Flash: My brain's all yours. Try not to let its brilliance overwhelm you.
Robin: Or underwhelm you. Hey, why isn't anyone just whelmed?

Miss Martian: [telepatically to the team] They're testing something - make that someone. - In pain. Hello? Can you hear me?
Psimon: I can. An open mind is a dangerous thing.
Miss Martian: Someone's hacked into our link!
Psimon: Psimon can't see you. Psimon can't touch you. But Psimon can make you all FORGET!

Artemis, Robin, Miss Martian, Kid Flash: Aqualad!
Robin: Where is he? What happened next?
Miss Martian: I don't know. That's the last thing I - we remember.
Kid Flash: We landed 24 hours ago. If Kaldur's been wandering the desert that long, well, that's not good for a guy with gills.

Artemis: I got... confused by um... some old movie I saw the other night. About a ninja girl whose ninja dad ordered her to kill her ninja boyfriend 'cause he was from a rival ninja clan.
Kid Flash: So, I'm your "ninja boyfriend" huh?
Artemis: Hey, amnesia, remember? I completely forgot how truly annoying you are.
Kid Flash: Oh, like you're the Goddess of Congeniality!
Robin: Yeesh! Get a room!

(Superboy enters Miss Martian and Psimon's mental war)
Miss Martian: You're here!
Psimon: (laughs)You sound so relieved. Is that mindless creature supposed to save your mind?
Miss Martian: No. I save his.
(Miss Martian places her forehead on Superboy's and memories start to flash)
Superboy: Kick his butt.
(Superboy disappears from Miss Martian's mind)

(after defeating the soldiers with the help of the alien sphere Superboy re-enters the mental battlefield)
Miss Martian: He's too strong.
Superboy: You're strong. And I'm stubborn. Together!
Miss Martian: Together. (to Psimon) Get... out... of MY HEAD!

(Superboy and Miss Martian return to reality and are about to have a kiss when they're interrupted by the alien sphere)
Superboy: Can I keep it?

Psimon: The martian girl escaped with both the sphere and the Superboy.
L-4: That hardly matters. What matters is the successful test of our new partner's delivery system.
(A monitor shows a Boom-Tube transporting the sphere)
L-4: More tech will come, tech that will put the sphere, and perhaps even Superboy, to shame.


(Red Arrow is at the Rhelasian peace summit and thinks he spots Cheshire in the crowd and asks what her height is)
Aqualad: Cheshire is 1.67 meters.
Red Arrow: Um...
Aqualad: She is 5'6". And exceptionally dangerous. Do you require backup?
Red Arrow: Please. The last thing I need is the Junior Justice League.
Aqualad: Just our computer.

(Red Arrow is being held by Rhelasian police for Cheshire's assination attempt of Lex Luthor)
Lex Luthor: Lex Luthor vouches for him, Captain. Release the sidekick.
Red Arrow: Ex-sidekick. And I don't need any favors from you.

Lex Luthor: We have confirmation. This one's Green Arrow's pal, Speedy.
Red Arrow: It's Red Arrow now.

Lex Luthor: LexCorps is a company founded on peaceful enterprise for all humanity.
Red Arrow: Cut the act, Luthor. I've got intel linking LexCorp's shell companies to the sale of weapons to both countries. You're profiting from this war.

Lex Luthor: Allow me to hire you to find out.
Red Arrow: Your money has blood on it, and I'm not here to make a buck.
Lex Luthor: So, you'll provide your service, but for free. I can live with that, hero. Now excuse me. I have a hemisphere to save.

Red Arrow: The League of Shadows wants you dead.
Lex Luthor: Doesn't every League?
Red Arrow: It's not just Cheshire. It's Sportsmaster, and Ra's Al Ghul himself.
Lex Luthor: I can't say I'm surprised. Ra's is something of a... competitor of mine.
Red Arrow: Then maybe I should stand aside and watch you take each other out.
Lex Luthor: Your stab at pragmatism is, well, adorable.

(it's Miss Martian and Superboy's first day of school and Martian Manhunter, Aqualad, and Red Tornado are seeing them off)
Miss Martian: Meet Megan Morse. What's your new name?
Superboy: My what?
Martian Manhunter: I chose the name John Jones for myself, and suggested John Smith for Red Tornado. You could be John, too.
Superboy: Pass.
Miss Martian: Conner's has always been my favorite name.
(Superboy shrugs)
Aqualad: A last name will also be required.
Martian Manhunter: Perhaps... Kent.
Miss Martian: Oh! In memory of Dr. Fate. The late Kent Nelson.
Martian Manhunter: Of... course.
Superboy: Okay. Sure. I guess it would be an honor or something.
Miss Martian: Well Conner Kent, time to change your shirt; You don't want to give away your secret identity.
(Superboy takes his shirt off and turns it inside out)
Superboy: Will this work?
Miss Martian: (blushing) Works for me...
Superboy: Wait shouldn't it be Conner Nelson?
(Miss Martian and Superboy leave for school)
Martian Manhunter: They grow up so fast.

Sportsmaster: Beggars can't be choosers, little girl.

Ra's al Ghul: The evening's agenda was to create strife between nations -not my assasins.
Cheshire: [Cheshire kneels before Ra's al Ghul] Master.
Ra's al Ghul: And client. So twice disappointed in your failure.

Sportsmaster: I hear you go by Red Arrow now. More like Broken Arrow.

(while tracking Cheshire Red Arrow is thrown off a roof and into a river by Ra's al Ghul)
Red Arrow: [to his communicator] It's me. I may... possibly... be in over my head.

(discussing the Rhelasian conflict in school)
Conner Kent: But why are they fighting? They're all humans... I mean Rhelasians, right?
Lucas Carr: Right on both counts, actually.
Megan Morse: [telepathically to Conner] It's no different on Mars. The White Martian minority are treated like second-class citizens by the Green majority. Of course, I'm green but that doesn't make it right.

Red Arrow: [to Aqualad] Take Sportsmaster. Cheshire's mine!
Cheshire: So territorial. And only our third date.

Sportsmaster: (to Aqualad) Let's just say, I have an inside source. Very inside.

Red Arrow: I can't believe we just did a solid for Lex Luthor.
Aqualad: Not for Luthor - for peace.

Red Arrow: Do you really think there's a mole on your team?
Aqualad: I cannot rule out the possibility. I will investigate... quietly.
Red Arrow: Not tell them?
Aqualad: I do not want the unit unraveling over baseless suspicions. If there is a mole, I do not wish to tip him or her off.

Lex Luthor: That went well. Both Li and Sheng were quite impressed with Merci's equipment and are quite literally buying into the peace. Our plan to ensure the eventual reunification of Rhelasa, under LexCorp's political and economic guidance is a success.
Ra's Al Ghul: And thus, another corner of the world...sees the Light.


Tommy Terror: [after a collar is put on him] That don't feel right... My strength - but I done just gone toe-to-toe with Superman.
Superboy: Congratulations. That's more quality time than he's ever given me.

Amanda Waller: I am the law of last resort. My name is Amanda Waller. I am not your mother, your maiden aunt, or your friend. I am your warden, and you are my prisoners. The proprietary collars you wear are custom designed to inhibit your specific meta abilities. No strength. No ice. In addition, the collars can and will be used to discipline inmates. A con who breaks the rules gets one warning. [Waller demonstrates] If order has not been restored, the next shock will render the offender unconscious. At the slightest hint of trouble this facility goes into lockdown. Belle Reve's walls are thick enough to hold Superman. We know - we've checked. No one's ever escaped Belle Reve. No one ever will.

(Miss Martian and Superboy are going under at Belle Reve Penitentiary as the Terror Twins, they're currently enroute with Icicle Jr. and Mr Freeze)
Icicle Jr.: Reeks when your dad is the man, you know?
Superboy: Believe me, I know.

Riddler: Fine, fine. No one can say the Riddler goes where he's not wanted.
Brick: Wow. That philosophy must not leave you with a lot of options.

Professor Ojo: [as he's about to hit Superboy who's undercover] Wait! I know him. He's...
Brick: [Superboy tosses on of the people holding him at Ojo] Not wise. Not wise at all.
Professor Ojo: Don't you understand? He's...
M'gann M'orzz: [Telepathically] He's Tommy Terror!
Professor Ojo: He's Tommy Terror.
Brick: He's roadkill!

Superboy: Well, maybe "Tommy" refuses to live in "Tuppence"'s stupid little fantasy world where every problem's solved in half-an-hour!

Icicle Jr.: (to an undercover Superboy) So, tell me about your sister.
Superboy: What? She's a pain. Why?
Icicle Jr.: Dude, she's hot. You can't see it 'cause your family. But I look at her and I think, 'That chick gets me.' And really, that's all you need-- someone who sees the psycho that you are and likes you anyway.
Superboy: Yeah, you're like, an evil genius.
Icicile Jr.: Word.

Killer Frost: Well, Tuppy aren't you just full of hidden talents.
M'gann M'orzz: [Telepathically] Superboy! I think my cover's
[M'gann gasps]
Superboy: [Telepatically] Miss Martian. M'gann. M'GANN!

Killer Frost: [to Frost's partner as she's fighting Superboy] Get out of the way. [They continue fighting] Oh fine! I'll ice you both!

Brick: Look at 'em shiver and shake. Too bad you're not wearing the new orange suits we had smuggled in. Microtech units we had sewn into the fabric is keeping us toasty.
Amanda Waller: Toasty? Before this is over, you'll be toast.
Brick: Before this is over you'll be toast!

(Miss Martian was frozen in ice and is now free)
Superboy: Are you -?
Miss Maritan: It's pretty cold where I come from. I'll be-
(Superboy kisses Miss Martian. Icicle Jr doesn't know they're both in disguises)
Icicle Jr.: Dude! That's your sister.
(M'Gann and Superboy continue to kiss. M'Gann reveals her true appearance)
Icicle Jr.: What?... Wait. Is she? - And are you?... Oh, Dad's gonna kill me!

Hugo Strange: Belle Reve will be fully operational by tomorrow. All prisoners are accounted for, except the Riddler, who somehow did manage to escape during the confusion. Still, you must be disappointed.
Icicle Sr.: Me? After the risk you took smuggling our tech inside, you had nearly as much invested in the break as we did. It's a shame we got beat, but the main objectives were all reached.
(They shake hands)
Hugo Strange: The Light...should be quite...pleased.


Artemis Crock: Please... please don't go!
Jade Nguyen: Sorry sis. Mom's not getting out of prison anytime soon. And I refuse to live in this house with just Dad.
Artemis Crock: Dad and you and me. We need to keep this family from falling apart.

(it's Artemis first day at Gotham Academy)
Dick Grayson: We'll laugh about this someday.
(Dick takes a picture with himself and Artemis. Then runs off)
Artemis Crock: Uh, who was that?
Bette Kane: A Freshman. Ignore him.
Barbara Gordon: Dick. What was that about?
Dick Grayson: Nothing Barbara, just being friendly to the new girl.

Robin: Artemis?
Artemis: [shocked] Robin! I uh...
Robin: How random that you're in Gotham City, instead of Star City where your uncle, Green Arrow lives?
Artemis: I'm... uh, here to see my cousin. She was in the state spelling bee. Here... In Gotham... City.
Robin: C-O-O-L. Did she W-I-N?
Artemis: N-O.
Robin: D-R-A-G.

Aqualad: I cannot be sure if one exists. And if it does, the team is being betrayed from within. I must investigate without tipping my hand. But perhaps I should tell Batman.
Red Tornado: Generally, the Batman prefers the team to handle its own problems, but it's your decision. I will return after monitor duty on the Watchtower.
Aqualad: I thought you were exempt from monitor duty since becoming our... den mother.
Red Tornado: I agreed to cover for Green Arrow. He has a interpersonal event with Black Canary-- a "hot date."

(Artemis and Robin arrive at the Cave and are immediately attacked)
Artemis: Who are we fighting?
Robin: Don't know, but we're sitting ducks by the tubes. Head for the exit!
(They run for the exit and encounter a tidal wave)
Robin: Or not.

(Artemis and Robin are reviewing the security video footage)
Robin: That's it. All four are dead.
Artemis: (looks appalled)
Robin: The cameras, I meant the cameras! I'm sure the others are fine.
Artemis: What do we do now?
Robin: We save them. That's how it works.
Artemis: Maybe that's how it's supposed to work, but those robots already took out our four super-powered friends.
Robin: You seem distraught.
Artemis: M'gann is dying. We have no powers and I'm down to my last arrow. Of course I'm distraught!
Robin: Well get traught or get dead!
Artemis: How can you be so calm?
Robin: Practice. I've been doing this since I was nine.

(attempting to escape through the library)
Robin: There's a secret passage behind one of these bookcases.
Artemis: Seriously? Cliché much?
Robin: You should see the Batcave.

Red Torpedo: Artemis. Robin.
Artemis: [comes out from their hiding place] It's Red Tornado!
[Artemis encounters Red Torpedo. Red Torpedo attacks. Robin saves her]
Robin: Yes, on the red. No, on the Tornado.

Robin: [as they're turning on the water in the showers] Comm is down. At least the water's helping.
[the room starts to flood]
Robin: Or not.

Robin: We can access the hangar from here.
[a tidal wave appears]
Robin: Or not
Artemis: Will you please stop saying that?

Artemis Crock: [Flashback] Dad will come after you.
Jade Nguyen: Let him. I'll disappear like the Cheshire cat. You should go too. I'd let you go with me, but you'd slow me down.
Artemis Crock: Someone has to be here when mom gets out.
Jade Nguyen: Haven't you learned anything? In this family, it's every girl for herself.
Artemis Crock: [Present] That might be true about our family. But I've found a new family. And here, it's all for one and...
Red Torpedo: [Over the loudspeakers] One minute.

Kid Flash: Hey, Red Tomato! Whose your girlfriend, Red Onion?

Alpha Male

Aqualad: (quietly to Batman) Sportsmaster revealed the possibility of a mole within the team. In light of last night's attack, Red Tornado would appear to be the traitor. But whether he betrayed us willingly or was preprogrammed is still...
Superboy: (launches himself at Aqualad) YOU KNEW? That android and his maniac family nearly killed M'Gann!
Miss Martian: Conner, what are you doing?
Superboy: Kaldur knew we had a traitor among us and said nothing!
Robin: You knew?
Kid Flash: And didn't tell us?

Robin: Batman, please, tell me you're not sending us on this joke of a wild ape chase.
Batman: I never joke... about the mission.

Robin: You're coming with us?
Captain Marvel: Sure. We'll have a blast.
Robin: [to Kid Flash] Translation: he blames us for the red fiasco.
[Aqualad walks by]
Robin: He doesn't trust us.
Kid Flash: [looks at Aqualad] It's a big club.

Robin: The three of us started this team because the Justice League was keeping secrets from us.
Kid Flash: Or did you forget like you forgot to tell us about the mole?

Superboy: Come on. I'll keep you safe.
Miss Martian: [telepathically] You're my boyfriend, Conner. Not my keeper. Stop hanging on me like a character from a 70's sitcom.

(After everyone's gone)
Captain Marvel: (To Aqualad) Um, did I miss the part where you actually SAID what the plan was?

Kid Flash: What gets me is how nonchalant he is about not telling us.
Robin: He should be chalant. Way chalant. Extremely chalant.

Robin: Thought vultures only ate dead meat.
Kid Flash: Yeah. These are some very proactive scavengers.
Robin: Proactive and super-sized. You thinking what I'm thinking?
Kid Flash: Kobra venom? Yeah!

Artemis: Okay. Nearly drowning two nights in a row is way less fun than it sounds.

Captain Marvel: Actually, you let everyone split up before communications were set.
Aqualad: They would not listen!
Captain Marvel: I guess. But back at the cave, Batman stopped everyone from fighting with just one word.
Aqualad: Because Batman is... Batman.
Captain Marvel: Hey, you don't have to tell me. When I first joined the League, all he did was boss me around, and it's hard not to take it personally. But, I never disobeyed an order, and that's probably what kept me alive.

Captain Marvel: Cool, a tiger! I'm gonna go see!
Aqualad: Captain, wait! (Captain Marvel leaves) Hey. Speed of Mercury.

Captain Marvel: That won't work on me.
The Brain: Perhaps. But it works on solid steel so I'll try my luck. I'm told you have the courage of Achilles, no? Perhaps you should have asked for his invulnerability instead.

Aqualad: Miss Martian, I need a telepathic link-up with the entire team, now.
Miss Martian: Link established.
Artemis: Should he really still be giving us orders, and should YOU really be following them?
Aqualad: Please...
Kid Flash: Oh good, Aqualad's voice in my head. I've so missed that.
Robin: Hey, Kal'dur! KF and I were attacked by giant vultures. 'Course, since we're moles, you probably think we attacked ourselves.
Artemis: If he did, he wouldn't tell you.
Miss Martian: Superboy, are you online, or just pouting?
Superboy: (Fighting a giant wolf) Busy. Call back later.
Kid Flash: What gets me is how nonchalant is is about not telling us.
Robin: He should be chalant. Way chalant. Extremely chalant!
Artemis: How are we supposed to be a team if he doesn't trust us with his secrets?
Miss Martian: Or if Conner doesn't expect us to take care of ourselves?
Kid Flash: (To Robin) Did he really think you or I could've been the mole?
Robin: We've known each other for years!
Artemis: Trust is a two-way street!
Miss Martian: And you'd know they'd hate it if we kept secrets from them!
Artemis: Not that we'd ever do that. ever.
Aqualad: Enough!... Captain Marvel has been captured. And we must act as a team to save him!
Kid Flash: Heh. Under your leadership? I don't think...
Aqualad: This is not up for debate! You all chose me to lead. When this mission is over, if you wish to select a new leader I will happily step down. But until that time, I am in command here!

Kid Flash: Get your paws off her, you darn dirty ape!

Kid Flash: It's the Brain!
Artemis: Uh, I can see it's a brain...?
Kid Flash: Not a brain, the Brain!
The Brain: In the flesh. So to speak.

Artemis: What are you grinning about?
Kid Flash: One word: souvenir.
[Puts a beret on]
Artemis: Two words: gorilla lice.
Kid Flash: Huh? [removes the beret] Oh man!

Superboy: [about a wolf] Can I keep him?
Kid Flash: First the sphere, now this beast. Dude, you sure make a habit of collecting strays.
Miss Martian: Maybe because he's such a stray himself.
Robin: Look, I need to know, why did you keep the mole intel secret?
[pause, everyone stares at Aqualad]
Aqualad: The source of the tip was Sportsmaster.
Artemis: WHAT? You can't trust him!
Aqualad: I do not. It seemed possible even likely that he was attempting to divide the team with false information.
Robin: And given how the mission went, he almost succeeded. But you had to consider it might be true.
Aqualad: Yes, as leader, I did. In which case, I did not wish to alert the traitor.
Robin: I hate to say it, but it makes sense.
Aqualad: I am still prepared to step down.
Kid Flash: [raising his hand] All in favor of keeping Aqualad as leader.
[everyone raises their hand]
Captain Marvel: Guess it's unanimous.

(regarding Superboy's new pet wolf)
Kid Flash: Well, he's gonna need a name. How's about Krypto?
Superboy: Pass.
Miss Martian: Besides, isn't that taken?

(Captain Marvel flies through the window)

Uncle Dudley: Well, sport, how'd it go?
Captain Marvel: Oh, it was so cool. The Team's way more fun to hang out with than the League! They go on these secret covert-ops missions that rock! And I got nabbed by the Brain, and I met this tiger, and...
Uncle Dudley: Okay, I'm glad you had fun sport, but it's getting pretty late. Brush your teeth and hit the hay.
Captain Marvel: Okay, okay, I'm going.
Uncle Dudley: Ahem. Aren't you... forgetting something?
Captain Marvel: Nah, just seeing if you were paying attention. SHAZAM! (Get struck by lightning, and turns into a kid)
Billy Batson: Good night, Uncle Dudley.
Uncle Dudley: Good night, Billy.


Robin: [about Superboy and Miss Martian] You know they're a couple, right?
Aqualad: I think I knew before they did.
[Kid Flash and Artemis enter]
Robin: Do we tell them?
Aqualad: It is not our place.

Batman: The Justice League will handle the plants. I have a different job for the team.
Kid Flash: Oh, man!
[Artemis hits Kid Flash]
Batman: With the plants attacking so many locations simultaneously, there must be a central control system. Your mission is to destroy it.
Zatara: You realize what you're really asking them to do?
Batman: They're ready.
Kid Flash: Ready for what?
[Artemis hits Kid Flash again]
Kid Flash: Ow! Will you cut that-?
Artemis: Hello, Wally! If the big guns are fighting plants, who do you think we'll be fighting?
Kid Flash: I don't know. I guess we'll.... Oh.

('heading out on the Bio-Ship)
Kid Flash: What's in the bag?
Aqualad: Plan B.

Miss Martian: Ugh.
Kid Flash: You all right?
Miss Martian: Dizzy.
Robin: Martians get airsick?
Kid Flash: She does look a little greener than usual.

Artemis: No. No way I'm nearly drowning 3 missions in a row!

The Joker: Poor heroes. Nothing they do is quite enough. - Ain't it grand?
[laughs maniacally]
Poison Ivy: And impressive. How you simultaneously juggle multiple scenarios.
The Joker: I've had practice. Juggling my multiple personalities.
[laughs again]

The Joker: With so much power at my fingertips, some might call me a control freak...others just a freak...either works for me.

Artemis: [after she losing her quiver] I feel naked, and not in a fun way
Aqualad: We will make our own fun, as we have been trained. Maneuver 7!

The Joker: Children! Children foiled our plan. Inconceiveable. Unacceptable. Retributionable! That last one might not be a word. So sue me.

Kid Flash: Vertigo!
Count Vertigo: Count Vertigo to you, peasant.

Aqualad: [to Miss Martian] Plan B.
Wotan: [the ship drops the duffle bag, revealing the contents] The Helmet of Fate.
Kid Flash: No, Aqualad! Don't...
[Kid Flash is attacked. Aqualad puts on the helmet]
Kid Flash: Oh dude.
Dr. Fate: Wotan. You are mine!

Joker: I always wanted to carve this bird.

Kid Flash: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? HOW COULD YOU LET HIM PUT ON THE HELMET? Nabu will never release him now. Kaldur will be trapped inside Dr. Fate forever.
[Fate removes his helmet]
Kid Flash: Nabu let you go?
Aqualad: He almost did not. But your friend Kent was most helpful... He says "Hello."

Batman: We're done here. This Supervillan Secret Society is neutralized [to the Team] as for your performance - it was satisfactory.

L-1: Impressive. The plant creatures have proven their usefulness as potential weapons. More importantly, the so-called heroes now believe our secret society to be revealed, and crushed.
[L-1 comes out of the darkness to reveal himself as Vandal Savage.]
Vandal Savage: With the Injustice League serving as our proxies, we are once again free to operate with impunity.
[The rest of the light come out of the darkness. Lex Luthor, Ra's al Ghul, Queen Bee, Ocean master, the Brain, and Klarion the witch boy.]
Vandal Savage: And shadows still conceal our Light.


Captain Marvel: How's the arm doing, Wally?
Wally West: Well, nothing wrong that nachos can't cure.

Zatanna Zatara: Are you guys having a psychic conversation? 'Cause I can't decide if that's cool or really rude.
Superboy: All right. Fine. We were talking about Tornado. It's been weeks since his attack and the League hasn't told us anything.
Black Canary: But Tornado is Justice League. The team is not to pursue this.

Zatanna: We're not really taking a tour, are we?
Superboy: No. We're hunting down that robot.
Aqualad: Yes! We are!
Zatanna: Wow. Out loud and everything.
Artemis: What about the new girl?
Robin: I'm sure she won't tell.
Zatanna: I can't tell. Not if you kidnap me.
Artemis:... Oh, she's going to fit in great.

Robin: Batman is the world's greatest detective. He's searched for Tornado and Morrow in every logical place. If we're gonna do better we need an illogical solution. A truly dumb idea.
[Everyone looks at Kid Flash]
Kid Flash: As a matter of fact...
[arrival at Belle Reve Penitentiary to interrogate Professor Ivo]

(Zatanna has forced Professor Ivo to tell where T.O. Morrow was hiding through magic)
Robin: So, I'm trying to be nonchalant here.
Zatanna: Why? Be as chalant as you like.

T. O. Morrow: Finally, the scientist has built an android that transcends the need to be human. No more Pinocchios.
Red Volcano: [Red Volcano grabs Morrow by the hand] Hello, father.
T. O. Morrow: Son, you're hurting me.
Red Volcano: Yes, but pain is so human, and per your programming, I've transcended any concern for humans. No more Pinocchios.

Superboy: What's our ETA to Yellowstone? I'm way past ready to stuff Tornado into a trash compactor.
Aqualad: Are you certain he betrayed us?
Superboy: Aren't you?
Aqualad: I am not convinced. And even so, that makes him but a victim of his creator's programming. Certainly he deserves the chance to prove he's more than the weapon others designed him to be.

Aqualad: I recommend you stay behind.
Zatanna: Is that an order?
Aqualad: No. You must do as you see fit.
Zatanna: Good.
[Zatanna changes into her uniform]

Red Volcano: You stand no chance against me humans!
Superboy, Miss Martian: We're not humans!
Red Volcano: Apologies, I suppose the properly inclusive term is - meatbags.

Zatanna: Tornado never knew my moves.
Robin: And I bet you've got some good ones. Whoa. Sorry that may have come off a little too Wally.
Zatanna: [chuckles] I don't mind.

Red Tornado: We must stop him.
Red Inferno: Why? One we believe we lived. Now there is only Red Inferno and Red Torpedo. Why should we help save humanity when we are no longer human?
Red Tornado: The premise of your question is flawed. You were never human. but you were heroes.

Miss Martian: Hello Megan! You wanted to become more human.
Artemis: And you couldn't do that with the League. They're stiffs.
Robin: You're sure not going to learn emotion from Batman. Trust me.
Aqualad: Then the cave was not a proving ground only for us - but for you as well.
Red Tornado: I do not know if those statements are accurate - but perhaps they are true. And if I understand the term correctly, I believe I have come to - care about you all.
Superboy: See? Practically a meatbag already.

Robin: So, good kidnapping?
Zatanna: Actually, yeah. Best ever.
Robin: [chuckles] First of many, I hope.
Zatanna: If my dad doesn't ground me for life.
[cut to the Cave]
Zatara: SHE'S GROUNDED FOR LIFE! "They're good kids, Giovanni." "Don't worry, Giovanni." She's never joining this team!


Red Tornado: I must join the League. We will protect the planet at all costs. But should we fail, the responsibility falls to you.
Aqualad: We stand ready.

Red Tornado: Red Tornado to Cave. I fear I am all that remains of the League.
[Red Tornado is disintegrated]
Robin: RT!
Aqualad: We are Earth's heroes now.
Superboy: So what are we waiting for? A theme song?
Aqualad: A strategy. Earth's weapons are ineffective. And it has been made tragically clear that a direct attack will not succeed

Aqualad: We will target this lone ship.
Kid Flash: Yeah, break it down, build more, hit those ugly aliens with their own mojo. Ow!
Artemis: Martian and Kryptonian in the house.
Kid Flash: Not that all aliens are automatically ugly.

(Artemis has just been disintegrated)
Kid Flash: They're dead! Every single alien. If it's the last thing I do!

Miss Martian: Back to the Cave?
Aqualad: The Hall of Justice. The human race must know that there are still heroes defending them - there is still hope.

Gen. Wade Eiling: I don't know who you are, son, and I don't care. But you wear the S, and you got the job done.
Superboy: I'm not Superman.
Gen. Wade Eiling: Tell that to the enemy. General Wade Eiling. United States Air Force.
Aqualad: Aqualad. Justice League. We'll help you salvage as many of the alien cannons as possible. Then we start taking back what is ours!

Miss Martian: And though we know all seems lost, the one thing the aliens cannot destroy is hope.
Superboy: Hope survives because the battle is not over, not as long as even one of us is willing to fight.
Kid Flash: It doesn't matter how many fall, for new heroes will always rise to carry on, bringing all the resources, their skills, their talents to defeat the enemy.
Robin: The people of Earth will survive this. We will rebuild and we will thrive. Never doubt and never forget, the earth will never surrender!

Aqualad: [as they're about to use the Boom Tubes to escape] Send the soldiers first.
General Wade Eiling: Belay that! You six are assets we cannot afford to lose

Aqualad: [Throwing Martian Manhunter into the Boom Tube] They need you more than me!

Robin: Superboy, you'll create a distraction.
Miss Martian: NO! He's offering you as a sacrifice. Aqualad would never do that.
Robin: You're right. Aqualad would sacrifice himself. A mistake that just cost us our leader. Superboy is the most likely to be perceived as a threat. Motivating the aliens to deploy.
Kid Flash: Worst case - he's teleported inside and we set him free along with Artemis - and, uh, Aqualad, and everyone.
Superboy: [telepathically to M'Gann] It's okay, M'Gann. It's what Superman would do.

Martian Manhunter: No, my mind is clearer now. The disintegration beam is exactly that. There is no detention facility. No prisoners to rescue. Our mission holds no purpose.
Kid Flash: NO! You're wrong. The Zeta radiation proves she's alive. She's...
Robin: Stop it, KF. I've been scanning for League and team signals since we got inside. They're not here. Artemis is gone. But our mission still holds purpose - to destroy this mother ship.
(as Robin is planting bombs in the alien mothership)
'Kid Flash: You knew. You knew from the beginning why we were really here.
Robin: Four minutes. Let's go.

Robin: [telepathically] 16 seconds and counting. Manhunter take Miss Martian and go!
Miss Martian: NO! We won't leave you.
Robin: That's an order! We'll follow as soon as we blow those doors.

[as the mother ship is blowing up with Kid Flash and Robin inside]
Miss Martian: Don't. Don't tell me the mission was a success. The price was too high.

(Miss Martian has been shocked back into the real world after taking telepathic control of an exercise which Batman and Martian Manhunter are discussing)
Batman: As bad as all that?
Martian Manhunter: Perhaps worse.
Red Tornado: Yet this is not what troubles you.
Martian Manhunter: Make no mistake. My niece is untrained and cannot be held responsible for this - for our debacle.
Batman: No one blames her. But clearly we underestimated her abilities.
Martian Manhunter: You understate it. In terms of raw power, she has the strongest telepathic mind I have ever encountered. Stronger, by far, than mine.


Batman: How are they?
Martian Manhunter: I am still shaken by what you and I have wrought. One can only imagine what these youths fair.
Batman: I know our virtual reality training simulation went badly, but I'd hoped the team would've rallied by now.
Martian Manhunter: Trauma tends to linger, as I know you know, my friend.

(Superboy has ditched his comm and left the Cave with Sphere and Wolf)
Batman: Superboy return to Cave.

(Artemis's counseling session with Black Canary)
Black Canary: But you still keep secrets from them.
Artemis Crock: You won't tell them! You can't!
Black Canary: You could start by admitting you're not really Green Arrow's niece.
Artemis Crock: Right. Could you imagine what Wally would do with that?
Black Canary: Interesting. So the person you're most worried about - is Wally.

(Wally West is having his counseling session with Black Canary)
Black Canary: So, you want me to believe that after everything you went through, including your own death from fiery explosion, you're peachy.
Wally West: I'm fairly certain I never used the word peachy, but I think you got the gist.
Black Canary: So, you have no interest in discussing your extreme reaction to Artemis's death?
(Wally, caught off-guard, chokes on his popcorn and sits up): I'd rather talk about you, babe.
Black Canary: Wally, you're in denial.
Wally West: I'm comfortable with that.

(Aqualad's counseling session)
Kaldur'ahm: I was a general, but behaved like a soldier, and sacrificed myself. I am not fit for command, and resign as team leader.
Black Canary: Who do you recommend to take your place?
Kaldur'ahm: Artemis is too raw and untrusting. Kid Flash - too rash and impulsive. Miss Martian remains too eager to please. Superboy carries too much anger.
Black Canary: Making Robin the logical choice.
Kaldur'ahm: But he is too young.
Black Canary: Kaldur, you're all young.
Kaldur'ahm: I cannot shake this burden to him - not yet. It appears I must withdraw my resignation.

(Superboy has just met the Forever People from New Genesis)
Beautiful Dreamer: [about Serifin] He watched a lot of Earth westerns.
Superboy: Yeah, well, there's a time to go in strong and a time to go in smart.
Vykin: It is your world, Superboy. We shall follow your lead.

(the Forever People and Superboy have come across Desaad and some Apokalips guys)
Vykin: That drill and those carts are the property of New Genesis. You will return them - now!
Superboy: Gold goes back too.
Whisper A'Daire: Interfere and things get ugly.
Bruno 'Ugly' Mannheim: I'm Ugly.

Beautiful Dreamer: Desaad
Superboy: Look, I've been remarkably patient. You know, for me. What is going on?

Beautiful Dreamer: These weapons aren't from New Genesis. They are of - the enemy.
Superboy: What enemy?
Beautiful Dreamer: The enemy. The gods of anti-life. These weapons are of Apokolips.

(Desaad and Apokolips guys have retreated)
Superboy: What was that?
Beautiful Dreamer: Infinity Man. We merged to become part of the source, and greater than the sum of our parts.
Superboy: Glad my team's not that close.
Big Bear: Lower beings tend to fear intimacy.

(Robin's counseling session with Black Canary)
Robin: Hurting? Try traumatized. I finally become leader and wind up sending all my friends to their deaths. I-I know I did what I had to do, but I hated it. When we first started this team, I was desperate to be in charge. Not anymore. And-and that's not even the worst of it... You can't tell Batman.
Black Canary: Nothing leaves this room.
Robin: I always wanted - expected - to-to grow up and-and become him. And the hero bit, I'm still all in. But that thing inside of him, that thing that drives him to sacrifice everything for the sake of his mission, that's not me. I don't want to be the Batman... anymore.

Desaad: [handing a box to Ugly] Now mortal deliver the father box.
[Ugly tosses the father box to the Infinity Man]
Superboy: That can't be good.
Desaad: Kill the boy and his little dog too.

[Miss Martian's counseling session Black Canary]
M'gann M'orzz: It was all my fault. Hello M'Gann. Who else could take a simple exercise and turn it into a nightmare that terrorizes everyone she cares about?
Black Canary: You've turned white.
M'gann M'orzz: [gasps] NO!... Oh, you meant Caucasian. Yeah, I'm fine being Megan, but I can't be trusted to use my other powers.
Black Canary: M'gann, you're a Martian. Not using your natural abilities is like me refusing to speak. Which, by the way, I tried for a while after my very first Canary Cry. Nearly deafened my entire First Grade class. So I get how you feel. But not being yourself is never the answer. And it won't make your feelings of guilt go away. Learn from what happened. You uncle would be happy to train you. Practice until you have more control, and regain your confidence.

Serifan: [about Sphere] Why should we leave her with you? To us she lives. To you, she's merely technology.
Big Bear: Then what is it like?
Superboy: We bonded, okay?
Vykin: ...In fact, it is. You may keep her.
Superboy: Cool! Wait. Sphere's a she?!

(after helping Forever People defeat Desaad, Superboy is finally having his counseling session with Black Canary)
Conner Kent: Here's the ugly truth. I wasn't devastated. Even when Superman, Tornado, you: the whole League dead. Even though I didn't save Wolf, watched Artemis and Kaldur die. Abandoned M'gann. I felt - at peace. You see from the moment I first opened my eyes in that Cadmus pod, There's been one more thing that I've wanted and feared. To know what is to be Superman. And I know. So I was - I was happy. Everyone I care about dead or traumatized, and I'm happy. How do I get past the guilt of that? How do I live with myself?
Black Canary: I don't have any easy answers Conner. But one thing's clear, admitting it is the first step.


Detective: Great. Look the NYPD will do its best, but the thief is obviously long gone.
[emerging from the shadows]
Harm: Let's not rush to judgement. Mediocrity such as this never far from Harm.
[Harm draws the sword of Beowulf]
Curator: But the legend. Only the pure of heart should be able to summon that power.
Harm: The legend said the heart must be pure. It never said "pure good."

Zatanna Zatara: [quietly to Artemis] So how long have Conner and M'Gann been a couple?
Artemis Crock: [chuckles slightly] Couple? No. They're not a--
[M'Gann giggles as she helps Conner with his Halloween costume]
M'gann M'orzz: Would you please stop fidgetting?
Connor Kent: You are so making this up to me later.

Zatanna Zatara: Oh, look. Zombie Captain Marvel. That's hilarious. Heh. Is the Justice League having a party? 'Cause my dad didn't mention it.
Captain Marvel: No, no, no, no. See, I... fine. I'm going trick-or-treating. And I'm not sharing my candy.

(Connor, Wally and Megan have arrived at the Happy Harbor High School Halloween dance)
Mal Duncan: Burn victim?
Connor Kent: Mummy. You?
Mal Duncan: Superman. Done right.
Connor Kent: Yeah. Good luck with that.

Red Arrow: I'm not convinced. Sure you two, and Kid Flash are above suspicion. But I know Artemis isn't shooting straight. For starters, she's not Green Arrow's niece.
Aqualad: What?
Robin: Well, yeah. In fact, she's related to...
Batman: Enough. Artemis's relations may indeed make her suspect. But she's entitled to a secret identity. I'm more concerned about Superboy. We still know very little about what Cadmus programmed into their weapon. Conner could be the mole, and not know it.

[Artemis takes down some criminals]
Zatanna: There were easier ways to take them.
Artemis: They had it coming! No harm done.
[their bike suddenly explode in front of them]
Harm: No indeed. Harm is not done. Much Harm left to do.

Harm: Their ridiculous garb and rudimentary skills indicate instruction from Green Arrow and Zatara. Harm will study these two to learn methods for killing their mentors.
Zatanna: Oh you did not just threaten my dad!

Harm: Both must do better, or suffer Harm.
Artemis: We get it! Your name is 'Harm.'

Zatanna: Thanks for the assist, but - who are you?
Secret: Secret.
Artemis: That won't cut it. We need answers. Do you know Harm? Does he have any weaknesses?
Secret: Secret.

[as Harm is fighting Artemis]
Harm: So unfocused. It struggles with inner demons and can't fight Harm while fighting itself. Harm doesn't fight his demons. Harm embraces them.

Artemis: Can Harm please shut up now?!

[Marvin has attempted to punk the Halloween dance into believing that Martians are invading, but Megan, Connor, and Wally caught on and punked him instead]
Wendy Harris: Marvin chill. We got the memo.
Marvin White: No before it was all a prank I pulled. Now it's definitely real! The Martians just killed two guys.
[Megan, Conner and Wally enter]
Megan Morse: Which two guys?
Marvin White: [pointing to Conner and Wally] Those two guys... Wait- I uh... Oh.

[Artemis has her crossbow aimed at Secret]
Zatanna: Wait.
Artemis: Zatanna, she's his partner!
Zatanna: Then why did she help me?
Artemis: Don't know. Secret.

(Artemis shoots an arrow at harm, who catches it, and Artemis runs. Harm sees the stove leak gas, and the arrow bursts into flames)

Harm: Oh, that little... (Explosion)

[reading a grave marker in Harm's backyard]
Zatanna Zatara: Greta Hayes. Beloved sister.
[Secret rises from the grave. Zatanna gasps]
Zatanna: This... this is your grave. This is your secret! This is you!
Artemis: A ghost? An actual ghost!

Harm: Ah, it casts another illusion spell.
Zatanna: Except I didn't speak. Harm knows it can't cast a spell without speaking.
[Harm gasps realizing who the ghost is]
Artemis: You asked how we found this place. Face it, Harm. Your secret's out!
Harm: No! Harm's heart is pure. Harm's not sorry.
[Secret reaches into Harm's chest and pulls out his power]
Harm: I'm not!

Artemis: I still can't believe anyone could do that to his own sister. If my...
Zatanna: Your what? Artemis, talk to me. Secrets don't stay buried obviously. It's better to bring them into the light.
[noticing a sign across the street]
Artemis: Zatanna look. Must be the last thing Greta ever saw.

Secret: Secret!


Zatanna Zatara: Zatara is so overprotective. I mean, just getting him to let me visit takes a full day's wheedling. I wish he'd just give me a little space.

Zatanna: Robin, I'm just not on Zatara's level.
Robin: I know it's hard, but try to stay whelmed. We'll find your dad, Batman, all of them. It's what we do.

Artemis Crock: Did you call home?
Wally West: No answer.
Artemis Crock: You could Zeta there.
Wally West: I've been collecting kids all day. I don't need to see another empty house.

Billy Batson: Wait, are you telling me you turn 18 at midnight?
(Amber disappears)
Billy Batson: I'll take that as a yes.

Billy Batson: Captain Marvel may have the courage of Achilles, but Billy Batson...has the courage of Billy Batson. Shazam!

Miss Martian: He's Captain Marvel!
Kid Flash: Yeah, and I'm "Speedy Gonzales." Look, just because he believes he's Cap-
Billy Batson: Gee, Wally. Do I really have to bring you nachos and pineapple juice to get on your good side?

Klarion the Witch Boy: So, you teamed up with the grown-ups. Teamwork is so overrated.

Klarion the Witch Boy: (After seeing the Helmet of Fate repeatedly lose it grip on Zatanna.) HA! There, see? When the worlds divided, the Helmet's split too! You're not all here Nabu! And you're losing your hold on that poor, soon to be dead girl! (Chuckles evilly) She gave herself up for nothing.
Dr. Fate: No, Witchboy! Fate decrees her sacrifice will not be in vain! (Blasts Klarion)

Aqualad: Attention, children and teenagers of earth. I am Aqualad. These are my friends, Robin and Kid Flash.
Robin: We are using Justice League tech to cast and stream to every TV, radio, smartphone, and computer on the planet.
Kid Flash: We know you must be scared, and angry. We know that with your parents gone, there's a temptation to run wild, but please, stay calm.
Aqualad: We will find a way to bring the adults back. But for now, the oldest among you must step up.
Robin: Take care of your younger siblings. Take care of kids who have no one.
Kid Flash: Protect them.
Aqualad: It is up to you.

Kid Flash: Listen, when Fate possessed my body, he defeated Klarion by attacking the cat.
Artemis: Good, not the big cat fan anyway.

Klarion the Witch Boy: Boy, they sure don't make evil immortal sorcerers like they used to. Oh, well. Fun while it lasted.

Zatara: Fate! Great Nabu, release my daughter.
Dr. Fate: No. Witness the havoc wrought in these hours. The world needs Doctor Fate and the girl's natural affinity for the mystic arts makes her the perfect candidate.
Artemis: You can't do that!
Robin: She has her own life to live!
Kid Flash: Kent would never allow you to...
Dr. Fate: Kent Nelson did object, strenuously. So I released his spirit to the afterlife. He is gone.
Zatara: Take me instead. My powers are already at their peak. My body is physically stronger, better able to withstand the strain of your power.
Dr. Fate: All true, but if I remove the helmet, what guarantee have I that you will don it?
Zatara: My word.

(Zatara's last words to Zatanna)
Zatara: Remember, I love you.

Klarion the Witch Boy: See ya later, armadillos, unless I see you first.

Klarion the Witch Boy: Ha ha ha! Happy?
The Brain: Oui, mon ami. Your distraction, though a bit extreme, was tres effective. Amid your trade-marked chaos, no-one will notice the absence of our prize. And in time, we will bring it into the Light.


Mary West: Happy birthday, Wally.
Wally West: Oh, my favorite breakfast--heaping piles of everything. Thanks, Mom.
Rudy West: You know, if you ever come up for air, I can take you to the DMV to get your driver's license after school. This weather'll be a good proving ground.
Wally West: Um-hm. Not really in a big rush to drive, Dad. 'Cause you know, I'm me.
Rudy West: You certainly are.
Wally West: Plus the team's throwing me a big surprise party this afternoon at the cave.
Rudy West: In school today, ask your teacher the definition of "surprise."

M'gann M'orzz: We made two cakes.
Wally West: Awesome. What'll you guys eat?
M'gann M'orzz: We'll split the cupcake.

Robin: You settling in here okay?
Zatanna Zatara: Oh, yeah. Just like home.
Robin: I know this is all very new and intimidating. But I promise you... someday you'll get used to watching Wally eat.

Kid Flash: Who is this girl?!
Batman: Does it matter?

Kid Flash: (To highway patrol) Go, get out of here. I'll handle Vandal.
Vandal Savage: You'll handle me? (Lifts Kid Flash by his head) Little hero, do you really think you have what it takes to survive Vandal Savage?

Count Vertigo: It's called "regicide."
Kid Flash: It's're busted, jerk-face!

Count Vertigo: Well played, children. Admittedly, well-played. This round goes to you. And please, by all means, allow the victory to go to your heads.


Batman: Harjavti has been praised as a fair, wise leader. A humanitarian.
Kid Flash: Sure, any friend of Bruce Wayne's...

Marie Logan: Where's my son?
Robin: I ordered him to stay inside.
Marie Logan: He's 8. He doesn't do orders.

Psimon: Tsk, tsk. Am I the only one to learn anything from our previous encounter? You didn't think that, maybe, if you could sense me I could sense you too? Or that this time, I'd be ready to use your greatest fear against you? Psimon says: Show me who, or rather what, you really are.
Miss Martian: No, no, no! This is who I am! (Changes into her white martian form)

Psimon: Psimon says, smartly done. Brain blasting your own team. i had no idea you'd go to such lengths to hide your true self from your good friends. Well, actually I did. But you needn't have bothered. It's being recorded for posterity

(During their telepathic battle)

Psimon: Off our game, are we? Let's dig a little deeper, find out what you're really afraid of, hmm? (Miss Martian sees the Team in horror)
Kid Flash: Get back!
Psimon: Well, of course. Friends and teammates shrink from you in fear. (Giant versions of Batman, Black Canary, and Red Tornado appear)
Black Canary: You should've told us the truth.
Batman: I don't see how we can trust you anymore. (All three leave)
Psimon: Then you're kicked off the pep squad. (A giant version of Martian Manhunter's head appears)
Martian Manhunter: I am sorry M'gann, but there is no place for you on Earth anymore. (A desert landscape is shown)
Psimon: Oh, and banished to Mars, too? Yet even that's not the worst, is it? (The Mars landscape is blown away to reveal Superboy)
Miss Martian: No, please, stop.
Superboy: Love you? I can't even LOOK at you. (Superboy leaves, Miss Martian falls to her knees, and Psimon appears)
Psimon: Oh, what you wouldn't do to prevent that now, right?
Miss Martian: That's right. (The entire floor shakes and brightens)
Psimon: Now, now, my pretty, I know you do want to do anything you'll regret.
Miss Martian: You don't know me at all! (She shoots a beam at Psimon and enlarges it, erasing his consciousness)

Kid Flash: Gee, Bruce Wayne got here fast, almost like he knew...
Robin: [elbows him to shut him up] Don't you have a souvenir to collect or something?
Kid Flash: Hello Megan!

Queen Bee: Now, your performance. a bit over the top, I think. But, then, you haven't practiced me the way you've perfected the role of M'gann. (Miss Martian looks terrified) That's right, poor Psimon's not the only one who knows your true form. and if you don't cooperate, I'll make sure everyone knows what you really are.



(Aboard the Watchtower)

Wonder Woman: Times like these, one feels the very weight of the world upon us.
Aquaman: Everyone is here. (The League gathers in a large room) Our agenda is clear. What's at stake should not be underestimated.
Superman: The Decisions we make today will reverberate for years to come.
Wonder Woman: And influence whether or not the world continues to put their trust in the Justice League.
Batman: Please, take your seats. We have work to do.

Martian Manhunter: Another expansion of the League could generate another escalation of hostilities from our enemies. No-one needs, or wants, another Injustice League.
Superman: Point taken, but the option remains to vote no on all candidates, so I nominate Icon for League membership.
Green Arrow: Why? 'Cause you suspect Icon might be Kryptonian like you did with Captain Marvel?
Captain Marvel: You thought I was Kryptonian? Cool!
Wonder Woman: Icon interests me also, as does his protege, Rocket. Athena knows the League could use more Female members.
Black Canary: Agreed.
Hawkwoman: Here here!

(Awkward silence)

[Superboy and Wolf hear an ultrasonic message]
Lex Luthor: With Superman off-world, only one thing alive with less than four legs can hear this frequency, Superboy, and that's you. Meet me in Washington, DC. East Potomac Park. Come alone. I promise, it'll be worth the trip.
[Superboy gets up to leave with Wolf]
M'gann M'orzz: Conner?
Conner Kent: [with a dull affect] Figured you don't want my help in the kitchen. Remember the last time?
M'gann M'orzz: Uh, yeah. But...
Conner Kent: Just walking Wolf. No big.

Captain Marvel: Seriously, the Atom? How useful could he be at that size?
Batman: It's the size that makes him useful.
Flash: Absolutely. Still, we could always use more raw power, and Earth has a third Green Lantern, Guy Gardener.
Hal Jordan and John Stewart: No.
Flash: But we could really...
Hal Jordan and John Stewart: NO!

Green Arrow: If we're considering Blue Devil, then I nominate Red Arrow. Roy has more experience, and he's no kid anymore, he's 18. A legal adult. He's ready.
Aquaman: Is he? Red Arrow has been uncooperative and disrespectful. If we reward that kind of behavior, what message does that send to the rest of the team?

Wonder Woman: I shouldn't be surprised, since you indoctrinated Robin into crime fighting at the ripe old age of 9.
Batman: Robin needed to help bring the men who murdered his family to justice.
Wonder Woman: So he could turn out like you?
Batman: (beat) So that he wouldn't.

Superman: No. Red Arrow may be 18, but the rest of the team is too young. We're not inducting children into the League. (Captain Marvel fidgets with his collar)
Doctor Fate: That seems myopic. I have been one with Kid Flash and Aqualad. Both are ready.
Wonder Woman: And what of Zatanna?
Wonder Woman: That sounded almost protective, Doctor. At least we still know Zatara's still in that helmet somewhere.
Captain Marvel: Why is Doctor Fate a member? You coerced Zatara into giving up his life to you, or lose his only daughter instead. Not cool.
Red Tornado: Should such behavior be condoned?
Doctor Fate: Zatara desires Doctor Fate to remain in the League.
Green Arrow: Oh, please.
Doctor Fate: It is true. Zatara's trust in Nabu is...measured. He desires the League to maintain a close watch upon us.

Dubbilex: Are we free to walk on the surface as you do? Or has our role merely changed from weapons to menial labor?


Bernell Jones: Please. Please, not in front of my daughter.
Black Spider: Nah, I'm sorry. You know how it is...I'm on a deadline...and so are you.

Black Spider: I got nothing against you archers. I don't suppose you'll let me finish off Jones and go about my web-slinging way?

Artemis: Did you see the look on his face? Oh, okay, he was wearing a mask. But did you see the look on his mask?

Professor Ivo: But I won't stay where I'm not wanted.
Klarion the Witch Boy: Don't get pouty. I invented pouty.

Cheshire: Hey, sis. Long time no reveal who you really are to all your friends...

Cheshire: Why, Arrow. If you wanted another date, you only had to ask.
Artemis: You two are dating?!?
Red Arrow: What? No!

Zatanna: No offense guys, but even my boredom is bored.

Kid Flash: Uh, this could wind up being one of those things that sounds better in my head than out loud, but, you are a real archer. No, I mean, I'm jazzed about Red Arrow! Uh, we go way back, ya know? But you, you've made your own place on the team. You have nothing to prove. Not to me, okay?
Artemis: Okay. And, Wally? It sounded fine out loud.

Kid Flash: Aqualad and I found the tracer on a caboose. And I don't mean Cheshire's.

Sportsmaster: Shh. We wouldn't want to upset your mother.
Artemis: What are you doing here?
Sportsmaster: Just curious to hear how your little team took their defeat. Blamed you, didn't they? Will they keep you around now that Red Arrow's joined up? And what if they learn the truth about the family ties you've worked so hard to hide? Would they ever trust you again?
Artemis: Thanks for the pep-talk, dad. We should have these family reunions more often.
Sportsmaster: You tried, baby girl. You can fight Jade, you can fight me, but you can't fight who you are. time to switch sides, Artemis. You'll never be one of them. You belong with us.


Robin: Don't blow our cover!
Superboy: But saving your life's okay?

Miss Martian: I feel so silly. Who knew a Martian could be vulnerable to a human virus?
Robin: Uh... H.G. Wells?

Dick Grayson: I left you behind because you know my back story. I didn't want my best pal questioning my objectivity.
Wally West: Dude, that's what a best pal's for.

Parasite: I have been a bit of a glutton today. Chowed down on the skills of nearly every loser in this troop. But, oh my, the peati resistance was Dawn Danger, or whatever her real name is. Thought I'd munch on her trapeze skills. Imagine my surprise when she tasted like Marian Manhunter instead. She mad a lovely appetizer, but guess who I want for my entree? (Telekinetically grabs Superboy) Mmm. Now that's the full bodied Kryptonian flavor I love!

Parasite: You know, I almost never say this, but I'm sated. Hate to eat and run.

Parasite: Sorry. No hitchhikers.

Miss Martian: What have you got against Geneva, anyway?
Parasite: Never liked the food. But the menu keeps improving.
Miss Martian: I'm just the appetizer, remember?

Usual Suspects

Superman: The Justice League was formed for two reasons - first, as an acknowledgment that no single individual, no matter how powerful, can solve the world's problems alone. And second, to uphold the values of truth, liberty, and justice. That, uh, last one's even in the name.

Kid Flash: I'm glad they didn't kick Billy out. And I love the fact that there's a 10-year-old on the League.
Rocket: There is?
Kid Flash: (Robin elbows him) Owww.
Robin: Way to keep a secret, genius.

Rocket: But what's so important about that case?
Robin: Remember the Injustice League?
Rocket: And their evil giant plants? Uh, yeah.

Superboy: Where are the bodies?
Cheshire: Here's one. And it is stunning.

Riddler: I am flora, not fauna. I am foliage, not trees. What am I? Ooh come on, you can get this. I am shrubbery, not grass. What am I? I...
Robin: Ambush.

Cheshire: Okay, fine, we're sisters. I don't actually want you dead.

Zatanna: Tekcajtiarts! (Straitjacket!)
Riddler: Ah! No! No! I am NOT the straitjacket type! I am strictly Belle Reve, not Arkham!
Zatanna: Gag mih!(Gag him!)

Batman: Tell me if this sounds familiar. You hacked league systems, disobeyed protocol, and endangered your lives. And your initiative resulted in the capture of three escaped felons, proving Warden Strange runs Belle Reve as a cover for criminal activity. Well done.

Superboy: I've been using these. Shields. They suppress my human DNA. I get the flight, the heat vision. But I think I also get angry. Well, angrier.

(After hearing Superboy and Artemis reveal their secrets)
Kid Flash: So, who's next?
Miss Martian: I am.
Kid Flash: I swear, I was kidding!

Lex Luthor: Young man, if you expect to detain me, please contact my attorney.

[Zatanna makes a bunch of Robin clones-Etaerc nibor snoissuli!]
Robin # 1: Gotta love...
Robin # 2: An army...
Robin # 3: Of me!

Robin: Hey, disaster averted. Feeling the aster.

(The entire league has fallen to mind-control)
Batman: Override. Batman: 0-2.
Computer: Recognized. Access granted. Vandal Savage: A-04.
(The entire league bows, except Red Arrow, who looks around)
Red Arrow: I...I was the mole?
Vandal Savage: Yes. Yes you were.

Auld Acquaintance

Rocket: So Tornado built this party?
Zatanna: Not how he'd put it, but yeah, more or less.

Black Canary: What are you doing to Red?!
Kid Flash: It's not how it looks.
Black Canary:It looks like you're downloading his consciousness into a new body.
Kid Flash: Okay, it's pretty much exactly how it looks.

Vandal Savage: 50,000 years of life, and nothing ever troubled me as much as the founding of the Justice League. Dedicated to maintaining society's calcified status quo, the League would "protect" mankind from disaster, crime, tragedy of any kind. Had you never heard of "survival of the fittest"? In essence, you "heroes" sought to protect humanity from its own glorious evolution. As such, you forced my more enlightened colleagues and myself to organize a response. We created a co-optive network of operatives. Placed key individuals in key locations. Made certain we were on the cutting edge of all new technologies: Genetic engineering, biochemical engineering, robotics, nano-robotics, even tech-no-sorcery. Not to mention every conceivable method of mind control. Cold hard science, and a little misdirection, and now you champions of stagnation have become our agents of change. Forcing the human race to evolve on a more advanced schedule. Allowing the Earth to take it's rightful place in the center of the cosmos.

Superboy: Ugh...Kryptonite hurts.
Robin: That's why Batman keeps it in an overwhelmingly impenetrable vault in the Batcave...Well, more like a whelmingly penetrable vault.

Aqualad: Something else is wrong.
Robin: The entire League was under Savage's spell for just over a day. (Images are shown of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkwoman) We've accounted for most of that time, but these six went missing for a full 16 hours we can't account for.
Batman: 16 hours? What did we do?

Season 2: Invasion


The second season takes place five years after the event of "Auld Acquaintance"

Happy New Year

Superboy: I'm hitting the showers.
Blue Beetle: Now that sounds like a plan, you know, for you, hermano!

Secretary-General Tseng: Please, I don't understand you. I don't know what you want.
Computer: Translating: Interlac.
Lobo: So that's how you want to play it? Fine. Contract calls for the main man to put on a show for the locals. So one more time: Surrender or die.
Tseng: Contract? Show?!
Lobo: Die it is, then.

Wonder Girl: Hold it, clownface! We weren't done dancing!
Lobo: Keesy fem!
Wonder Girl: Yeah, yeah, "keesy fem." I've been called worse...I think?

(Wonder Girl and Batgirl are defeated by Lobo)

Lobo: (To Tseng) Time to die, Krolo. (Rips Tseng in half revealing a alien inside a robot)

G. Gordon Godfrey: What's the League hiding? We know it's providing safe haven for a Kryptonian, a Martian. But what if that's not all? What if the Amazons came from outer space? Or the Atlanteans? How do we really know Flash isn't an alien? Or Hawkman? Or Icon? What are they keeping, from the real Earthlings like us?

John Stewart: Big guy's Lobo. He's an intergalactic bounty hunter. Big, scary, but not likely to return. The little guy's another story. That's a Krolotean. And Kroloteans always travel in packs.
Batman: Meaning more of them are on Earth.

(The team and League is being deployed to defeat the Kroloteans)

Nightwing: Robin, Beetle, La'gaan, you're Gamma squad. Prep the bio-ship. You're headed to New Orleans.
Lagoon Boy: Gamma always gets the soft gigs.

Nightwing: Tim. You'll be running Gamma.
Robin: Me? Dick, I've never led a squad before.
Nightwing: Making this a good opportunity to get your feet wet as a field leader.
Robin: Because it's Gamma and you're not expecting trouble? Or because we're stretched thin and you have no choice?
Nightwing: Just don't die, okay. And no unnecessary risks to the squad. That's an order.

(Gamma arrives at their target)

Lagoon Boy: A tool shed? Barely enough room for one Zeta-tube in there. I KNEW we'd get the soft gig.
Blue Beetle: And yet, I'm strangely okay with that. (To his Scarab, softly) Yes I am. (Slightly louder) Yes I am. (Yelling) YES, I AM!

Lagoon Boy: Congratulations, Blue. You took out an actual toolshed.

(Robin, Blue Beetle, and Lagoon boy are ambushed by a hundred Kroloteans)

Blue Beetle: (To Lagoon Boy) "Soft gig", huh?

Blue Beetle: Three minutes thirty, ese! Then, boom!

(Gamma has found the Krolotean hostages)

Hostage 1: More aliens!
Hostage 2: Keep them away!
Blue Beetle: Hey, we're not aliens! (Looks at the Krolotean they captured) O-okay. W-well, he is, but we're not!

Robin: Ask him the fastest way out.
Blue Beetle: Dude, I don't speak the - (to himself) wait, you can? Well what are you waiting for?!
Lagoon Boy: Blue's an odd little fish, isn't he?

Lagoon Boy: That's right, Gamma Squad rules!

Nightwing: Dude! Way to get your feet wet!


Beast Boy: Whoa. I am totally walking on an alien planet. Wow, sis, you must say that, like, everyday on Earth.
Miss Martian: Actually, I kind of do. (ruffles his hair)
Beast Boy: Wait, we can breathe the air here, right? (clutches throat)

Adam Strange: I'm still figuring out the language. This is usually when we start playing Charades.

Adam Strange: Beware the Jabberwocky, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun the frumious Bandersnatch!...No time to say hello. Good-bye. I'm late, I'm late! And down the Rabbit hole I go!

Alanna: (after Adam Strange recites Lewis Carroll) Jabberwock? Bandersnatch?
Beast Boy: Well, his last name is "Strange."

Beast Boy: (telepathically) Hey sis, remember that time you and Superbly visited me in Qurac? He picked flowers that were really poison sumac.
Miss Martian: (telepathically) That was a long time ago, Gar.

Beast Boy: Way to lead a mission accomplished...up high sis
Beast Boy: (Being held after Miss Martian suddenly materializes behind him) Owaahh What's that for?
Miss Martian: (Laughs) Nothing...Family provocative.

Superboy: It's complicated. And weird.
Alanna: Hey, I have a crush on an alien from another planet. Who am I to judge?

Beast Boy: (on the dangers of carnivorous trees) No can give me another blood transfusion...wonder what power I'd get this time?
Miss Martian: The power to listen to your adoptive sister maybe?.
Beast Boy: Sorry...didn't hear that

Miss Martian: (telepathically consoling Beast Boy) Oh Gar...I'm so sorry I should've been there...done something...but it's not your couldn't have stopped Queen Bee. I miss your mom too but we have too keep's not safe here...please!

Beast Boy: They still trying to capture us, or is it just a bitter revenge thing now?
Superboy: Either way, we discourage them. Game?
Beast Boy: Me? I'm big game.

Superboy: Kid, you may just change my mind about monkeys yet!


Aquaman: Nice aim.
Superman: X-ray vision. I cheat.

Wonder Girl: That was amazing! You just--you just poosh and then--and then--bang...
Wonder Woman: A little less "fangirl," a little more "Wonder Girl."
Wonder Girl: Right, sorry.

Manta: Manta to Partner: The base has been infiltrated. Abort operation!
Partner: Partner to Manta: The device is already primed. You have fives minutes. Get your men out. The bomb will take care of the rest.
Manta: Perfect.

Aquaman: [Kaldur'ahm is exposed as a traitor] I had not believed Nightwing until this moment.
Kaldur'ahm: You did not want to believe!
Superboy: None of us wanted to believe this! How could you betray us?
Kaldur'ahm: You dare question me? After all of you let Tula die!
Nightwing: Kaldur, that was a mission! Aquagirl knew the risks, no one wanted...
Lagoon Boy: Neptune's beard! Don't coddle this traitor! He has joined forces with our king's greatest enemy!
Kaldur'ahm: Do you mean the king who hid from me the true identity of my father?
Aquaman: That was my error of judgement, Kaldur'ahm. No one else need suffer for it.
Kaldur'ahm: All will suffer if Black Manta demands it. Blood is thicker than seawater.

Superboy: How long will you be gone?
Superman: However long it takes, Kon-El. But we will be back, little brother.


Blue Beetle: (Fighting a giant of wood, metal, stone, and crystal) What is that thing?
Scarab: Appellaxian Golem.
Blue Beetle: You know, I'm bilingual, and I still have no idea what you just said.
Scarab: Irrelevant. Attack!
Blue Beetle: Okay, that I get.

Blue Beetle: How are the ears?
Superboy: Fine! Oh, ugh, fine. But what were you thinking using sonics against an Appellaxian?
Blue Beetle: Dude. Never even heard of an Apple-laxative before tonight...
Superboy: You freshman never do the homework. Haven't you read the case file on the League's first mission? Haven't you taken the guided tour of the Hall?
Blue Beetle: Those are rhetorical questions, right?
Superboy: The Appellaxians were an alien race of energy beings that attacked Earth twelve years ago. They inhabited elemental host bodies, including one made of crystal that could ABSORB AND REDIRECT A SONIC ATTACK!
Blue Beetle: Oh. So, what were they doing inside the Hall?
Superboy: The original seven members of the League drove the energy beings off-world. The empty husks the aliens left behind became the League's first trophies.

Partner: Mixing an Appellaxian husk with the potential for nuclear meltdown could be a recipe or disaster--or hilarity. I haven't decided.

Scarab: That tactic would be more effective if you fired through bone.
Blue Beetle: Ugh. No!
Superboy: Blue, let's go. Fight your inner demons later.
Blue Beetle: Demon. Singular. One's enough, believe me.

Nightwing: You're our friend. Just because you're a clone with anger issues doesn't change that.
Wally West: Seriously. Have you met Superboy?

Sportsmaster: Why blow up Gruesome? Seems like a wasted resource.
Partner: A resource falling into enemy hands is a resource best disposed of.
Sportsmaster: Partner, I like the way you think.

Blue Beetle: It was alive. And now it's gone. Who attacked? Who killed it?
Superboy: Something ugly.

Wally West: Hey, it's after midnight. Happy Valentine's Day, Artemis.
Artemis Crock: You remembered.
Wally West: Come on! What kind of jerk would I be if I forgot Valentine's Day?...For the fifth year in a row?
Artemis Crock: Well, I remembered, too. I got you your favorite food. Everything.
Wally West: Babe, you rock.


Nightwing: But Bialya's dictator, Queen Bee is another story. Her ability to control the minds of men is why Alpha is an all female squad for this mission.
Batgirl: Oh really?! And would you have felt the need to justify an all male squad for a given mission?
Nightwing: (Coughs) Uhh...there, there's no right answer for that, uh, is there? So...Nightwing out.
Batgirl: Queen Bee isn't the only woman who can mess with a man's mind.

Holling Longshadow: You search for answers, but the answers you seek will find you. Only then you will make peace with the one inside you.
Scarab: He knows too much! Eliminate him!
Jaime Reyes: Uh, thank you, Mr. Longshadow. Enjoy your, uh, water

Devastation: Who the heck are you? Wonder Baby? Wonder Brat? The Blonde Wonder?
Icicle Jr.: Devastation, what's going on? Who is that?
Devastation: She's less than forthcoming on that point, Junior. But, I'm betting she's not here alone.

Psimon: Shimmer, what're you... (realizing who it is) Martian!
Miss Martian: (Telepathically) Hello Psimon. Ready for a re-match?

Wonder Girl: Bee, you're alive!
Bumblebee: Was that really in doubt?

Devastation: Do you really think you stand a chance, Blondie? i've gone toe-to-toe with the actual Wonder Woman.
Wonder Girl: Yeah, but you never trained with her.


Robin: What's a meta-gene?
Beast Boy: (nudging Robin) Never met-a-gene I didn't like!

Beast Boy: Well, I guess we found our unknown energy impulse.
Impulse: Impulse? That’s so word. Like Nightwing, and Robin, and Beast Boy. 'Cept that's two words. Blue Beetle's two words. Hey, is he here too? Never mind. "Impulse" can find that out for himself. Ha ha ha! [zooms off]

Red Arrow: I still don't buy it, Chesh. It's too easy. The good guys have been looking for the real Roy Harper for years. And suddenly you...
Cheshire: I go to places the good guys don't.

Robin: You're a tourist from the future?
Impulse: Why so surprised? Half the meat at Comic-Con are from my era.

Beast Boy: (On Impulse being The Flash's grandson) Noted...not believed...but noted.
Impulse: What's not to believe? I clearly have Flash's speed, his amazing good looks...frankly I can't wait to meet know back when he was in his prime.

Impulse: I know stuff a future boy would know: (points to Nightwing) Dick Grayson, (points to Robin) Tim Drake, (points to Beast Boy) Garfield Logan.
Beast Boy: Your name's Tim?...And yours is Dick?
Impulse: Oops...spoilers...secret identity thing is so retro.

Robin: Is it possible he might actually be telling the truth? Could he really be from the future?
Beast Boy: Tell us something we don't know yet, when do I become leader of the team? When do I join the Justice League? When do I get my own reality series?
Impulse: Sorry BB. Never was the best history student. Besides, we can't risk altering the time stream. We do that and we're all feeling the mode.
Beast Boy: And the mode...would be bad?

Impulse: Ohhh...Sounds like a door opening somewhere...aaannnddd that's my cue. (vibrates his wrists and ankles to get out of the cuffs) Bye bye (Sprints past Mal Duncan) Hi now...bye now
Beast Boy:(giving chase) Don't worry, the peregrine falcon is the world's fastest bird...he won't get away (morphs into a falcon)
Robin: Doesn't stand a chance...does he?
Nightwing: Nope. Impulse is too fast.

Barry Allen: (on the phone) What kind of...Impulse? Another speedster?...He says he's my what? (Impulse arrives)
Impulse: Yoouurr Grandson! HA! Bart Allen aka Impulse and I'm your grandson from the future...pretty crash huh?

Jay Garrick: Uh, Barry? Something you've been meaning to tell us?
Barry Allen: What? No! This kid is not my grandson from any - uh when. Heck! Iris and I don't have any kids.
Iris West-Allen: Um, Barry?
Barry Allen: What?
Iris West-Allen: I'm pregnant.
Barry Allen: What?
Iris West-Allen: I jut found out this morning. I was going to tell you tonight - [Iris glances to side towards Impulse] in private.
Impulse: (waving to Iris's stomach) Hi, dad! Hi, aunt Dawn!
Barry Allen: Wait! There are two in there?
Iris West-Allen: We're having twins!?
Impulse: Oops! Spoilers.

Impulse: (hugging Wally) You're Wally West! My first cousin once removed!
Wally West: (pulls Impulse off him) The operative word being "removed."

Flash: Be back in a flash!
Impulse: (gives a sarcastic laugh) Does he say that often?
Wally, Jay and Joan Garrick, Iris: (joint sigh...then as one) Too often!

Kid Flash: Captain, keep your men at a safe distance.
Police Captain: Protecting the city's what they pay me for, Speedy.
Impulse: (arriving with Flash) Nope, Speedy's the other guy. Though, history books were never clear on the why.

Police Captain: (on Flash and Impulse and their speeded up conversation) Are you getting any of this?
Kid Flash: Every fifth/sixth word maybe

Kid Flash: I didn't see that.
Impulse: You don't have the Allen family eyes.
Kid Flash: Don't make me hurt you.

Flash: Wait, his name's Neutron?
Impulse: Yeah, heard him shout it! You know, like bad guys do, "I'm Neutron! All of you will die!" So anyway, what's the plan?

Neutron: No. This interference will... not... stand! (his energy waves start increasing, then stop all together. The sky turns red.)
Impulse: We are so gonna feel the Mode.

Impulse: I gotta run (laughs) see what I did there with the run?

Beast Boy: (when the time machine isn't powering up) Maybe he's travelling forward one second at a time?

Red Arrow: Should I be concerned over the obvious delight our daughter takes in the ultra violence?
Cheshire: It's genetic.
Red Arrow: Great.


Artemis Crock: (to Wally) Babe, you're freaking out over nothing. What could go wrong?
(Immediate cut to Nightwing performing CPR on an unconscious Artemis later on in the day. He gives her mouth-to-mouth, before sitting up straight)
Nightwing: She's dead.

Lagoon Boy: The idea of cooking crabs is amazing enough, but making them into little cakes?
Miss Martian: You're going to choke.
Superboy: If only.

Nightwing: After leading this team for a year, I'm feeling peckish for a little action.

Miss Martian: So now we're never talking again?
Superboy: Gee, you read my mind.

Superboy: I hate monkey suits.

Nightwing: (telepathically) Lagoon Boy, stand down.
Lagoon Boy: (telepathically) Sorry, you're breaking up. (imitated radio static)
Nightwing: (telepathically) There's no static on the psychic link!

Kaldur'ahm: (Stabbing Artemis) Welcome back.

Black Manta: Congratulations, Kaldur'ahm. You had quite a day. Capturing the Atlantean, killing a former teammate, destroying the com-sat.
Kaldur'ahm: My crew did not destroy the com-sat, Father. It's rocket must have malfunctioned. Our victory was mere luck.
Black Manta: I don't believe in luck. Which is why I arranged to have a bomb with an altitude sensors smuggled onto the com-sat rocket days ago. This was your final test. To see if you would take credit for what you have not accomplished.
Kaldur'ahm: And what if I have succeeded?
Black Manta: Then another test would have awaited. For it is not in success where true character is revealed, but in failure. I'm quite proud of you, my boy. You're ready for the next level.

(Nightwing gives glamor charm to Artemis)
Wally West: Uh, dude, why are you giving bling to my dead girlfriend?
Nightwing: Glamor charm. Courtesy of Zatanna. Visio morphic spell, I think. She said it backwards.
Wally West: Wow, you look exactly the same.
Nightwing: To the four of us. And only us. But to anyone else, you're a totally different person.
Artemis Crock: The more impressive trick is how you got something so specific from Zatanna without revealing who or what it's for.
Nightwing: We have a history.
Wally West: (nudges Nightwing) Dude.
Kaldur'ahm: It is time.
(Wally kisses Artemis)
Artemis Crock: What could go wrong?
Wally West: Don't say that.
(Kaldur and Artemis as Tigress walk onto Black Manta's ship)
Nightwing: They're in. We're through the hard part.
Wally West: Who are you kidding? It only gets more dangerous from here.


Roy Harper: So let me get this straight. While I was on ice, you found another Roy Harper, the sidekicks formed their own team, aliens invaded the Earth, and Ollie grew that dopey goatee?
Roy Harper (Clone): We try not to call ourselves sidekicks.
Oliver Queen: You don't like the goatee?
Roy Harper: So missing the point!

Roy Harper (Clone): Lex Luthor and the Light, this criminal organization he works with, abducted you. they amputated your arm.
Roy Harper: Why? To keep me from using my bow?
Roy Harper (Clone): No, they needed an endless supply of your DNA. To perfect their human cloning process...
Roy Harper: So that's what you are. A clone.
Roy Harper (Clone): Yeah... they grew me, or rather force-grew me. In a matter of months, I looked your age. They programmed me with all your memories and skills... and worse.
Oliver Queen: Then they spoon-fed me clues to your location. I thought I was doing detective's work, but in hindsight... you've been missing three months. I'd been going crazy, so when I found you- him... I didn't question the good fortune. I had no idea it wasn't the real... the original you. No idea Luthor had stored you on ice all this time.
Roy Harper: [to Red Arrow] So... what you're saying is, you took my place. You've been living my life for eight years.
Oliver Queen: And he's been tirelessly searching for you in five of those years.
Roy Harper: Huh, but not you, Ollie. You gave up on me.
Roy Harper (Clone): I don't want to be the cause of more conflict between you two. I'd understand if you'd never want to lay eyes on me again.
Roy Harper: I dunno. Seems the clone didn't do anything wrong. He didn't ask to be created, plus he found me. I can't blame him for this. [to Oliver] BUT I CAN TOTALLY BLAME YOU!
Oliver Queen: Roy, I...
Roy Harper: We were partners! Friends! How could you not know I had been replaced? How could you leave me in Luthor's hands for eight years?... And how did I not see how useless you are. Get out. GET OUT!
[Oliver sadly leaves the room]
Roy Harper: Look, uh "Roy"... I need some time to process all this.
Roy Harper (Clone): I understand.

Oliver Queen: It's a curse, isn't it. Having me for a mentor. Speedy, Red Arrow... Artemis. The three of you all poster children of the "Stay away from Green Arrow club".
Roy Harper (Clone): I may have not always shown it over the years, but I don't feel that way. Neither did Artemis. And trust me, I know Roy doesn't feel that way either. Not really. You're a good man, Ollie. So get back in there. He needs you, whether he knows it or not.

Jaime Reyes: You stole those freeze-dried Chicken Whizzies from my locker, didn't you?
Bart Allen: Hey, hey, hey, where I come from, it's not stealing, it's scavenger rights, okay? The point is, we don't have Chicken Whizzies, freeze dried or otherwise, in my era, so blame Kid Flash. He got me hooked.
Jaime Reyes: Forget I asked.

Bart Allen: [about the fallen heroes shrine] So, why is this here? I mean, it's pretty and everything, but these people are heroes. In the line of duty and all that. They should have giant statues, big crashing memorials in the Hall of Justice or something.
Jaime Reyes: Yeah, I asked that too. Captain Atom said the League don't want or need a public shrine to it's fallen. But I dunno. Seems to me they just don't wanna advertise we're not immortal. The handful of regular people who've seen me in action think I'm this guy in a new costume [points at a shrine of Ted Kord] The world will never know of Ted Kord's sacrifice.
Bart Allen: But you know. And you're carrying on the grand Blue Beetle heroic tradition, right?
Jaime Reyes: I wish. It's such a total rip. Superboy has Superman, Wonder Girl has Wonder Woman, Robin has Batman, Nightwing AND Batgirl... You've been in this era, like what? Five minutes? And already you have three Flash mentors. One who feeds you junk food. But me... I never even got the chance to meet the guy who should have been my mentor.
Bart Allen: Heh, I hear that. You know, WE have more in common than you think. Our love of Chicken Whizzies for example? Let me buy ya some to replace the bag I salvaged. We'll hang, it'll be totally crash.
Jaime Reyes: Uh, sure.
Bart Allen: Great!... Got any money?

Paula Crock: [At Artemis' grave] Thank you for coming, Wally. This has been the hardest two days of my life. Harder than prison, than... losing the use of my legs, and losing Jade to the life... I could not have survive this without you.
[Chesire and Sportsmaster view the grave from afar]
Jade Nguyen: We had our differences, but Artemis was my sister. And I loved her. I should have taken better care of her. [to Lawrence] Protected her from you, for starters.
Lawrence "Crusher" Crock: Yeah, well, too late for that now, little girl.
Jade Nguyen: But it's not too late to get vengeance on her killer. Aqualad is mine.
Lawrence "Crusher" Crock: As usual, Jade, you're missing the point. Artemis' death is an insult to our professional reputations. The son of Black Manta cannot kill Sportsmaster's daughter. Not without running it by me first. I can't let this stand, or everyone will think I'm a punk! You can have Aqualad. I want a reckoning with Manta.

Roy Harper: So, "new Roy" goes by Red Arrow. Wow. That's an original name.

Lex Luthor: Who knew enabling an alien invasion would take so much paperwork?

Speedy: Gotta love modern weapons tech. Easier for a one-armed man to fire a missile launcher than pull on his pants

Lex Luthor: And that, my dear, is why I spent top dollar for a customized desk.

Speedy: That's detonation cord, Luthor. The kind LexCorp sells illegally. It's the perfect revenge. I use your own tech to do to you what you did to me.
Lex Luthor: Except, we gave you anaesthesia. Your methods seem a tad more... violent.
Speedy: We reap what we sow, Luthor.
Lex Luthor: Indeed, but are you prepared for the harvest?
[Roy is surrounded by LexCorp security]
Lex Luthor: Vengeance is a sucker's game, son. And yours can only be achieved at the cost of your own life.
Speedy: You think I won't pay that cost?
Lex Luthor: Honestly? I have no idea. But I might just be dying to find out.
Otis: You want we should take him out now, Mr. Luthor?
Lex Luthor: No, Otis. I'm content to wait patiently for young Mr. Harper's decision.
Speedy: Don't mock me, Luthor! To get my revenge, I'd run any risk!
Lex Luthor: I don't believe in risk. I believe in preparation.

Lex Luthor: Quite the arsenal you brought tonight, Mr. Harper.
Speedy: You haven't seen the half of it, Luthor!
Lex Luthor: Oh, I wasn't talking about the weaponry. I myself never go armed. No, the greatest arsenal any man can bring to the party consists of the resources of his own mind. His intelligence, his strategins, his force of will. And you, my young friend, have all of those in spades.

Captain Cold: I'm completely doomed, aren't I?
Rocket: One hundred percent.

[Seeing smoke coming from the LexCorp building]
Green Arrow: No, we can't be too late. I cannot have failed him again!
Red Arrow: No wait, look!
[Points at Speedy emerging from the building, carrying a briefcase]
Speedy: Hey guys. What took you so long?
Green Arrow: You didn't...
Speedy: Kill Luthor? No. Not yet.
Red Arrow: What's in the case?
Speedy: Satisfaction. (opens the case to reveal a cyborganic arm) It's not elegant. Won't fool anyone into thinking it's actual flesh and bone, but it's more powerful versatile than the one he gave his own bodyguard. And it will literally make me a living weapon. No one's putting me on ice again. Ever.
Green Arrow: Speedy, are you sure you're all right?
Speedy: Speedy died eight years ago. But I kind of like the sound of... [smirks] Arsenal.


Impulse: Curb the attitude, get a little altitude, hermano.

Impulse: Oh, come on! I spent 1.6 seconds on that self-portrait, it was my masterpiece!

Icicle Jr.: I hear he switched sides because of some girl. Which I totally get. If, you know, it's the right girl.
Tuppence Terror: Step back, Junior. You're giving me the chills.
Icicle Jr.: But in a good way, right, babe?

Impulse: Souvenir!
Blue Beetle: Souvenirs is Beast Boy's thing, ese.
Impulse: Oh really? I thought it was Kid Flash.

Impulse: My hands! What are you made of?
Tommy Terror: Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

Nightwing: Sorry, no superpowers for your collar to turn off.

Scarab: The advantage is ours. Recommended tactic: evisceration.
Blue Beetle: Or, since they outnumber us 4 to 2, we could recommend tactic strategic retreat.

Scarab: No. We can not allow ourselves to be taken prisoner.
Blue Beetle: Not much choice, is there?
Icicle Jr.: None at all.
Scarab: Inaccurate. I have tapped the functions of this "inhibitor collar". I will disable it so that you may attack.
Blue Beetle: And risk Aqualad blowing up the cave? I don't think so.
Scarab: Then Jaime Reyes, you leave me no choice. I am taking control.

Nightwing: Aqualad! You'll regret this!
Kaldur'ahm: I believe I have outgrown the name "Aqualad" as well as anything resembling regret.

Before the Dawn

(The Reach are holding Blue Beetle hostage)
The Scientist: The Scarabs memory files are corrupted. The only recoverable data is from the last eight months. That is, since it fused with this host body. In fact I was just reviewing the point of insertion...
The Ambassador: Spare me the details. If the Scarab is Off-Mode, perform a Reboot.
The Scientist: I'd rather assess the cause of the crash, Ambassador, to make certain it can not happen again.
Black Beetle: No, Scientist. Admit it. You just enjoy playing with the meat.
The Scientist: Well, there's that too.

The Scientist: This human Beetle is a disappointment. How can he be the Reach's advanced operative on Earth if his Scarab refuses to function On-Mode?!
Black Beetle: Then Reboot.
The Scientist: Yes, that may be necessary. Of course, we'd require a new host.
Black Beetle: Finding another will not be difficult. Though removing the Scarab for Mode repair will kill this Jaime Reyes, "meat" is plentiful here.

Miss Martian: Murderer!

(The Team's infiltrated the Reach ship)
Superboy: The link's down. I'm going back in. (Gets throw back by Black Beetle)
Black Beetle: Apologies, meat, but no-one goes anywhere. (Closes the doors using electro-symbiosis)
Wonder Girl: Listen, uh... Black Beetle! You're totally outnumbered! Open those doors now, and we'll go easy on you.
Black Beetle: You will go easy on me? (Starts laughing)

Tigress: I'll take mine. You take yours. Count yourself lucky, boy.

Wonder Girl: What did you do to her?
Black Beetle: Shifted the density of the door. Wasn't quite prepared for that, was she? But don't be jealous. I can put you halfway through the door, too. Halfway...the hard way.

Black Beetle: Little brother, one way or another, I'm putting you back on mode. You are of the Reach and cannot escape it.

Beast Boy: I think she's still basking in the glow of victory. She totally nailed Equaled. You should've seen it! Well, actually it didn't look like much, but I'm sure it was very cool inside their heads!

G. Gordon Godfrey: Well, thumbs up to the Reach. Oh, I know what you're thinking: "Old G. Gordon has gotten soft on the spacemen." But don't you see? This is exactly how aliens should come to Earth. Knocking on our front door - not sneaking in the some Leaguers we know.


Mal Duncan: Nice. Perfect cover for our new digs. On the outside, I mean it's down right nasty...and it's nasty on the inside too.

L-Ron: Greetings and salutations, Earth champions! I am L-Ron. Majordomo to the great master and you are my prisoners.
Captain Marvel: This is Plastic Man's April Fool's joke, isn't it? Okay Plas, you got us.
L-Ron: No, I have you.

L-Ron: Do you Earthlings truly have no concept of honorable single combat?

L-Ron: Do not follow, Earth females! Do not interfere! It is poor sportism!

Guardian: You are going to reimburse us for damages, right?

Guardian: Come on, chatterbox, you're gonna show me something or not?

(suddenly falls onto L-Ron)
Billy Batson: Now let's try this again... Shazam
(electrocutes L-Ron as he becomes Captain Marvel)
L-Ron: [gibbering] Poor Sportism [overloads] Poor Sportism [explodes]

True Colors

(Inside a Reach/LexCorps farm)
Sharon Vance: Everyone, please, enjoy these protein rich, Reach enhanced produce.
Tim Drake: Genetically enhanced?
Sharon Vance: There's been no tampering with genes, rest assured. The Reach have ways of unlocking an organism's full potential.
(The tourists grab fruits, and the Team puts samples in bags. Bart starts eating an apple, and everyone glares at him)
Bart Allen: What? I'm maintaining cover.

Sportsmaster: If the minnow's under the size limit, I'll go fish for the whale.

Scarab: Listen to the Nightwing. His logic is flawless.

(In the restroom)
Impulse: Uhh. Can we please start the mission now?!
Robin: Yes, go. (All exit the stalls in stealth mode, except Impulse) You're in the wrong mode.
Impulse: Dude, I crash all modes.

Arsenal: Wait for it. (An explosion goes off)
Robin: You blew up the lab?! This was a covert-op! What were you thinking?!
Arsenal: That I'm not about to let Lex Luthor and his space buddies poison the world just because we don't know exactly what poison they're using. Plus, I enjoy making Lex miserable.

Black Beetle: (Impulse is throwing tomatoes at him) Now that's just a waste of good fruit.

Black Beetle: Any more tricks, meat?
Blue Beetle: Just a few. (fires)
Black Beetle: Aaaah, nothing like a warm plasma bath to calm the nerves...and clean off tomato stains.

Blue Beetle: You're just toying with us, aren't you?
Black Beetle: What gave me away?

Robin: Form up. If we go down, we go down fighting.
Impulse: I'm betting that sounded way more inspirational in your head.

Impulse: Did a quick recon. Want the options? Cornfield or cornfield?
Robin: Cornfield!

(The team's caught by Black Beetle, and suddenly, Green Beetle appears)
Impulse: How many colors do these guys come in, anyway?

Green Beetle: For decades the one you call Martian Manhunter has sent communications from your world to ours. television signals. They are quite entertaining.
Robin: All Martians love television.
Green Beetle: Indeed.

The Fix

Green Beetle: No, it is wise. As they say on your world, all cards must be off the table.
Blue Beetle: On the table. Uh--I mean--never mind, ignore me.
Green Beetle: On the table. Yes, that does make more sense.

Deathstroke: We hate to interrupt such poignant interspecies romance, but we have pressing business with the Martian.

Tigress: Deathstroke can't suspect I'm on your side, and neither can La'gann, so I need you to make this abduction look good.
(Miss Martian almost hits Tigress with a truck)
Tigress: You don't have to make it look that good!

Deathstroke: See, calling for help like that just pushes up the timetable. Now I can't savor the battle.

Deathstroke: Now, that leg doesn't look good. You know, I hate to see any poor animal suffer. You aren't on the Light's hit list. So how about a little anesthetic...for the pain?

Lagoon Boy: Ugh, Neptune's beard! Let go of me! I've got to save M'gann!
Nightwing: La'gaan, calm down. There's nothing you can do for her in your condition.
Lagoon Boy: Then what about him? Why isn't he rescuing her? I know you dumped her, but do you really hate her that much?
Superboy: You have no idea what I feel for her?
Lagoon Boy: You're right, because I would never abandon her to Kaldur and his flunkies, because that's who took her...Aqua-traitor's personal ninja pal, Tigress!
Nightwing: Enough! I'm not supposed to tell you... To tell you anyone... But Aqualad is not a traitor.
Lagoon Boy: What are you talking about? He killed Artemis!
Nightwing: No, he didn't. Aqualad has been on a deep cover mission for months, infiltrating Black Manta's troops, the Light, and the Reach. We faked Artemis' death. She's alive. In fact, Artemis is Tigress. If she kidnapped Miss Martian, there has to be a good reason.
Lagoon Boy: Why am I only hearing this now? I mourned Artemis. Neptune's beard, I tried to tear Kaldur limb from limb. You should have told me!
Superboy: No, Nightwing's our leader. We put our trust in him. I'm sure he didn't keep this from us... From all of us...without having his reasons.
Nightwing: Look, we will figure this out. Together. In the meantime, get some rest. Thanks for backing me up in there.
Superboy: You don't leave a guy a lot of options! You have no idea what your secrets have done to us.
Nightwing: What does that...
Superboy: M'gann believed Kaldur had killed Artemis. So when found him on the Reach ship, she fried his brain. That's got to be why Artemis grabbed try to save Kaldur's broken mind, but M'gann doesn't know how to do that. So Manta may just kill her and kill Tigress if she blows her cover trying to save her. And we'll have lost all 3 of them because you thought it was a bad idea to share.

Artemis: I knew I should have paid more attention in my freshman Atlantean class.


Eduardo Dorado Sr.: The Meta-Gene the Reach activated inside you must be opportunistic, taking advantage of whatever is present in the subject's system...
Eduardo Dorado Jr.: Only the subject doesn't care! I want a cure, not an explanation!

Eduardo Dorado Jr.: Well, what was your escape plan?
Virgil Hawkins: I...didn't actually have a chance to come up with a plan but...hey, Ed can teleport us out!
Eduardo Dorado Jr.: Haven't you been paying attention? I can only teleport myself and only along sight lines. Which makes escaping from a windowless, locked hallway somewhat difficult!

Red Volcano: No head. Where's Amazo's head?
Eduardo Dorado Sr.: Listen. The Justice League sent the head to another location as insurance.
Red Volcano: Then I'll take your head as compensation.

Tye Longshadow: Dude, don't drink that! It's Reach!

Red Volcano: Burning plasma. Really. You don't seem to have grasped whom you're dealing with. The name is Volcano.

Red Volcano: You'll have to do better than that, meat bag.
Blue Beetle: I'm really more of a meat box.

(traps the runaways in fists of earth)
Red Volcano: Time to sacrifice your victory and save the meat bags like a good hero.
Blue Beetle: You shouldn't stereotype!

Asami Koizumi: Tasukete kureru no
Jaime Reyes: Hai. I'll help you.
Tye Longshadow: speak Japanese?
Jaime Reyes: Scarab translates. Don't ask.


The Ambassador: (Seeing WarWorld approaching) Why would he come here? And why now? Open a sub-space channel. Attention, I am an ambassador of the Reach, and claim the Earth as property of the Reach under Guardian treaty. You are therefore breaching Reach territory. Reverse course.
Mongul: (Over speaker) Request denied. It is because the Reach is on Earth that I am here.

Captain Atom: Attention...WarWorld. This is Captain Atom of the Justice League, representing the planet Earth. We wish to open negotiations.
Mongul: But I am uninterested in negotiations. The Earth under the Reach's thumb is far too great a threat to my long-term plans. It must be destroyed. And, quite frankly, if you knew what you were in for with the Reach, you'd thank me for putting you out of your collective misery.

Mal Duncan: It's great we're finally spending a little quality time together. Karen?
Karen Beecher: Sorry, I'm a little preoccupied... with the second moon in the sky!

Blue Beetle: Beta to Watchtower: We've been spotted. The WarWorld knows we're here.
Guardian: Fine with me, I like the attention. At least a big alien death moon notices when I'm around.
Bumblebee: Was that a slam on me? In the middle of a mission?!
Guardian: Woman, when are you not in the middle of a mission?!

(Arsenal, Superboy, and Wonder Girl have found Mongul)
Arsenal: He is a big one.
Mongul: This is your attack force? I'm insulted.
Superboy: Learn to cope.

Mongul: Don't you understand? Your deaths today in the face of the Reach are a mercy. My grand laser emitter would've ended your world in a matter of minutes. Another mercy. But it seems the mercies of Mongul are not appreciated. So we will do this the hard way, and the WarWorld will unleash all it's weapons upon the Earth. You're welcome.

Batgirl: Delta to WatchTower: Bio-ship estimates that the League is neutralizing 64% of the WarWorld's missles, but that's not gonna cut it.
Aquaman: Watchtower estimates that Earth's air defenses will neutralize a further 13%
The Scientist: But a 23% saturation is enough to decimate a hemisphere, and spoil all Earth's meat.
The Ambassador: Then, to protect the Reach's investment...mobilize the fleet. (The Reach warships rise from the ocean, and several are destroyed before they reach low orbit.)
The Scientist: We have sacrificed 2/3rds of our fleet to successfully safeguard the Earth!

Guardian: Super-cycle! Guard our backs. I love a lady I can count on.
Bumblebee: All right, I get it. I'm a bad girlfriend. Now quit pouting.
Guardian: Who's poutin?!? I'm not poutin'!


Black Manta: My patience has run out, Martian. You have 24 hours. Finish curing my son or die.

Blue Beetle: I'm sorry.
Nightwing: No. Whoever did this - they'll be sorry.

Miss Martian: I realize, Cheshire, that we'll probably never be friends.
Cheshire: You can leave out the "probably."

Sportsmaster: So you and Aqualad are playing Manta and the Light for chumps. Hah! I can live with that, baby girl.

Sportsmaster: Well, that was a good father-daughter outing. We should do this more often.
Cheshire: Don't push it, Dad.

Deathstroke: Leaving so soon? And without a goodbye?
Cheshire: Goodbye.

Sportsmaster: You're a chump, Slade. The Light betrayed me, they'll betray you too.
Deathstroke: Not if I take a seat at their table.

The Hunt

(The Runaways have infiltrated the WarWorld and are taking down a squad of Reach soldiers when Tye activates LongShadow)
Virgil Hawkins: Hoo hoo. Now you've gone and woke up the big man.

(The Runaways locate the Team)
Virgil Hawkins: Looks like they're frozen.
Black Beetle: They're in stasis. And you will join them soon enough.
Virgil Hawkins: Guys, I saw this creep take down all of these guys back on the Reach ship.
Black Beetle: Please, don't let that stop you from attacking. I could use the exercise. (LongShadow attacks, but Black Beetle deactivates him with his sonic cannon)
Eduardo Dorado Jr.: Please tell me he did not just take out our big gun in three seconds flat.
Virgil Hawkins: Skatter! (Eduardo teleports, but Virgil and Asami are taken down almost immediately)
Black Beetle: So much for exercise.

Eduardo Dorado Jr.: Gracias amigo. Umm, who are you?
Arsenal: The guy who'll save your butts if you listen carefully.

The Ambassador: So you see, G. Gordon. the Reach is all about intergalactic brotherhood.
G. Gordon Godfrey: A lovely sentiment. So, please explain to the good folks at home how it squares with the lies you told us, and the fleet of warships you hid beneath our oceans.

G. Gordon Godfrey: How many more lies are you hiding beneath our seas? And how much more propaganda will you ask the human race to swallow and wash down with a nice cold Reach?!

(Arsenal is trying to open a stasis-pod while the Runaways battle Black Beetle)
Eduardo Dorado Jr.: We're throwing everything we've got at this desperado, and barely holding our own. Shouldn't we be freeing some of the good guys?
Arsenal: No. (Arsenal fires at the pod and releases Mongul)
Eduardo Dorado Jr.: Aah, amigo, you don't seem clear on who we're here to rescue.
Arsenal: Trust me, I'm clear. (Black notices Mongul's release)
Black Beetle: Mongul! This is all your fault!
Mongul: Reach. (The two engage in hand-to-hand combat)

(Nightwing arrives when Arsenal and the Runaways free the team)
Arsenal: Hey fearless leader. Better late than never.
Nightwing: Everyone okay?
Arsenal: For now.
Nightwing: The Crystal Key?
Arsenal: Gone. (Mongul and Black land a few yards away) And we better get gone too, before one of them declares a winner!

Arsenal: Don't you get it? He didn't care if you rescued the Team! He was using a distraction to lure Black Beetle away from the crystal key so one of his other pawns could steal it!
Lex Luthor: Mmm, Deathstroke's more of a bishop actually.


Black Beetle: I'm sorry your fellow prisoners and their saviors fled. I was looking forward to eighteen against one.

Jaime Reyes: That's not the way I talk, and stop waving, I look like the Queen of England. (places hands on hips) Great, now I'm Peter Pan.

The Ambassador: Enjoy your advantage while you can. The Reach tracked my every move. And when we're through with you, there won't be enough left for a DNA identification.
Jaime Reyes: Nice death threat. Could it get any more technical and dull?

Jaime Reyes: Scarab, you don't have to do this!
The Ambassador: But he does, and so do you. In fact, it will be a good lesson to you to helplessly observe your own body murder your former friends. The first kills are always the hardest my boy. Might as well get them over with.

Rocket: Girlfriend, someday you have to tell me how you figure out those backwards words so fast.
Zatanna: Maybe backwards is my native tongue?

Blue Beetle: But Garrett still inspired Ted to become the second Blue Beetle. Even with no super powers.
Robin: I hear those are optional.

Blue Beetle: You managed to keep your mouth shut? You?
Impulse: Hey, making sure you stayed a hero was the main reason I came back to the past. So, I was motivated to keep my mouth off-mode. Don't you get used to it now!


Kaldur'ahm: If I may respond?
Black Beetle: No, you may not. Manta, keep your whelp meat silent.
Black Manta: Beetle, your insolence grows progressively less...charming.

The Ambassador: Remember, the Earth is now the property of the Reach, and per our origninal agreement, the Light is merely our favored allies amoungst the humans.
Black Beetle: Show the proper respect, or suffer the consequences.
Black Manta: No agreement exists that makes a slave of Black Manta.
Black Beetle: No agreement exists that guarantees the life of Black Manta.
Black Manta: Manta guarantees that himself. (Both ready their weapons)
Ra's Al Ghul: It would seem we have a stand-off.
Black Beetle: No, we don't. (Attacks Manta, and a fight breaks out)

Kaldur'ahm's Hologram: If you are watching this, then your summit is truly over. The Light and the Reach deserve each other. Both sides play at being partners. But the Reach believes the Light to be their naive tools of conquest, when in fact the Light has manipulated the Reach from day one.
Vandal Savage: Shut this off.
Deathstroke: How?
Kaldur'ahm's Hologram: It was the Light that brought Earth to the Reach's attention by sending the Justice League to Rimbor. The Light set their trap, and the Reach snapped at the bait, fulfilling the Light's desire to thrust our world into the galactic spotlight. Part of their perverse survival-of-the-fittest scheme for the planet, which they believe will transform the Earth and the Light into the eventual rulers of the Milky Way. Though the Light made a deal to help the Reach take Earth, They have also sabotaged the Reach's efforts. They kept the advanced meta-genes out of the Reach's hands. They added a neutralizing agent to the Reach's drink so Earth's population would not become servile. They turned public opinion against the Reach, and they intentionally allowed the Team access to the scarab temple to cleanse Blue and Green Beetle. So, you see, any agenda either side imagined they shared was nothing but a carefully crafted illusion. I trust I have shattered that illusion, as well as whatever remains of this sorry alliance. Good night. (shuts off)
Black Manta: Kaldur. Kaldur, what have you done?
Vandal Savage: He has in death done more to damage my plans than any living creature has wrought in 50,000 years. I'd be impressed if I wasn't so...
The Ambassador: AAH! You earthlings are a pestilence and a plague! You dare sabotage us?! Dare betray US?! Have you forgotten who controls the WarWorld? The Light is fortunate that we do not carve up your planet as we speak!
Vandal Savage: That would indeed impress, as I have the WarWorld's crystal key!
Kaldur'ahm: That was all I needed to know.
Black Manta: Kaldur, you're...
Kaldur'ahm: Alive, yes.
Artemis: (To Ra's Al Ghul to help her up) If you would? Uh. And I always heard how the "Great One" was such a gentleman.
Vandal Savage: Impossible. Deathstroke killed you both!
Deathstroke: Just for a little while. After all, I wouldn't want to do any permanent damage... (Shifts into Miss Martian, and telekinitically holds a sword to Savage's throat.)
Miss Martian:...To my best friends. Not when a little misdirection and Hollywood special effects will do instead.
Kaldur'ahm: For we value our true friends, and unlike you, we are not short on them.
(The rest of the Team arrive)

Kid Flash: Hey there, Vandy! you missed me?

Vandal Savage: I've had my fill of your interference. Do not expect to survive. Kill them all. Superboy may present a problem, but we'll deal with him when the other children lie bleeding on the ground.
Kaldur'ahm: Still you refer to us as children. No wonder our successes mount. You consistently underestimate us.

Kid Flash: I so wanna kiss you now... or maybe kill you for putting us through all this!
Artemis: Hold that thought. You can decide later, (flirtatiously) when we're alone.

Black Manta: Ignorant boy! This is not a world, a universe, in which a free man can afford to be soft. I will teach you to be ruthless, Kaldur'ahm, even if I must beat that lesson into your skull.

Artemis: What was that for?
Beast Boy: (hugging her) I'm still just so glad you're alive! And that Aqualad's not a traitor! No more faking anyone's death for at least a year, okay?
Kid Flash: Yeah, seconded.
Kaldur'ahm: Agreed.


(Black Beetle is fighting Blue and Green Beetle)
Black Beetle: I had hoped to put you back on mode, but it seems all four of you are corrupt.
Green Beetle: You are the one who is corrupted. But my Scarab will reset yours, freeing you from the Reach's control. :(Green's Scarab taps into Black's)
Black Beetle: Freedom is over-rated. (Black sends a signal back to Green, and destroys his scarab) Martians. I hate your kind. Most meat would die from having their Scarab destroyed, but you'll survive, for a while. (He activates his plasma cannon)
Blue Beetle: No! (Takes the hit)
Black Beetle: You! You're the cause of all this. It's about time your Scarab was destroyed, and your life ended. :(Black's scarab taps into Blue's) You fight back, but it's useless.
Blue Beetle: But I'm not alone in this fight, am I Scarab?
Scarab: No, Jaime Reyes. Once you fought for control, now we fight together.
Blue Beetle: Friends, hermanos, fighting together against any attack.
Black Beetle: No! (His Scarab is destroyed)

Aqualad: You are alone.
Black Beetle: I am sufficient.

Captain Atom: So how do we shut them down?
Blue Beetle: I don't know, because Black Beetle didn't know, there's no failsafe, this was an endgame.

Captain Atom: The Earth is being pulled apart from the devices around the world, and the League is spread thin to advert the chaos.
Blue Beetle: It's Black Beetle's MFDs, Magnetic Field Disruptors. They're disabling Earth's magnetic field, causing these not-so-natural disasters.

(The Team and League is at the U.N. to organize the attack on the Reach's MFDs)
Captain Atom: This is a mission of absolute importance. If we fail, there will be no Earth to save. Now, there are 20 MFDs around the world, and there are 40 of us here, so you'll be in teams of two. Each MFD is protected by two drones, and each drone is the equivalent of a beetle warrior.
Lex Luthor: Each of these eggs contains my anti-Reach virus. While one hero runs interference, the other only has to physically touch his or her egg to disarm the device. Ladies and gentlemen, the fate of the world is in your hands.

(Artemis jumps to dodge an explosion. Kid Flash catches her in mid-air and runs away from the explosion.)
Kid Flash: (in a French accent) Ah ze Eiffel Tower.... And the ever romantic city of lights! We're definitely coming back here, babe. Y'know, when we don't have a world to save.
Artemis: There will always be a world to save. Now drop me and go! (Artemis shoots an arrow at the drones as Kid Flash zooms to the M.F.D.)

(Kid Flash and Artemis disable one of the Magnetic Field Disruptors in Paris)
Artemis: Omega to Watchtower, the device is...
(Kid Flash kisses her)
Snapper Carr: Omega, repeat transmission? ...Omega?

Static: Gotta say, playing hero...starting to feel pretty sweet!
Black Lightning: I'm not surprised. You show real potential for this gig. You ever need a mentor, Virgil, you just let me know.

(Flash, Kid Flash, and Impulse are trying to absorb the energy from a M.F.D.)
Scarab: Earth's magnetic field is stabilizing! But there is a problem, Jaime Reyes. Due to his slower speed, the Kid Flash is acting as a vent for the Crysalis energy. In 16 seconds, he will cease.
Blue Beetle: "Cease"?..."Cease" what?!
(Kid Flash is getting hit with energy, and each blow makes him fade)
Flash: Bart, we've gotta slow down, try to syphen off some of the energy affecting Wally.
Kid Flash: It's no good, Barry. Oh, man, Artemis is gonna kill me! And don't even get me started on Mom and Dad.
Flash: Kid, we'll...
Kid Flash: Just tell them, okay?
(He dissovles into dust)
Flash: KID!!

(The MFD is down, and Impulse and Flash are out of breath, Miss Martian helps Impulse stay upright)
Artemis: Wait ... where's Wally?!
Flash: Artemis, he wanted me to tell you...
Artemis: (begins to cry) No, no...
Flash: He loved you.
(Artemis breaks down in tears as Miss Martian consoles her).

Aqualad: (To the Justice League) Fear not. The crisis has passed...
(Cut to a tearful Artemis meeting Wally's parents)
Aqualad: Though at a terrible cost.

(The League watches the news coverage of the Reach's departure)
G Gordon Godfrey: (On holographic TV) Well, it looks like someone's finally listening to old G. Gordon, the lone voice of reason calling for the outing of Secretary General Tseng after his disastrous alliance with the Reach. Well, guess what, folks? Tseng actually resigned. You're welcome. Now, his replacement has not been officially chosen, but I think there's only one man qualifies: the man who helped save us all from the Reach's MFDs. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...Lex Luthor!
Superman: You have got to be kidding me! (Shuts off news coverage)
Captain Atom: And on that note, I officially hand over my chairmanship of the you.
Black Canary: (Sarcastically) Wow, thanks so much.

(Impulse is wearing Kid Flash's uniform while looking at his holographic memorial in the Watchtower)
Tigress: You look good.
Kid Flash II: Really? Cause I feel like a fraud.
Artemis: Well, don't. You're honoring Wally's memory by becoming Kid Flash.
Kid Flash II: So, you suited up, but as Tigress?
Tigress: Artemis was Wally's partner. I need some space. Time to see how Tigress works out.
Kid Flash II: As a hero?
Tigress: As a blonde.

Batman: Having broken the Light in half, and stopping the alien invasion, the Team will now operate out of the WatchTower, side-by-side with the Justice League. Not because Mount Justice was destroyed, but because you earned it.

(Vandal Savage and Darkseid shake hands)
Vandal Savage: (Last lines) Business as usual.

Season 3: Outsiders


Princes All


Aquaman: And we are an important symbol for truth and justice worldwide.

Green Arrow: Kaldur, symbols are great, but--

Batman: But all that matters it the mission. And if the UN's roadblock to that mission, then we remove it, by removing the League.

Dick Grayson: Hey, Roy. I mean, Will. Will. Sorry. Still not used to it. Will Harper: Well, Richard. I mean, Dick, who are you here to recruit this time?

Jefferson Piece: I'm useless. Broken.

Dick Grayson: I came for the man, not the powers. You're still a hero. And I need you on this.

Royal We


Eminent Threat


Artemis: We are climbing up into that ominous dark hole in the cliff to rescue our Super-Friend. You are going to stay right here with our Super-Cycle. Understand?

Halo-Girl: No kill!

Count Vertigo: I see you are down one Superboy. I'll raise you: one, two, three, four!

Artemis: Well, now we know why he is called Count Vertigo...

Private Security


Will Harper: At Bowhunter Security, we're always on point.

Will Harper: Let's not pretend you were planning to hit your traffickers before nightfall.

Dick: Well, I--

Jim: That is the Dark Knight way, right?

Roy: Yeah, I hear all those Batboys turn into pumpkins in daylight.

Dick: (sighs) Whose idea was it to put all three of you together on one mission?

All Harpers: Yours.

Dick: Don't you have any actual employees?

Will Harper: Of course, but most of my guys were celebrating a company softball victory last night. Ate some bad Chicken Whizees. Food poisoning. Explosive diarrhea.

Artemis: So, um, if you can't remember anything, why the hijab?

Halo: It... It feels right. Okay?

Artemis: Of course.

Doctor Fate: I sense an old soul in this very young body. But who is Fate to judge such things.

Doctor Fate: Be grateful Nabu grant you this boon at all.

Will Harper: Don't know if you've heard, but I have a girl sleeping over.

Dick: Over at your place, I know.

Will Harper: Over my couch, Dick. Two feet over my couch.

Dick: So you're saying she's a conversation piece.

Arsenal: Seriously, why are we even here? No one's taking this stuff in broad daylight.

Brick: We're taking this stuff in broad daylight.

Helga Jace: Hmm. American genetically-modified beef. It's a nice change. Markovian meat is so gamey.

Will Harper: The clipboard doesn't lie.

Arsenal: The clipboard doesn't talk.

Brion: Tell me again what we're doing out here.

Conner: I'm doing my job. And you are trying to unwind.

Brion: I'm fine. I have no need to unwind.

Conner: Trust me, you're wound.

Brick: Rent-a-cops with grapnels? How much do they pay these guys?

Zatara: I love you, Zatanna. And I'll see you next year. (Zatanna sobs)

Artemis: It'll be okay.

Zatanna: Will it?

Halo: We are here for this part.

Dick: Kinda like old times, huh, Wall?

Will Harper: It's Will, not Wall.

Dick: That's... That's what I said.

Will Harper: Is it just the red hair?

Dick: What're you talking about?

Will Harper: Your need for a Wally West substitute.

Brick: Do you low-rate heroes know how much this suit costs?

Dick: Seriously?

Will Harper: Hey, we're in the middle of a thing here.

Brick: Y'all interrupted my thing. It'd be rude not to return the favor.

Brick: Seriously, who are you guys?

Arsenal: Bowhunter Security.

Jim Harper: Always on point.

Dick: You were right.

Will Harper: 'Course, I am. I'm older and wiser.

Dick: You're a clone. You're the youngest guy here.

Will Harper: Hey, I'm older than Jim.

Jim Harper: But I'm prettier.

Away Mission


Lucas Carr: Some people just don't know how to enjoy a summer afternoon.

Kid Flash: He seems ticked off. "Ticked"? Get it?

Lucas Carr: They both have meta-powers. Why not put them on the Team?

Artemis: Uh, meta-powers aren't required for that.

Dick: And they're not a free ticket to join either.

Mantis: The Hive has collected food for Orion.

Orion: Do I look like I eat Bug food?

Brion: (naked) Don't look!

Halo: Do not be upset. You are nicely shaped. Your form isn't the part of you that's broken.

Brion: Excuse me?

Halo: I don't understand. I cannot seem to make a shield or fly. What is wrong with me now? Am I broken too?

Brion: Excuse me?!

Ma'alefa'ak: The Greens are a superstitious and cowardly lot. The Ma'alefa'ak scares them. So let them be scared by me.

M'comm M'orzz: While you've been off playing hero with uncle J'onn and your Earthlings, I've been dealing with the Reds and Greens oppressing us on Mars.

Kid Flash: Disobeyed your orders. Sorry, not sorry.

Rescue Op

Brion Markov: I apologize. I know this mess was all my fault.
Superboy: It happens. Once upon a time, I had to rescue Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad, too.
Halo: Who?
Forager: Forager met Kid Flash.
Nightwing: That was a different Kid... (sighs) Never mind. Let's make one thing clear, we are not happy. You stole Sphere, disobeyed direct orders, and endangered your lives. You will not be doing this again.
Brion Markov: I know I made mistakes, big mistakes. But please, I need your help. I'm not ready to walk away.
Halo: Neither am I.
Forager: Forager rolls with Forager's hive.
Miss Martian: Forager, there's still a place for you on the team.
Forager: Forager has chosen Halo and Brion as Forager's hive. Also, Bio-Ship. Especially Bio-Ship.
Brion Markov: I do not believe any of us would fit inside your team.
Halo: But we can remain outside together.
Nightwing: That's the commitment we were looking for.
Brion Markov: Does that mean...
Nightwing: Yep. We'll find a way to make it work. To make this work.
Superboy: And just like that, you're leading another team.
Nightwing: (groans) Please, don't rub it in.





Home Fires

(Bart is carrying the twin offspring of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen, Don and Dawn Allen)
Bart Allen: Come on, Dad! Stay whelmed.
Iris West-Allen: Don't call him "Dad".
Bart Allen: Oh, uh, right. Spoilers. Sorry, Grandma.
Iris West-Allen: (As she gets the door) And don't call me "grandma"!

Exceptional Human Beings


Another Freak


Nightmare Monkeys


True Heroes






Illusion of Control


First Impression


Early Warning


Elder Wisdom


Quiet Conversations


Unknown Factors


Antisocial Pathologies

(Beast Boy is talking to Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake)
Beast Boy: Didn't we feel enough of this mode when Artemis faked her death? Is this how Batman teaches you to treat your friends and teammates? 'Cause I bet Superman or Wonder Woman sure wouldn't approve.
Barbara Gordon: Uh, Diana's part of this.
Beast Boy: (to Tim Drake) And Cassie doesn't know? You never told her?
(Tim looks away from Beast Boy)
Beast Boy: Dude, this is gonna end you two for good. You know that, right? So, your little secret society of superheroes orchestrated events in Brooklyn, Maine?
Barbara Gordon: No, the Brooklyn War Bugs and the Reach ship were real threats. We just kinda teed it up for you guys.
Beast Boy: We didn't need that! Look what we accomplished in Dublin!
(An uncomfortable silence)
Beast Boy: What? You're saying Dublin was tee'd up, too? But the girl and her dad?
Barbara Gordon: (sighs) The girl was M'gann. Her dad was Bruce.
Beast Boy: (telepathically) M'gann, you did that to me?! (looks back at Barbara and Tim) I cannot believe this! The whole point of the Outsiders is to be in the open! Give kids something that's theirs. You guys corrupted that!
Barbara Gordon: Look, you may not like our methods, and maybe we did go too far. But you've secretly and knowingly coordinated the Outsiders with the Team and the League.
Beast Boy: That's different.
Barbara Gordon: Not very. You wanted to go head-to-head with Lex and Granny in public. We were going head-to-head with the Light behind the scenes. And we did it in a way that allowed you to preserve your integrity. So now you're mad at us for it?
Beast Boy: (sighs) Condiment King?
Barbara Gordon: (sighs) All yours.
Jefferson Pierce: (Jefferson, Kaldur and Bruce leaving the room) You're not even sorry!!
Kaldur: We are sorry we have made you feel this way.
Jefferson Pierce: That's not an apology!!
Bruce Wayne: I am not going to apologize for putting the mission first.
Jefferson Pierce: WHAT GOOD IS THE MISSION, if we lose ourselves trying to fulfil it?!
Dick Grayson: Jeff, I think that person you're really angry me.

Into the Breach





Black Lightning: We all believe the League needs course correction, because we're all afraid of the same tired old story. The hero gets lost fighting the good fight and becomes the very thing he or she is fighting against. And, sure; it happens. Vandal Savage, Teth Adam, Ra's Al Ghul. And now, sadly; Geo-Force. But it will not happen again. Not to any of us. Because from here on out, we will not keep secrets from each other. We need each other to know each others' secrets to keep each other on the straight and narrow. No more making decisions to protect each other from the choices we might be forced to make. In this League, the ends will not justify the means! We will not sink to using the methods of our enemies. We will keep our covert Team, not for the sake of it being covert, but because it affords our young heroes a place to learn out of the spotlight. But, otherwise; like the Outsiders, we must live in each others' spotlights. If we fail while doing right, then at least we sent down swinging on our own terms. But in the long term, we will not fail. Holding firm to our principles will guide us to an honorable victory! Now, let's get down to business.

Season 4: Phantoms










Tale of Two Sisters


Artemis Through the Looking Glass


The Lady, or the Tigress?


I Know Why the Caged Cat Sings




Nomed Esir!


Teg Ydaer!


Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!


Kaerb Ym Traeh!


Nautical Twilight


Ebb Tide


Emergency Dive


Leviathan Wakes


Beyond the Grip of the Gods!


Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!


Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!


Odyssey of Death!


Ego and Superego


Zenith and Abyss


Over and Out


Death and Rebirth



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