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Young Mr. Lincoln is a 1939 film that is a fictionalized account of the early life of the American president as a young lawyer facing his greatest court case.

Directed by John Ford. Written by Lamar Trotti.
The story of Abraham Lincoln that has NEVER been told!

Abe Lincoln[edit]

  • I may not know much of law Mr. Felder, but I know what's right and what's wrong. And I know what you're asking is wrong.


[Lincoln and Felder are picking jurors for the trial of Matt and Adam Clay]
John Felder: Mr. Lincoln should know that the mere fact that a prospective juror knows counsel for the state does not disqualify him.
Abe Lincoln: I know that, John. What I'm afraid of is that some of the jurors might NOT know you... and that'd put me at a great disadvantage.

Abe Lincoln: [cross-examining Cass] J. Palmer Cass.
John Palmer Cass: Yes, sir.
Abe Lincoln: What's the "J" stand for?
John Palmer Cass: John.
Abe Lincoln: Anyone ever call you Jack?
John Palmer Cass: Yeah, but...
Abe Lincoln: Why "J. Palmer Cass?" Why not "John P. Cass?"
John Palmer Cass: Well, I...
Abe Lincoln: Does "J. Palmer Cass" have something to hide?
John Palmer Cass: No.
Abe Lincoln: Then what do you part your name in the middle for?
John Palmer Cass: I got a right to call myself anything I want as long as it's my own name!
Abe Lincoln: Well then if it's all the same to you, I'll call you Jack Cass.
[Spectators laugh]

Abe Lincoln: [questioning Cass about Scrub's death] What were you and Scrub arguing about?
John Cass: I'd rather not say.
Abe Lincoln: Oh, you'd rather not say. Well, Jack, I'd rather you did say.
John Cass: All right. We was arguin' about politics.
Abe Lincoln: Well, that's something new to argue about.
John Cass: I've learned some since, but I told Scrub I thought you had at least as much political sense in you as Stephen Douglas. Scrub got as mad as a wet hen and said you didn't!


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