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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (遊☆戯☆王5D’s(ファイブディーズ), Yū☆gi☆ō Faibu Dīzu) is the fifth series in the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! anime franchise. It began airing in Japan on April 2, 2008, and in the US on September 13, 2008. It tells the story of the legendary "Signers", five duelists with the power to call upon the ancient Crimson Dragon god. According to legend, thousands of years ago the Crimson Dragon sealed away evil monsters and brought peace to the world. Now it is the Signers' duty to resurrect the Dragon and guard against the return of evil.

Season 1[edit]

Episode 1 - "Riding Duel! Acceleration!"[edit]

[Yusei arrives home, pushing his broken D-Wheel, while Nerve, Blitz, and Taka are sitting inside watching TV]
Yusei: [Revs D-Wheel loudly to get their attention]
Taka: [Awkwardly] Sorry 'bout that. Jack's been bugging us after all. And this is the only place the TV'll get reception.

Yusei: Any card, so long as it exists, has the potential to be useful. Someone who would reject his cards by calling them "trash" doesn't deserve to call himself a duelist.

Episode 2 - "Power Insect Deck! Trap of the Antlion"[edit]

[Flashback to Jack defeating Yusei before leaving Satellite]
Jack: A duel can't be won by monsters alone. It can't be won by just Magics or Traps alone either. Only with them all joining together as one will they add up. And what you need most of all to amass that victory... [Points at his heart] ...is right here.

Episode 4 - "Fated Showdown! Stardust Dragon Blocks the Way"[edit]

Jack: [Lecturing Yusei about dueling with heart, being honorable, etc.]
Yusei: You talk too much.

Episode 9 - "Feelings Hanging for the Cards - A Planned Lighting Deathmatch"[edit]

Yusei: If they duel me, they're my friend. If I were to leave without my friends, I wouldn't truly be free.

Episode 12 - "Dead Chase! Weave the Bonds, Turbo Warrior"[edit]

Leo: Cool! It's a Duel Runner! Hey, Yusei! You're a duelist, right? Duel me! Duel me! Duel me!
Yusei: [Concerned] I'll just cause you trouble if you're seen around me.
Leo: Of course not! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, please~~ Just one little duel!
Luna: Leo, aren't you the one causing trouble now?
Leo: Next time on Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: "Dial On! Roar, Deformer Deck". Ka-ching! It's cool, isn't it?
Luna: [Exasperated] Leo, you talk too much.

Episode 16 - "The Witch Returns: Dragon of Destruction, 'Black Rose Dragon'"[edit]

Akiza: [After taking control of Jill's monster] Feel the pain from the blade of betrayal.

Jill: Witch, this is the last turn for you! There is nowhere for you to flee!
Akiza: Yes, on this turn... it all ends.

Akiza: You, knight, who hoists such fabricated righteousness... take the cold flames of sorrow upon your form.
Jill: Stop! Please, stop!
Aki: Black Rose Flare! [Black Rose Dragon strikes Jill and he falls to the ground]

Episode 17 - "Flame Revenger: Speed King - Skull Flame"[edit]

Tenpei: He reduced his own Life Points to protect his monster?
Leo: Plus, once he takes that 1,800 points of damage, his Speed Counters... [Looks at Mukuro's unaffected Speed Counter display] ...won't decrease?!

Mukuro: How's that?! I must be so far in the lead you can't even see me anymore! And- [Turns around to see Yusei right behind him] -HUH?!

Episode 19 - "Evil Intent: Id, the Super Demonic Lord"[edit]

Frank: [To Luna] This is the world of Duel Monster spirits... for you to pull me in like this... you really are a Signer!

Episode 20 - "Uncompromisable Feelings: My Mission is With My Hometown"[edit]

Leo: Listen, you guys head home without me. I remembered something I have to do.
Luna: What is it?
Leo: Let's see, what was it again? [Laughs] I'll just have to remember that too! [Runs off]

Episode 21 - "Vengeful Bomber: Trap of Sorrow, Chariot Pile"[edit]

Tenpei: Dark Dive Bomber's effect is supposed to deal damage 200 times the level of a released monster...
Himuro: Ultimate Mine Token's level is ten.
Leo: That means... Let's see here... [Starts counting on his fingers]
Luna: A level of ten times 200 equals 2000 points of damage.
[Leo and Yanagi stare at each other for a second]
Leo and Yanagi: ...2000 POINTS?!

Episode 22 - "Disclosed Past: The Duel Profiler VS The Black Rose Witch"[edit]

[After Akiza summons Black Rose Dragon]
Kodo: Bring it on! I'll turn the tables on you! You're just a monster who's been abandoned by her own parents!
Akiza: You will not get away with trampling on the feelings of others! [Her Dragon Mark begins glowing] Engrave this pain upon your form!

Himuro: What do you make of her card? [Referring to Aki's Black Rose Dragon]
Yusei: There's rejection, and anger, but... there's still something else lying dormant.

Episode 24 - "Victim Sanctuary: Become the Star Enveloping Destruction, Stardust Dragon!!"[edit]

[Akiza and Yusei's Dragon Marks glow, and Akiza clutches her arm]
Yusei: The time for you to change has come. Your pleasure for destruction, that has tormented you all this time... Hasn't that pain... changed into a pain that we, who bear the same mark, all share? The mark that has guided us all... This pain is asking us for something. And to find the answer, we must think on our own.
[As Yusei speaks, all four of the Signers clutch at their Dragon Marks]
Yusei: Couldn't it be that this mark holds the answer? Don't leave your thinking to others, think for yourself!
Akiza: What does a witch like me need to think about?! So long as Divine shows me the way and loves me, then--
Yusei: No! You have to love yourself!
Akiza: If I could do that... if I could... NO!! I can't! Can't you see that I'm suffering?!

Yusei: If I am, why are you crying?

[Yusei and Jack deliver the preview for the next episode]
Jack: Yusei, I've waited long enough! On that day, two years ago, we both went our separate ways! Let's settle the scores to decide who has the mark of the true King!
Yusei: Jack, there are four Signers at this tournament... It's too dangerous for the two of us to fight each other now!
Jack: ...Are you chickening out, Yusei? Next time on Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: "Fortune Cup Final! The Lone King, Jack Atlas"! Riding Duel! Acceleration!

Episode 31 - "Hometown and Friends: Reuniting Tag Riding"[edit]

Jack: I hate fun.

Jack: Giving up everything has made me finally realize... there was something in the depths of my heart holding me up...
Carly: If you get the picture that much, why don't you just start your life over again? Think about it as this: The OLD Jack died in that battle with Yusei and the new Jack was born. Now it's time for the REAL Jack Atlas to live!

Episode 36 - "Docking Courage with Strength! Synchro Summon! Power Tool Dragon!"[edit]

Leo: Right! I'm... I'm the fifth Signer! I won't lose to you! I'll get Luna back!

English Version Quotes[edit]

Season 2: Earthbound Immortals[edit]

Season 3: Road to Destiny[edit]

The Super Genius[edit]

[In the garage]

  • Jack: We still don't know what this guy is after. You can't just say "Hey look! Here's all my secret designs."
  • Yusei: Come on Jack, not now. We're trying to have a real conversation here.
  • Jack: You...are you implying that we don't have "real conversations"?
  • Crow: [mocking Jack] Stop trying to bother them Jack they're in the middle of a "real conversation". They're talking about things...uh "tiny brain like yours can never understand"

  • Crow: [getting tired] Good job boys, keep it up!...I'll be up here supervising *yawns*

  • [living room]
  • Leo: Do you think he can do cool stuff to my board? Like give it flashing lights 'n stuff?
  • Crow: Yeah...no

  • Luna: So what are they talking about?
  • Crow: Duel Runners and computers and engines and stuff. They've been ignoring us for days and speaking their own language. They're like "bestest friends" now.

  • Yusei: What is that?
  • Leo: Ahh, wish we could get a closer look.

(Being zoomed in on the broken New Domino City)

  • Akiza: You were saying.

  • Stephanie: Jack you shouldn't be moving right now.
  • Jack: I'd move the whole world to help Yusei now.
  • Crow: Right back'cha Jack, lets send Yusei our goodbyes.

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