Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

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Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century is a Disney Channel Original Movie about Zenon Kar, a tween girl who lives aboard a space station in the year 2049. She suspects the owner of the space station may be sabotaging his own space station in an attempt to commit insurance fraud, putting many colonists in danger. Trouble is, no one will believe her given her past reputation of mischief and troublemaking.

Zenon Kar[edit]

  • Cetus-Lupeedus!


Zenon: I honestly think if you put these [stress helmets] on, it will help all of us.

Her parents just look at her.

Zenon: Or maybe not.
Astrid Kar: You have put us in a very difficult position, Zenon. You can't imagine how much I don't want to do what I have to do now. But you haven't left us any choice.
Zenon: What?
Mark Kar: I'm sorry, Z. Your mother an-and I, have contacted your Aunt Judy.
Zenon: Aunt Judy? She hates space. She hates to travel. And you want to bring her up here to be my keeper?
Zenon stares at Earth in shock, never having been there before

Earth school. Zenon is made to work with nemesis Margie as a lab partner
Zenon: Hold it over the flame more, It needs to be hotter.
Heat is so intense it breaks the beaker. Students scream and teacher uses fire extinguisher
Zenon: I did exactly what you said to do. I heated it to 250 degrees celsius.
Teacher sees Zenon's thermometer was designed for the space station
Teacher: Down here, we're still using Fahrenheit.
Margie: So you made it twice as hot?

Date with Greg. Waitress brings yet another meal, a basket of onion rings
Greg: I said I'd buy you dinner, not ten dinners.
Zenon: I know but I can't stop. It all tastes so fully illegal.
Greg: Considering how many horses I'm gonna have to groom to pay for tonight, I'm glad to know you're loving it.