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Zhang Weiwei (2017)

Zhang Weiwei (simplified Chinese: 张维为; traditional Chinese: 張維為) is a Chinese professor of international relations at Fudan University, and a senior research fellow at the Chunqiu Institute.


  • 回望今年的国庆盛典和我们年轻一代展现出的爱国激情和民族自信,这次庆典也可能就是中国社会走向集体成熟的一个“成人礼”。
    • Translation: Looking back to the national anniversary this year and patriotism and national confidence shown by our young generation, the anniversary is possibly a "coming of age ceremonies" of Chinese society's collective maturity.
    • https://m.guancha.cn/ZhangWeiWei/2019_10_04_520190.shtml

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