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Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (3 September 1936 - 19 September 2019) was the second President of Tunisia. He took power in a coup in 1987. During the Tunisian revolution he had to leave office on the 14th January 2011, and fled to Saudi Arabia where he died in exile.


  • I will say to you once more loud and clear: Do write on any subject you choose. There are no taboos except what is prohibited by law and press ethics.
    • Regarding to restrictions of free press, of Tunisia, (2001). [1].
  • The values and high virtues that Arafat embodied during his struggle for the Palestinian cause will inspire the Palestinian people so that they preserve their cohesion and unity and pursue their path to win back their national, legitimate and eternal rights.
  • I think that Tunisia's achievements over the past two decades are now well known, and are testified to by numerous regional and international organizations and all honest observers. But what interests me in the first place is the feeling of all Tunisians that these achievements have positively changed their life.
    • Answering to the question of top Labenese Journalists, about his 2 decades of career, in the interview, (June 2008). [3]
  • I won't accept that another drop of blood of a Tunisian be spilled.
    • Ordering Tunisian troops to stop firing on protesters, unless they attack. (January 2011) [4]
  • I take this opportunity to reiterate my thanks and my appreciation to my dear Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi, Leader of the Libyan revolution, for his honourable initiative that our people have received with great satisfaction and of facilitating the movement and activities of Tunisian Libya sister and treat them just like the Libyans. This confirms a sincere brotherhood and the strong support we have always received from him and to the brotherly Libyan people.
    • Thanking to Libyan Administration and the country, during his final speech, (January 2011).[5].

Quotes about Zine El Abidine Ben Ali[edit]

  • [Tunisian] President Ben Ali welcomed me in a way that moved me. I did very much appreciate his kindness and that of all Tunisians.
  • You have suffered a great loss. There is none better than Zine to govern Tunisia. Tunisia, a developed country that is a tourist destination, is becoming prey to hooded gangs, to thefts and fire. [The conditions in Tunisia reflect] chaos with no end in sight. I am concerned for the people of Tunisia, whose sons are dying each day. And for what? In order for someone to become president instead of Ben Ali? I do not know these new people, but we all knew Ben Ali and the transformation that was achieved in Tunisia. Why are you destroying all of that? [Do not be fooled by] WikiLeaks which publishes information written by lying ambassadors in order to create chaos.
  • We respect the European judiciary system but we condemn the decision of the European courts which is in favor of corrupt figures from the former regime. Ben Ali and his clan are wanted in Tunisia for charges of corruption and money laundering.
    • Faysal Ajina, an advisor to Tunisia’s Justice Minister. [8].

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