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Zombi 3 is a 3D horror comedy film about a leaked virus that contaminates the Philippines and turns the population into flesh-eating zombies with a penchant for bad dialogue and worse acting.

Directed by Lucio Fulci, Bruno Mattei, and Claudio Fragasso. Written by Claudio Fragasso.


  • That'll fix ya, you frigging monsters!


  • There's lots more! That we can't see! They'll come! They'll come!
  • My damn leg...
  • I swear I'll destroy you if I have to, Glenn!


  • It's empty... looks like I've had it!

General Morton[edit]

  • Yes... I see. Evacuate the premises, and eliminate everyone there. Bury them in a mass grave. Then transport the body of the infector with maximum precaution. You know where. Well done, lieutenant.
  • You are to shoot anyone moving in a contaminated area... regardless. Your orders are to continue closing off the are with mobile units, including helicopters. No one must get out alive... no one.

Dr. Holder[edit]

  • This is Dr. Holder. I'm sorry, sir, but I'm obliged to give up work on Death One. Yes, that's all right. Of course I'd be prepared to. You can come and get it. But take every precaution; you see, it's very dangerous. Yes.
  • I have to stop him, or it'll mean the end of everything!


  • I'm feeling better, Patricia, but I'm thirsty... FOR YOUR BLOOD!
  • Hello, Patricia... we'll be together again soon...

Blue Heart[edit]

  • I'll dedicate my next number to all the undead around the world.


  • General Morton: Oh, Doctor, it's you.
Dr. Holder: Who told you to burn the body of the man infected with Death One?
General Morton: ...I had to close an episode.
Norma: The episode could open again! Hadn't it ever occurred to you that the ashes, assimilated into the air, could fall back to Earth again?
General Morton: That's ridiculous, pure science fiction!
  • Dr. Holder: General Morton! When you asked us to work on Death One, you should have told us about the risks involved!
General Morton: We didn't know ourselves. You're the scientists with the brains; we're just humble soldiers, and we act as such. Tracey! Cheney! Get the anti-contamination squad ready, and put all units on red alert!
  • General Morton: My men have cordoned off the contaminated area. By tomorrow, the situation will be under control.
Dr. Holder: And what are you going to do with the bodies? Burn them again?
General Morton: Any living creature in a contaminated area will not get out alive. You can count on that, Dr. Holder!
  • Roger: Look! Do you believe it?
Patricia: Can you fly one of those things?
Ken: Until yesterday, it was my job!