Zombies on Broadway

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Zombies on Broadway is a 1945 film about two bumbling press who agents must search for a zombie to fulfill a commitment to their ex-gangster boss's new nightclub.

Directed by Gordon Douglas. Written by Robert E. Kent.
Two zanies on a zombie hunt!  (taglines)


Prof. Hopkins: His name was Dr. Renault, Dr. Paul Renault. Over twenty-five years ago, he went to the only place where zombies were known to exist - on the island of San Sebastian, one of the smaller Virgin Islands, but I haven't heard from him since.
Mike Streger: Oh, we don't want to disturb him, do we Jerry?
Prof. Hopkins: I don't know if he's alive or dead, but if he's alive, he can tell you what you want to know. Go to San Sebastian - Paul can help you.
Jerry Miles: What's this Paul like... if he's alive?
Prof. Hopkins: A great scientist. Yes, some people say he is crazy. I don't think he is crazy... well, ah, not very crazy, anyway.

Jerry Miles: You see, we're doing some research work on zombies, and he said you could help us.
Dr. Paul Renault: The fool! I know nothing about zombies. I came here to study a strange coconut blight.
Mike Streger: Coconut blight? He said it was a banana blight.
Dr. Paul Renault: Oh, Joseph is color blind.


  • Two zanies on a zombie hunt!
  • Hee! Hee! What ghoulish glee!
  • They're STALKING WALKING DEAD MEN... and it's a SCREAM!


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