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Zoran Đinđić, 2003

Zoran Đinđić (1 August 1952 – 12 March 2003) was a Serbian politician, who was the Prime Minister of Serbia from 2001 until his assassination in 2003.


  • Our generation has the huge responsibility. Of course, such responsibility is accompanied by great honour. We have been chosen, we have a mission. Such mission cannot bring any to us as persons, to our generation, since the time in which our generation acts is the time of asceticism and sacrifices. Only those who are ready do sacrifice their own wellbeing, may say that we belong to the generation which saved Serbia: we are the people who are bringing about the new politics.
    • From Zoran Djindjic's speech held at Democratic Party's Assembly, 02.02.1995.
  • In November last year, windows and doors opened on that room of the political system in which we were imprisoned for seven or eight years. Some fresh air squeezed into it, through those windows. Serbia woke up from its winter dream, in the midst of winter. Our message to this Parliament is: do not allow yourselves to close those windows, let the fresh air remain common in Serbia, let us include all those who inhaled that fresh air of freedom for eighty eight days together with you, do not close the windows because thus we will shut the windows to Serbia and we will suffocate in such Serbia if its windows remain closed.
    • From Zoran Djindjic's speech held at Democratic Party's Assembly, 23.05.1997.
  • In order to make the changes work, the majority of members of society that has entered changes must wake up every morning with a feeling of the great historical moment, with the feeling of something big and extraordinary.
    • Nedeljni telegraf, 07.08.2001.
  • Thanks to the plan and clear vision, we managed to bring this people from dictatorship into democracy, without any bloodshed. Thanks to the plan and firm vision, we may show this country a way out form the biggest economic misery ever suffered by a European county, and into economic prosperity. But the vision is vital at all times. You should always ask yourself where you are heading to. Not only whether I am running fast, or spending energy, but whether I know which the goal I want to achieve is.
    • From Zoran Djindjic's speech at Democratic Party's Assembly, 04.10.2001.
  • I believe that to deal with politics means to take responsibilities and not sit in churches. My political line has been the same for the past thirty years: I advocate urban, civilized and European country in opposition to dictatorship. What makes me different from others is that in Serbia intellectuals are the spectators, making analyses, smoking and grumbling. What I wish is to change the world.
    • Le Mond, 05.10.2001.
  • You will not find a surgeon operating you quite likable. You find a doctor trying to convince you that you are in a great shape, that you do not need an operation that you will get better by drinking teas, much more amiable. I want people to respect my work, not to like me. My goal is to have the Serbian government evaluated for what it benefited for this country using existing chances and own efforts and potentials, rather than by its smooth talk, paying court to the people and talking about its good intentions.
    • Politika, 25.10.2001.
  • My motto that keeps me in motion is do not give up. If you start passing the vehicles, hit the gas. Do what you believe is right, and not what the majority would support. Do not take any defeat personally. Never let the politics drive you crazy.
    • Večernje novosti, 30.12.20.
  • The secret of success lies in investing into education, as the wealthy countries do. This means not in technology and machines first. That would come later, with educated and qualified individuals. Considering that we are lagging behind reforms, the only way to make up for such gap is to have a non-linear development by making leaps, all of which would be have an education as a base. Education, training, knowledge, are the major driving forces of progress.
    • From Zoran Djindjic's speech at press conference From vision to defined program, 15.01.2002.
  • No more sleep. You cannot be world champions by sleeping. Sleep five, six hours, you do not need more. You will sleep when you are retired. Retired persons are allowed to sleep. If you are not retired, do not. That is also good for your figure. No Saturdays, Sundays, holidays. If you want to achieve a big goal, there is no room for celebrations – as we know, there are 170 celebrations of Saint Patron’s day in Serbia. We will be celebrating when we win. We cannot win if instead of training we celebrate.
    • Tribunal Serbia on the right track in Leskovac, 09.03.2002.
  • We are still in the position of those who cut the forest and planted some seedlings, and now are surprised that there is no shade. Do I worry that there is no shade? I do. Am I working on making the trees grow? I am, but it cannot grow in one year.
    • Večernje novosti, 30.12.2002.
  • I am at the work at which I am interested in Indians and not the Chiefs. I need people to do the job. I may accept someone if he/she is the right wing o left wing, a monarchist or republican because in this phase the grounds are being set, rather than painting the front. This is not about aesthetics. It is irrelevant whether someone is inclined a little on this side or on that side; if one is professional, honest, hard-working, and if one is capable of accomplishing certain job – that person is valuable to me.
    • Ekonomist, 12.01.2003.
  • If anyone believes that the enforcement of laws will be stopped if I am done away with, that they are more than wrong, because I am not the system. The system will keep on functioning and no one will get amnesty by getting one or two state officials out of the way.
    • Politika, 20.02.2003.
  • The difference between ethics and morality is quite essential. What is beneficial for one people is the ethics. Morality is the matter of intention, when I say I believe something is good and I will do it because my motivation is right. The fact that in the end it will be a disaster, is not my fault, I did it for good reasons. I despise that. I think that it is the excuse of the weaker. I am not interested in intentions. I am interested in consequences. Any one can have good intentions, which I believe is the matter of decency. I do not discuss others’ intentions. I assume that anyone has good intentions. But it is so trivial, that I am not interested in it. I am interested in what comes next. If I will not benefit from the outcome, I am not interested in good intentions.
    • From Zoran Djindjic's speech held to students of Banja Luka University, 20.02.2003.

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