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Zoran Milanović in 2011

Zoran Milanović (born 30 October 1966) is a Croatian politician serving as President of Croatia since 19 February 2020. Prior to assuming the presidency, he was Prime Minister from 2011 to 2016 and president of the Social Democratic Party from 2007 to 2016.


  • You can expect constructive cooperation, and not destructive behavior. When I gather people, who are worthy and who I consider to be the best, it won’t be to lock horns with the government. It is easy to be resourceful in the position of the presidency every day. My big advantage is that I know what it looks like on the other side. It’s a lot more difficult.
  • I do not intend to be a corrective, but rather a constructive factor in areas of direct competence or co-competence of the President of the Republic, and in general. In my view, this arises from the spirit of our Constitution. I will be committed, above all, to those elements of defence and national security that open the possibility for making headway, both in terms of professional achievements and education, as well as in the transparency of these important and extremely sensitive systems.
  • Violence, poverty and hunger are once again on the rise. Our post-pandemic recovery will be even more hard pressed in upending the world’s uneven economic development. Devastating natural disasters, especially due to severe weather patterns, are increasingly more difficult to deal with. And as our best scientific minds tell us, we can no longer afford to ignore how climate change is making natural hazards worse. Migration continues to rise, further fuelling discontent in its wake. All along, populists and disinformation campaigns, blatantly or maliciously ignoring factual accounts, can unnervingly shake people’s confidence in public authorities, in science and in the media. But we cannot, we must not give in.
  • Croatia had a long, difficult, complicated path. We are different and we are special, although every parent likes to think and tell their children that they are special and that they are different, while most are in fact ordinary like almost all of us. We are a different and special country. We are the only country that had to go through a war after 1990 (…) and had to fight for what to others had come easy. That’s why we are different and that difference is also reflected in the fact that we are sometimes misunderstood and hurt, but we don’t care. We, you especially, know that our path was right, just, and that we were guided by the fight for our state, for our historical right, which all peoples have.

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