Zorro's Fighting Legion

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What Diego can't do, Zorro can!

Zorro's Fighting Legion is a 1937 serial film in which the masked hero leads a fighting force against a villain who plots the conquest of The Republic of Mexico.

Directed by William Witney and John English. Written by Ronald Davidson, Franklin Adreon, Morgan Cox, Sol Shor, and Barney A. Sarecky.

Don Diego Vega[edit]

  • What Diego can't do, Zorro can!


Manuel Gonzalez: Gentlemen, this is becoming ridiculous! The next thing you know, someone will be accusing you of being Zorro.
Don Diego Vega: Why, I believe I'd be flattered!

Gov. Felipe: I propose that Kala be hanged in the public square tomorrow morning.
Manuel Gonzalez: Excellent - make an example of him!
Chief Justice Pablo: I also agree. Show the Yanquis they cannot break our laws and live and we'll have little to fear from that quarter.
Don Diego Vega: Except bloodshed and death.


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