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Zorro (1957–1959) was an American action-adventure drama series produced by Walt Disney Productions, airing on ABC. In the show, Don Diego de la Vega opposes the corrupt tyrants of Spanish California as the masked swordsman, Zorro.

Season 1[edit]

Presenting Señor Zorro [1.1][edit]

Ship’s Captain: [after being disarmed] Well done, Signor De la Vega! I shall miss these daily bouts.
Don Diego de la Vega: I too, sir. They have made a long voyage most enjoyable.
Captain: Your agility with the sword, sir, should serve you well in California.
Don Diego: Why do you say that?
Captain: How long have you been away?
Don Diego: Three years.
Captain: I am afraid you’re going to find conditions quite changed when you reach Los Angeles. Everything is rules and regulations. Military force has taken over.
Don Diego: Well, when did all this happen?
Captain: A year ago when the new comandante was appointed. I hate to disillusioned you, but I have the feeling that you will soon wish you had stayed in Spain.
Don Diego: Is it as bad as that?
Captain: Worse. But you will see for yourself.

Don Diego: When dealing with a powerful enemy, we must play another game. You know the old proverb; "If you cannot clothe yourself in the skin of a lion, put on that of a fox!"

Comandante Monasterio: Are you Diego de la Vega?
Don Diego: At your service, Comandante.
Comandante Monasterio: Capitán Enrique Sánchez Monasterio. I’m sorry to have inconvenienced you.
Don Diego: Oh no, Comandante! As a matter of fact, you gave me the opportunity to finish this last chapter. The effects of Moorish culture on Spanish poetry. Have you read it?
Comandante Monasterio: …No, I have not.
Don Diego: Oh! Then I must lend it to you when I am finished!
Comandante Monasterio: Thank you, some other time.

Sergeant Garcia: [showing Bernardo cannot hear] You have the face of a donkey!
[he nods encouragingly at Bernardo, who starts to nod happily back at him]
Sergeant Garcia: You smell like a goat! Your father…! [starts laughing] Your father was a baboon!
[he laughs uproariously as he and Bernardo happily shake hands]
Comandante Monasterio Get on with the inspection, sergeant.

[after Monasterio’s sword gets stuck in a door]
Zorro: Beautiful! Coupe to the wall, you must show me that again, Comandante. Now would you please get inside the cell.

Zorro's Secret Passage [1.2][edit]

Don Torres: You know, Diego, in these times, an honest Californian is as rare as a snowstorm. My only hope is that the Governor will know the difference between a traitor and a patriot.
Don Diego: You plan to go to Monterey?
Don Torres: What else can I do but to plead my case with his Excellency? Monasterio will not change, and I cannot let this – this Zorro continue doing all my fighting for me.
Don Diego: Well, perhaps he doesn’t mind. At least until the air clears.
Don Torres: Diego, mark my words; Zorro will have so many troubles of his own, he will have no time to help any of us.

Elena Torres: Don Diego?
Don Diego: Elena, is it not?
Elena Torres: Yes.
Don Diego: I hardly recognized you. It seems that we have both changed. I have grown older and you more beautiful.
Elena Torres: Will you come in?
Don Diego: I only have a moment. I came about your father.

Don Diego: This is an unexpected surprise, Comandante.
Comandante Monasterio: It was planned, signor.
Don Diego: Oh?
Comandante Monasterio: Yes. You see, I’m looking for an outlaw named Zorro.
Don Diego: Yes, so I’ve heard, but surely you don’t expect to find him here.
Comandante Monasterio: It is entirely possible. Perhaps you were wondering about these.
[places a black mask down next to black clothes]
Don Diego: I am, Comandante.
Comandante Monasterio: Simple. A copy of the costume Zorro was wearing.
Don Diego: ...Oh, I see.
Comandante Monasterio: When I find the right man I shall know him, by his bearing and style with his sword. I am questioning everyone in the district, that is the reason that I’m here. All of your bocaros have been interrogated except one. Anito Abida.
Don Diego: My cabora? But he could not possibly be Zorro!
Comandante Monasterio: On the contrary, he is a very likely suspect. Zorro is as tall as I am, and he is an excellent horseman, so I have heard.
Don Diego: But there are many who fit that description, Comandante. Even I, I could be a suspect!
[Monasterio starts laughing while Diego looks offended]
Comandante Monasterio: Forgive me, Don Diego, but I find that thought somewhat amusing.
Don Diego: I don’t see why.
Comandante Monasterio: Well, I’ll grant, signor, that you are as tall as Zorro, but there the similarity ends.
Don Diego: [firmly] Comandante, as a citizen I wish to clear myself of all suspicion. I demand to be questioned!
Comandante Monasterio: I give you my word, you are cleared of implication.
Don Diego: Ah, there may always remain the smallest shadow of a doubt. I wish to try on the costume!
Comandante Monasterio: Very well. Here!
[Diego makes a mock-bumbling effort to get into the costume; Monasterio starts laughing]
Comandante Monasterio: Come, come, signor! You don’t need the cloak or mask. I will judge by your swordsmanship. Here, your saber!
[Monasterio hands Diego a sword; Diego takes it awkwardly]
Comandante Monasterio: On guard!
[Diego jerks and swings sword up into tree]
Comandante Monasterio: No, no, no, not under the tree, over there!
[Diego shuffles backwards; after about five seconds he falls backwards into a table as Monasterio mock stabs at him]
Don Diego: What are you doing!?
Comandante Monasterio: [laughing] Enough, signor, enough. You have convinced me. The shadow of suspicion no longer hangs over you. You are the least likely Zorro suspect in all of California.
Don Diego: You needn’t mock me, Comandante, simply because I do not practice the arts of violence!
Comandante Monasterio: My humble apologies.


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