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42 is a 2013 American biographical sports film written and directed by Brian Helgeland about the life of baseball player Jackie Robinson, who wore jersey number 42. 42 was released in North America on April 12, 2013.

In a game divided by color, he made us see greatness. (taglines)


[from trailer]
Ben Chapman: Why don'tcha look in a mirror? This is a white man's game!

[from trailer]
Jackie Robinson: I'm not goin' anywhere! I'm right here boys and I'm staying right here!

[from trailer]
Reporter: Whatcha gonna do if one of these pitchers throws for your head?
Jackie Robinson: I'll duck.

[from trailer]
Leo Durocher: If Robinson can help us win, then he is gonna play on this ball club!

[from trailer]
Branch Rickey: Jackie Robinson. A black man in white baseball.

[from trailer]
Branch Rickey: Your enemy will be out in force. But you cannot meet him on his own low ground.

[from trailer]
Jackie Robinson: You want a player who doesn't have the guts to fight back?
Branch Rickey: No. I want a player who's got the guts *not* to fight back.
Jackie Robinson: You give me a uniform, you give me a number on my back, I'll give you the guts.

Kirby Higbe: I got traded... to Pittsburgh!

Ben Chapman: Hey, Stanky, what's it like bein' a nigger's nigger?
Eddie Stanky: I dunno, Chapman, what's it like bein' a redneck piece of shit?

Pee Wee Reese: Maybe tomorrow, we'll all wear 42, so nobody could tell us apart.

Reporter: Baseball was proof positive that democracy was real. A baseball box score after all, is a democratic thing. It doesn't say how big you are, or what religion you follow it does not know how you voted, or the color of your skin, it simply states what kind of ballplayer you were on any particular day.

Branch Rickey: [referring to Jackie Robinson] He's a Methodist, I'm a Methodist... And God's a Methodist; We can't go wrong.

Jackie Robinson: Why'd you do this Mr. Rickey?
Branch Rickey: We had a victory over fascism in Germany. It's time we had a victory over racism here.
Jackie Robinson: No. Why? Why'd YOU do it? Come on.
Branch Rickey: I love this game. I love baseball. Given my whole life to it. 40 odd years ago I was a player-coach at Ohio-Wesleyan University. We had a Negro catcher. Best hitter on the team. Charlie Thomas. Fine young man. I saw him laid low, broken because of the color of his skin and I didn't do enough to help. Told myself I did but I didn't. There was something unfair at the heart of the game I loved and I ignored it. But a time came when I could no longer do that. You...you let me love baseball again.

Herb Pennock: [On the phone with Rickey] Branch, how long have we known each other?
Branch Rickey: Oh, 20 years, maybe more?
Herb Pennock: That's right, been over some solid road together. So, you can trust me when I tell you Brooklyn's due here tomorrow, but you cannot bring that nigger down here with the rest of your team.
Branch Rickey: Why's that, Herb? His name's Jackie Robinson, by the way.
Herb Pennock: Yeah, Branch, I understand he's got a name, but we're just not ready for that sort of thing here in Philadelphia. Now, I'm afraid that we're not going to be able to take the field against your team if that boy's in uniform.
Branch Rickey: Well, what you do with your team is your decision, Herb. But, my team's gonna be in Philadelphia tomorrow with Robinson, and if we have to claim the game as a forfeit, so be it. That's 9-0, in case you've forgotten.
Herb Pennock: You know what, Branch, you've had a hell of a hair across your ass over this for a long time, and I'd like to know what it is you're trying to prove.
Branch Rickey: You think God likes baseball, Herb?
Herb Pennock: What...what is that supposed to mean?
Branch Rickey: It means someday you're gonna meet God, and when He inquires as why you didn't take the field against Robinson in Philadelphia, and you answer that it was because he was a Negro, IT MAY NOT BE A SUFFICIENT REPLY!


  • In a game divided by color, he made us see greatness.


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