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A Star Is Born is a 2018 musical romantic drama about a hard-drinking musician who discovers and falls in love with a young singer.

Film produced and directed by Bradley Cooper (in his directorial debut) and written by Eric Roth, Cooper and Will Fetters, based on the 1937 film of the same name.
All you got to do is trust me.

Jackson Maine[edit]

  • [to Ally] Look at me. All you got to do is trust me. That's all you got to do.

Ally Campana-Maine[edit]

  • I hope it's okay, if I love you forever, Jack.

Bobby Maine[edit]

  • Jack talked about how music is essentially twelve notes between any octave. Twelve notes and the octave repeats. It's the same story told over and over, forever. All any artist can offer the world is how they see those twelve notes. That's it. He loved how you see them.
  • Ain't no gettin' back what we've lost, we're just trying to keep what we still have.


Jack: Could I ask you a personal question?
Ally: Okay.
Jack: Do you write songs or anything?
Ally: I don't sing my own songs.
Jack: Why?
Ally: I just don't feel comfortable.
Jack: Why wouldn't you feel comfortable?
Ally: Because like almost every single person that I've come in contact with in the music industry has told me that my nose is too big and that I won't make it.

Jack: Hey!
Ally: What?
Jack: I just wanted to take another look at you.

Ally: I don't feel this way about everybody.
Jack: Well, good, we're on the same page.

Song lyrics[edit]

All song are featured in soundtrack album A Star Is Born.

  • Tell me something, girl
    Are you happy in this modern world?
    Or do you need more?
    Is there something else you're searching for?
  • When the sun goes down
    And the band won't play
    I'll always remember us this way
  • Don't want to feel another touch
    Don't want to start another fire
    Don't want to know another kiss
    No other name falling off my lips
    Don't want to give my heart away
    To another stranger
    Or let another day begin
    Won't even let the sunlight in
    No I'll never love again


  • Bradley Cooper as Jackson Maine, an established singer-songwriter and alcoholic. He is Ally's mentor and love interest.
  • Lady Gaga as Ally Campana-Maine, a nightclub singer-songwriter who is discovered by Jackson.
  • Sam Elliott as Bobby Maine, Jackson's older brother and manager.
  • Dave Chappelle as George "Noodles" Stone, Jackson's close friend, himself a retired musician.
  • Andrew Dice Clay as Lorenzo Campana, Ally's father.
  • Anthony Ramos as Ramon, Ally's friend.
  • Michael Harney as Wolfie, a limo driver and friend of Lorenzo.
  • Rafi Gavron as Rez Gavron, a music producer and Ally's manager.

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