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Abū Bakr ibn Abu Quhhafa (c. October 57322 August 634) was a companion of and the first Muslim ruler after Muhammad (632–634). Sunnis regard him as his rightful successor (caliph) and the first of four righteous Caliphs (Rashidun). The Shi'a believe he violated Muhammad's direct orders and orchestrated a coup d'état. Scholarly consensus lists him as the first Muslim Caliph.


  • I have been given the authority over you, and I am not the best of you. If I do well, help me; and if I do wrong, set me right. Sincere regard for truth is loyalty and disregard for truth is treachery. The weak amongst you shall be strong with me until I have secured his rights, if God will; and the strong amongst you shall be weak with me until I have wrested from him the rights of others, if God will. Obey me so long as I obey God and His Messenger. But if I disobey God and his Messenger, ye owe me no obedience. Arise for your prayer, God have mercy upon you!
    • As quoted in Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources (1983) by Martin Lings, p. 344.

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