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The Adidas Jabulani is the official match ball for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.The ball has been a hot topic among high-profile players, receiving mostly harsh criticism.


  • It is very sad that a competition so important as the world championship will be played with such an inadequate ball.
  • They're doing anything but staying in my gloves. It's hard work with them, but good fun. It makes the game exciting and I think that's what they are trying to do with it.
  • The ball is dreadful. It's horrible, but it's horrible for everyone.
  • Sometimes the ball has a genuine flight and other times it has a mind of its own so it has taken time to adjust and it will take us time still now.
  • I have played with many different balls in my time - those that swerve a lot, change direction, fly awkwardly - but this one is definitely the worst of all. It has been intentionally made to suit outfield players and to contribute to a high number of goals at the World Cup.

Outfield players[edit]

  • It's makes us look like drunken sailors.
  • Once you have learned to make proper contact with the ball, you can make it travel very fast. It’s a case of catching it right. You learn how to do that with practice. We are confident about scoring with this ball.
  • The ball is very complicated for the goalkeepers and for us [strikers].
  • The new balls are a disaster. It's not only a problem for goalkeepers, but also for us strikers. When a cross comes in, you go to head the ball, but it moves half a meter and you end up just shaving it on contact.
  • We’re starting to get used to it eventually. I can imagine it’s been a nightmare for goalkeepers but for forward players when you get your shot off it’s an advantage I feel. So I think we’re getting more used to it with every day that goes by.


  • I think it’s the worst ball we have played with at a World Cup. It’s impossible to control the ball for the keeper. For **the players it’s not easy. I’ve seen that the ball arrives really fast and the players are having problems controlling it. For the keepers it is terrible because it is always moving.
  • You can see in matches and in shooting practice in training that the ball swerves. Goalkeepers are not happy about it at all. It's late to do anything about it for this World Cup but it should be discussed by the authorities. Everyone should listen to the top keepers in the world, this doesn't do them any favours at all.
  • We played with an impossible ball and we need to get used to it.

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