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  • There is no way to hide it, it's bad for the goalkeepers and it's bad for us. It's really bad. The players try to cross it and it goes to the opposite direction they intended it to go.
  • For sure the guy who designed this ball never played football. But there is nothing we can do, we have to play with.
  • Now is not the only goalie who just complain, outfield players were like that too. Disappointed taste of World Cup competition as important as having a vital element of the ball with an odd characteristic.
  • If you just hit it solid, you can get a good knuckle on the ball (...) you've just got to pay a little bit more, you know, attention when you pass the ball sometimes.
  • Everyone is complaining about the ball, but players like to complain about everything. I think that we need time to learn the intricacies of the ball.
  • It seems to have been made more with strikers in mind than defenders or keepers, because it is so crazy and unpredictable.