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Ahmadiyya, officially the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at (AMJ), is a messianic Islamic religious movement founded in Punjab, British India, in the late 19th century. The movement was founded and led by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835–1908). Spiritual leadership was continued by the Caliphs (spiritual leaders), the fifth and present Caliph is Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

Quotes about Ahmadiyya

  • "...Ministry of Foreign Affairs with its statement in response to the EU resolution: “Pakistan is a parliamentary democracy with a vibrant civil society, free media and independent judiciary, which remains fully committed to the promotion and protection of human rights for all its citizens without discrimination.” Whoever wrote this has a bright career ahead of them in stand up comedy. Have you heard of Ahmadis? You do not even let them vote or profess and propagate their faith, constitutional rights under the constitution you are sworn to protect. They are arrested for saying Salam and reading the Quran. Their “places of worship” are routinely desecrated and ransacked often by police officials. Christians are routinely charged with blasphemy and attacked by the mobs. Hindu girls are abducted and forcibly converted to Islam. So where is this Pakistan you speak of because we certainly don’t live in it. Have some shame at long last. This is the holy month of Ramazan. You should at least refrain from lying in this month, if you cannot help yourselves year round. ..."
  • The method of establishing perfect spiritual relationship with God that the Holy Quran teaches us is Islam, meaning devoting one's whole life to the cause of God and being occupied with the supplications which we have been taught in Surah Fatihah. This is the essence of Islam. Complete surrender to God and the supplication taught in Surah Fatihah are the only methods of meeting God and drinking the water of true salvation.
  • Without doubt, a truly mighty and powerful person is not one who can move a mountain from its place, not in the least. True courage is to muster the strength to reform one's morals.
  • Salat is an instrument for delivery from sin. It is a quality of the Salat that it makes a person secure against sin and vice. So seek a Salat of that type and try to make your Salat such.
  • The Peace and Beauty of any Society is Dependent Upon Justice and Honesty at all Levels.
  • Those who shed the blood of the innocent have nothing to do with Islam and the Holy Prophet.
  • It makes no difference to us what your religion is because we believe that as humanity we are all one. Thus, no matter what a person's belief we should love and respect each other.
  • In 1953, Pakistan, the Pakistani part of Punjab in particular, was rocked by riots. Clerics harangued the people about conspiracies that, they said, were being hatched by the Ahmadis. They harangued mobs asserting that these perfidious creatures were out to destroy Islam. They demanded that the government pass laws declaring Ahmadis to be non-Muslims. Mobs rampaged cities and villages hunting for Ahmadis, destroying their homes, breaking down their mosques. The government set up a commission to inquire into the riots. It was headed by Justice Muhammad Munir. The report of that commission remains one of the very best reports produced in the subcontinent since the two countries became independent.
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