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Alexandra Maseko (born September 10, 1968 in Luveve, Bulawayo). she is Urban Leaders Fellowship- Policy and Advocacy Fellow and Founder of Sports and Development Trust Zimbabwe. . She played basketball for the national team for many years and eventually was able to land a full scholarship to play basketball in the United States at Seton Hall University. she is now based in the United States of America.


Quotes about her[edit]

  • Based in the United States, Alex is a force to be reckoned with on and off the basketball court. Her basketball career began at Arundel School, Harare and as captain of the team she took Arundel through it’s first international tour to South Africa. For a total of 9 years Alex played for Zimbabwe’s Junior National Team and the Senior Women’s National Team. Most notably, she represented Zimbabwe at the 9th and 10th All Africa Games
  • She collected sneakers in good condition and took them back home to Zimbabwe where she distributes them to the underprivileged. Alexandra is particularly interested to see more children and youth exposed to the world of opportunities they are unaware of or think they are unentitled to. She wants the youth of Zimbabwe to have the right tools so that they can accomplish their own dreams and move forward in life.

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