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In whatever you do, strive to be the best at it.

Aliko Dangote (Born 10 April 1957 in Kano, Nigeria) is a Muslim Nigerian industrialist, business magnate and owner of Dangote Group. He is listed by Forbes as the Richest Man in Africa plus 23rd Richest Person on Earth and also became the World's Richest Black Man in 2013.


  • In whatever you do, strive to be the best at it.
    • Forbes 20 Inspirational Quotes from the Richest Africans.
  • Foreign investors did not build South Korea - South Koreans developed their country; the Germans built their economy, an economy that was once in ruins. The Germans suffered a lot but now they are the best.
  • In Africa, as you're being successful and doing things right, you're also creating a lot of enemies.

Quotes about Dangote

  • He will do everything possible to ensure that he wins - within the constraints of the law. Obviously those who lose out in the battle complain.
  • He's charming and humble...
    • Theresa Okeke, American director of Lagos' Civic Centre, a recreational centre for the well to do.
  • On a visit to Tanzania, Aliko Dangote shared his dream of having an African-run business empire that would manufacture products all over the continent.
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