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Alinah Kelo Segobye is a social development activist and archaeologist, with specialisms in social development and HIV/AIDS and the future of studying the past in Africa and African archaeology. She is Dean of Human Sciences at the Namibia University of Science and Technology and an elected fellow of the African Academy of Sciences.


  • “Providing an escape”
  • "The library gave us little orange cards assuring that we were diligent members,”
  • “High illiteracy rates throughout the continent especially affect the prospects for girls and women.”
  • “They are new spaces” that will help us actualize “our desire to learn, to be creative, and to share.”

Quotes by Alinah Kelo Segobye[edit]

  • “To build a South Africa that many of us truly believe we deserve.”
  • “Driving our economy through knowledge will replace our dependence on a mineral-driven endowment”
  • "Libraries will remain critical in this journey to the milestone years of 2030 and 2063”
  • “Libraries have come a long way from the village community hub centered on the baobab tree and the European-style buildings of colonialism,”

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