An All Dogs Christmas Carol

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An All Dogs Christmas Carol (1998) is the final episode of the cartoon series All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series and the third and final All Dogs Go to Heaven film.


  • (as he and Itchy prepare to ram Carface's door in with a Christmas tree) Steal Timmy's money, huh? Drop me in the trash, huh? Shoot me up the chimney, huh? Okay, that's it! Now, we're gonna deck his halls!
  • By the way if you think about that, beat it you bully!


Girl puppy: Wait a second. This snow isn't cold!
Charlie: Yeah, it's... tropical snow.
Girl puppy: It's popcorn!
Charlie: Tasty tropical snow.

Charlie: Well, he-llo, Sasha!
Sasha: Hello yourself, tall dark, and Blitzen.
Charlie: For you, Cupid, I'm a Dasher.
boy puppy: Uncle Charlie, do you have any more Christmas lights left?
Charlie: don't worry about me! I'll find those Christmas lights and thaw them back together!

[Charlie attempts to grab one of the Frozen Christmas lights but loses his grip and falls into a pile of snow]

Charlie: oh blast! If only I could fly like a reindeer and reach the top I'll be able to save Christmas for sure! [in his imagination, he is flying like a reindeer until he finally Falls and snaps back to reality] hey hey! SASHA!
Sasha: Charlie you need to save Christmas remember? You need to save Christmas now or else there won't be no presents and no medical reaperation for Timmy.
Charlie: how do I care about timmy? One day when I'm ready, I will be able to save Christmas soon.

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