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Sir Angus Frank Johnstone Wilson CBE (11 August 191331 May 1991) was an English novelist, short-story writer, biographer and critic.


  • The opportunities for heroism are limited in this kind of world: the most people can do is sometimes not to be as weak as they’ve been at other times.
    • Malcolm Cowley (ed.) Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews, First Series (New York: Viking Press, [1958] 1959) p. 261.
  • The impulse to write a novel comes from a momentary unified vision of life.
    • The Wild Garden (London: Secker & Warburg, 1963) p. 149.
  • People are able to live with only half a heart, to live without real compassion, because they are able to use words that are only forms.
    • Interviewed in Iona Review no. 3 (Fall 1972).


  • His fiction – radical, satirical, polyvalent, sexually courageous, global – extended the mainstream novel, and led it somewhere else. Still not fully recognized, he was one of Britain's greatest late-twentieth-century writers.

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