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Anne-Sophie Pic (born 12 July 1969) is a French chef best known for regaining three Michelin stars for her restaurant, Maison Pic, in southeast France.


  • "With time comes pleasure: the pleasure of creating but also upholding the legacy that’s been passed down to me".
  • "I was very lucky that my father and my mother told me that we eat not only to live but also for pleasure"
  • "Growing up, I was taught that cuisine is something serious and very precise. But more than that, I was also told that cuisine is source of enjoyment".
  • "The perfect meal is about the osmosis between aroma, taste, service, decoration and design, tableware, place and the people that share the moment with you".
  • "I have always thought that my food appeals more strongly to women than men".
  • "I believe that although my cuisine has powerful flavours, it remains sensitive and delicate – qualities that make it quite feminine in many ways".
  • "My cuisine is very delicate and I’m a complete perfectionist, so these tools become an extension of my hand, allowing me to be much more precise".

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