Annie: A Royal Adventure!

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Annie: A Royal Adventure! (also known as Annie 2 or Annie 2: A Royal Adventure!) is a TV sequel to the 1982 theatrical film Annie. It was released as a television film in the United States in 1995 and internationally in 1996, and it approximately 93 minutes long. The film has no songs apart from a reprise of "Tomorrow" sung at the end of the film immediately after Daddy Warbucks is knighted.


Miss Hannigan: [Annie has sneaked Molly on the ship] STOWAWAY! STOWAWAY!
Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks: What's she saying, Annie?
Annie: Um, she's saying, "Stay a while, stay a while."
Hannah: [waves] Good-bye, Miss Hannigan!
Annie: [waves] Bon voyage!


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