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Antonio Socci (born 18 January 1959) is an Italian media personality, journalist and book writer. He is best known for coverage of Catholic Church topics, including general history and subjects such the Secrets of Fatima and the works of Pope John Paul II.


  • Ratzinger would make anyone pale. He is a true Doctor of the Church, a man who from his precious participation in the Council to his brilliant academic activity and his theological production, from his episcopate in Munich to his memorable mission as guardian of the faith alongside Wojtyła, its true pillar, has become a giant in the last fifty years (also in the debate with secular culture). And all this associated with truly extraordinary humanity, simplicity, moral courage, humility qualities....We could continue with Montini, three degrees , precious collaborator of Pius XII in the Secretariat of State, therefore in the government of the universal Church, in crucial years; great theological preparation, friend of important thinkers for Christianity such as Jacques Maritain, later bishop of Milan capable of giving a vigorous missionary push to the metropolis, therefore protagonist of the Council.
  • I pray for him (Pope Francis) as a Catholic, but for a living I have to rely on evidence. Just reread the interviews he gives, it's an extremely painful, dramatic situation. Saying that God is not Catholic means wanting a super religion purified of dogmas and sacraments, it's a shame that the monotheistic horizon thus understood then impacts the Trinitarian belief. And it's a big problem. Islam maintains that God does not have a son.
  • His teaching (of Pope Francis) is as iridescent as Saruman's dress. I am thrilled by his evangelical freedom, his simplicity, his be outside the clerical mold. It is emotional when he talks about the gaze of Jesus or, as in recent days in Guadalupe, the maternal eyes of Mary. And when we remember that our Savior does not want to lose anyone and takes each of us on his shoulders.
  • Never in the history of the Church has there been such a frightening concentration of prophecies that foretell a catastrophic time for Christendom and the world. And they are Catholic prophecies, i.e., related to saints, pontiffs and mystics or messages from Marian apparitions recognized by the Church.
    • Antonio Socci, La profezia finale. Lettera a papa Francesco sulla Chiesa in tempo di guerra, Milano, Rizzoli, 2016. ISBN 9788817085007
  • Agnostics or atheists or secularists who listen to Bergoglio feel confirmed in their non-belief and certainly not called to conversion. Indeed, these characters (Scalfari is an example) draw from Bergoglio's words new conviction in their hostility towards the Church, hearing themselves justified by the Pope himself... While the Catholics who listen to Bergoglio increasingly conform to dominant secularist culture. Bergoglio's "mission" is therefore in reverse: bringing the Lord's sheep into the mouths of the wolves, that is, worldly Power.
    • From a post on Facebook (September 14, 2016)
  • Oriana Fallaci is not only a great journalist: for me she is "the" journalism. And I underline "is" (wasn't) for many reasons. One of which lies in the fact that its pages will long remain the best school of journalism, but above all a formidable breath of intellectual freedom, a vaccine against all idiots, variously placed in the hierarchies of power, and against the lazy cowardice of conformism.
    • From the preface to Oriana Fallaci, Intervista con il potere.
  • In the Hebrew language the letters of the word "Italy" mean "island of divine dew": do we also want to erase the name of our homeland so as not to offend atheists? And the national anthem that calls to God.
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