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Arnab Ranjan Goswami (born 7 March 1973) is an Indian journalist and television news anchor, who is the editor and majority owner of the news channel Republic TV.


Arnab Goswami speaking at Wiki Conference Mumbai, India 2011
  • I am sorry Sonia Gandhi, but here I am, back on air. You carried out a little Italian mafia-style operation, remember?...Your Congress workers tailed my car after midnight yesterday. They identified me, then they blocked my car 300 metres from my house, they tried to break in. They threw bottles and liquid. They got caught. The visual evidence is all there. The FIR copies are there for you to read...
    You failed Sonia, like you always do. You are a failure. You failed at elections. You failed to cover-up your scams. You failed to prop-up your tin-pot dynasty. And do you remember Sonia that scary tale? That those who dare to take you on do not survive to tell the tale? Figuratively or otherwise? Even that does not scare anyone any more.... When there should be FIRs against you, Sonia, for your absolute lack of accountability and political ethics. So, who the hell do you think you are Sonia, you are nothing but a crumbling symbol of entitlement. And that too, without any popular base. So please throw your 10 Janpath circus tricks elsewhere. You failed in your attack on me last night.
  • You are furious Sonia that I.... exposed the state complicity in the killing of Hindu Sadhus in a state that you run. ... I am sorry Sonia, but who the hell you are? You have organised a ‘Lynchistan’ campaign in my country, every time an incident happens. Now you are angry when I ask you why you won’t apply the same logic, or some of that degree of outrage when Hindu monks are dragged and handed over, yes, handed over to over a 100-strong crazy mob ready to lynch them, and by whom Sonia? By your men in uniform.... Why are you so touchy and silent over the brutality inflicted over Hindu monks? What is your problem with Hinduism? Why do you talk about ‘Hindu terrorism and Hindu Taliban’? What do you gain by such terrible stereotypes? What are you hiding?
  • Congress leaders have been intimidating me and threatening me with physical violence. I am deeply grateful that the Supreme Court has noted the violence against me and my wife.


  • "A little more than 24 hours ago, in moments that I will never forget, I came out after 8 days in custody in jail. I was in 2 jails - First the Alibag district jail and then in Taloja Central Jail. And today I want to tell you-- my dear viewers-- that the days in jail have been the most meaningful days of my life. And let me tell you why these have been the most meaningful days of my life: They have because the struggle in these past days was real, but I have realized that the opportunity to struggle for the truth is the greatest honor that I have ever received. That’s what’s made these days so meaningful,"
  • "I was sitting there in a prison cell with this TV far away from me but I could listen to the people who were demanding my release, people who were on the streets, people with their protests for justice, people standing outside the gates of Taloja jail, people signing petitions for me, people submitting memorandums, priests conducting prayers at places of worship. I was hearing that some people had come out of the jail with food for me, as my other inmates at Taloja jail told me based on what was being shown on that tiny TV. I want to tell you tonight- my dear viewers - that in my entire life I have never felt stronger,"
  • "We are stronger than before, we are fiercer than before, and remember, the game has just begun. You can't stop Republic. Republic won't stop. Republic is unstoppable."

Interview, 2020[edit]

Interview, Sep 1, 2020. With Nupur Sharma Arnab Goswami talks to OpIndia
  • Why would I leave it. Because I was not comfortable. Because I realized the time has come where I could not take instructions... I could no longer be free... I was not absolutely free.
    • About why he left Times Now.
  • I think it is a matter of pride for all journalists that a fellow journalist today runs, manages, anchors and owns the largest news organization in the country.
  • These media channels are responsible for the riots which you Nupur are now investigating. And in my book doing a riot and supporting a riot are the same thing.
  • These people formed cabals.. When I was fighting corruption you all went to the Information and Broadcasting minister... [he told me] in the meeting the biggest point of conversation is you because the minister is shouting at us why the media is putting pressure on us.. [he told] it is the boy in Mumbai who is doing all of this, shall we Mr Minister bring you his head on a plate? ... these are the spineless editors of Lutyens whose problem is now that more people are watching Republic. Well they will because all of you cheated and lied to the people of India for far too long!
  • Their subjective opinion... is based on bias, prejudice, jealousy and hatred... They are hypocrites all of them... they can't even look at me in the eye.
  • These people are very slippery characters... It is not about an ideology, it is about self-preseravation and self-interest.. The system of favours has gone, Nupur... Access, privilege, the ability for editors and chief owners to walk in, recommend people, come in to talk about politics but quietly bring an industrialist... This regime has not allowed them. So, money is not coming, access is not coming, privilege is not coming.
  • For a journalist to be free he has to run and own and manage a news organization.
  • Understand, your castles are burnt. Your fortress has been broken into... you are over, history... This country has rejected you. Because you lied. And this country will not follow your lying anymore. ... There has been a tectonic shift in the thinking in this country.
  • Bloomsbury should apologize to the people of India. And Bloomsbury should not be allowed to publish or distribute their books in India. because if we are the largest democracy then why did pull back the Delhi Riots 2020 book? Why? ... If there is an expose on the Delhi Riots ...then it is something that should be known. ... I see absolutely no reason to withdraw the book. It is an excuse... We must speak truth on it, and if we have Freedom of Expression in this country,... This is a complete attack on the Freedom of Expression. So we must bring this book on the shelves and if Bloomsbury does not bring this book back on the shelves then Bloomsbury should leave India. .. The next cabal we have to break is the cabal of these publishers.
  • Your narrative building failed, it was part of a narrative they have carefully constructed.
  • It was so well planned, It was the last straw for them, that the verdict of the supreme court on Ayodhya happened, that they could put no false charges against the chief justice, that the lobby failed in court and there was no violence... that life was normal. Shaheen Bagh was a response to the peace after Ayodhya.
  • Bengaluru riots: the pattern was the same, only here the mask of the protest was gone off.
  • To the Lutyens media: You have been defeated by the people. You don't matter.

Quotes about Arnab Goswami[edit]

Quotes about the arrest of Arnab Goswami in November 2020[edit]

  • Congress and its allies have shamed democracy once again. Blatant misuse of state power against Republic TV & Arnab Goswami is an attack on individual freedom and the 4th pillar of democracy. It reminds us of the Emergency. This attack on free press must be and WILL BE OPPOSED.
  • Those in the free press who don’t stand up today in support of Arnab, you are now tactically in support of fascism. You may not like him, you may not approve of him,you may despise his very existence but if you stay silent you support suppression. Who speaks if you are next ?
  • Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have openly attacked @narendramodi. Govt through motivated charges of attack on institutions yet they are completely silent when their own Govt in Maharashtra is blatantly suppressing freedom of Press. Textbook case of hypocrisy!
  • A Black Day for Indian demoracy. I strongly condemn the assault on senior journalist #ArnabGoswami by Mumbai police. Vendetta politics should be stopped and freedom of press should be maintained in Maharashtra by releasing Mr Goswami immediately.
  • We condemn the attack on press freedom in #Maharashtra. This is not the way to treat the Press. This reminds us of the emergency days when the press was treated like this.
  • India didn’t forgive Indira Gandhi for the Emergency. India never forgave Rajiv Gandhi for his assault on press freedom. And now, India will again punish Sonia-Rahul Gandhi for their brazen and intimidating use of state power to get equal with journalists.
  • How can you false arrest someone just because you don't like him? Remember, Indians will fight back against this kind of draconian act. I condemn the forceful arrest of Journalist #ArnabGoswami This is fascist intolerance towards freedom of expression.
  • Maharashtra government today entered the house of Arnab Goswami, assaulted him, and arrested him. I want to ask them, how many voices will they suppress? How many houses will they level? How many people will they strangle? Why be angry when someone calls you a penguin? You look like a penguin so people call you that.
  • “This incident is not just limited to the stifling of the freedom of the press, but it is an infringement of personal freedom and liberty granted to every citizen of the country. When the people who are meant to protect citizens become the very people that citizens need protection from, the collective might of democracy needs to enforce itself to demand fairness,” the country’s first nationalistic digital media association. “The police is well within its right to constitute action against any party it thinks has erred, however, the process of the law has to be followed. This incident only appears to be a zenith in the witch-hunt that was launched by the government against Republic TV over the past few weeks.” “We, as a group representing digital news orgs are especially dismayed that if such high-handedness can be displayed towards a legacy media, smaller digital outfits could simply be crushed by the might of the state to ensure that dissenting voices are muzzled. However, such attempts will be opposed and fought by IDMA, for the sake of the right of the media, its right to be free and fair, and for the citizen’s civil liberties,” the statement added.
    • Indian Digital Media Association (IDMA) [23] — Indian Digital Media Association (@IndiaIDMA) November 4, 2020 [24]
  • Are we returning to an age of facism and dictatorship in the garb of democracy? Vendetta politics exceeding all limits.Absolutely no ground to arrest #ArnabGoswami.Minimum that the Maharashtra Govt can do to vindicate the freedom of press is to release him immediately.
  • BJYM condemns #ArnabGoswami's arrest & this attack on freedom of press. Request every young Mumbaikar who value our constitutional freedoms to join BJYM protest against this fascist action.
  • “I was following all the rules according to the law while I was sitting in protest over here. There was no crowd with me. We were just three people sitting here. I am not protesting against the police. This government is scared. How many voices can they (govt) suppress?… After Arnab Goswami gets bail from the High Court, I will return to the Assembly and will distribute sweets to all those ministers who were laughing after the arrest of Arnab.”
  • I don’t think that this arrest will either frighten or silence Arnab Goswami. It will enhance his appeal and make the Shiv Sena and Congress appear ridiculous.

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