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Arnab Goswami speaking at Wiki Conference Mumbai, India 2011

Arnab Ranjan Goswami (born 7 March 1973) is an Indian journalist and television news anchor, who is the editor and majority owner of the news channel Republic TV.


  • I am sorry Sonia Gandhi, but here I am, back on air. You carried out a little Italian mafia-style operation, remember?...Your Congress workers tailed my car after midnight yesterday. They identified me, then they blocked my car 300 metres from my house, they tried to break in. They threw bottles and liquid. They got caught. The visual evidence is all there. The FIR copies are there for you to read...
    You failed Sonia, like you always do. You are a failure. You failed at elections. You failed to cover-up your scams. You failed to prop-up your tin-pot dynasty. And do you remember Sonia that scary tale? That those who dare to take you on do not survive to tell the tale? Figuratively or otherwise? Even that does not scare anyone any more.... When there should be FIRs against you, Sonia, for your absolute lack of accountability and political ethics. So, who the hell do you think you are Sonia, you are nothing but a crumbling symbol of entitlement. And that too, without any popular base. So please throw your 10 Janpath circus tricks elsewhere. You failed in your attack on me last night.
  • You are furious Sonia that I.... exposed the state complicity in the killing of Hindu Sadhus in a state that you run. ... I am sorry Sonia, but who the hell you are? You have organised a ‘Lynchistan’ campaign in my country, every time an incident happens. Now you are angry when I ask you why you won’t apply the same logic, or some of that degree of outrage when Hindu monks are dragged and handed over, yes, handed over to over a 100-strong crazy mob ready to lynch them, and by whom Sonia? By your men in uniform.... Why are you so touchy and silent over the brutality inflicted over Hindu monks? What is your problem with Hinduism? Why do you talk about ‘Hindu terrorism and Hindu Taliban’? What do you gain by such terrible stereotypes? What are you hiding?
  • Congress leaders have been intimidating me and threatening me with physical violence. I am deeply grateful that the Supreme Court has noted the violence against me and my wife.

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