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Artillery (from French artillerie) refers to any engine used for the discharge of projectiles during war. The term also describes ground-based troops with the primary function of manning such weapons.


  • Our artillery... The Germans feared it almost more than anything we had.
  • Soldiers, you brave guys, who are your wives?
    Our wives are our loaded cannons, that's what our wives are.
    • Russian:
      Солдатушки, бравы ребятушки, а кто ваши жёны?
      Наши жёны — пушки заряжёны, вот кто наши жёны.
    • Traditional Russian soldiers song. [1]
  • If you have two hundred guns per kilometer of the front, do not ask about the enemy and do not report about him.
    • Russian: При двухстах орудиях на километр фронта о противнике не спрашивают и не докладывают.
    • Marshal Kirill Moskalenko, [2]
  • "The poorer the infantry, the more artillery it needs; the American infantry needs all it can get."
    • French General Koechlin-Schwartz, speaking to U.S. General George S. Patton on two occasions. "The Patton Papers, 1940-1945"; George Smith Patton, Martin Blumenson; Houghton Mifflin (1972); pp.520-521
  • And what is the modern war, it's an interesting question, what it requires? It requires massive artillery. In modern warfare, artillery is a god... Artillery, massive artillery decides the fate of the war.
    • Russian: А что такое современная война - интересный вопрос, чего она требует? Она требует массовой артиллерии. В современной войне артиллерия это бог... артиллерия решает судьбу войны, массовая артиллерия.
    • Josef Stalin (1940) [3]
  • The artillery is a god of modern war.
    • Russian: Артиллерия — бог современной войны.
    • Josef Stalin (1941) [4]
  • …If you really want to know, I've read War and Peace. Now there's a book for you. Read it right through — and enjoyed it. Why? Because it wasn't written by any old scribbler but by an artillery officer. Have you drawn a ten? Right, you're my partner…
    • Russian: — …если угодно знать, «Войну и мир» читал… Вот, действительно, книга. До самого конца прочитал — и с удовольствием. А почему? Потому что писал не обормот какой-нибудь, а артиллерийский офицер. У вас десятка? Вы со мной…
    • Mikhail Bulgakov. The White Guard
  • An' as their firin' dies away the 'usky whisper runs
    From lips that 'aven't drunk all day: "The Guns! Thank Gawd, the Guns!"
  • For you all love the screw-guns — the screw-guns they all love you!
    So when we call round with a few guns, o' course you will know what to do — hoo! hoo!
    Just send in your Chief an' surrender — it's worse if you fights or you runs:
    You can go where you please, you can skid up the trees, but you don't get away from the guns!

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