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professor Audrey Sitsofe Gadzekpo is a Ghanaian media practitioner and female dean of the School of Information and Communications Studies at the University of Ghana. She was formerly a Communications Consultant and Lecturer who represented women's groups.


  • We find the political capture of the broadcast media space, in particular, and the increasing concentration of the media in a few hands as worrying for the country’s democracy, and there is the need to address this situation.
  • As we globalise and link up with the wider world, we need to always be reminded of what makes us unique.
  • Media are a public good and must be supported to survive, if nothing else in the interest of democracy.
  • As the maxim underscoring the symbiotic relationship between democracy and media holds, where there is democracy, there must be free media and where there is free media, the political system being practised is bound to be democratic.
    • [Prof. Audrey Gadzekpo Delivers Inaugural Lecture [1]
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