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August Macke, 1910: 'Portrait of Franz Marc / Porträt des Franz Marc', oil on paperboard; current location: Neue Nationalgalerie

August Macke (3 January 188726 September 1914) was one of the artists of German Expressionism who was well-known of introducing early bright colors in German painting art.

Quotes of August Macke[edit]

  • I have just been thinking that the Blaue Reiter (Blue Rider) does not really represent my work. I have always been convinced that other things of mine are more important.. .Narcism, fake heroism, and blindness have a lot to answer for, in the Blaue Reiter. All those high-sounding words about the birth of a great spiritual moment still resounding in my ears. Kandinsky can air his personal opinion about that or any other revolution he cares to mention. But I dislike the whole thing.. ..Take my advice – work, and don’t spent so much time thinking about blue riders or blue horses.
    • In a letter to his friend Franz Marc (Jan. 1912), quoted in 'Meseure 38'; as quoted in Movement, Manifesto, Melee: The Modernist Group, 1910-1914, Milton A. Cohen, Lexington Books, Sep 14, 2004, p. 73, (note 19)
  • It was the desire for living,vital expression.. ..which built Gothic cathedrals, which created Mozart sonatas. I believe it is going to stay that way for long time to come.
    • In 'The New Program' (1914) - first appeared in Das neue Program, Kunst und Künstler 12. (March 1914)

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