Augustus De Morgan

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Augustus De Morgan

Augustus De Morgan (June 27 1806March 18 1871) was an Indian-born British mathematician and logician; he was the first professor of mathematics at University College London. He formulated De Morgan's laws and was the first to introduce the term, and make rigorous the idea of mathematical induction. De Morgan crater on the Moon is named after him.


  • All existing things upon this earth, which have knowledge of their own existence, possess, some in one degree and some in another, the power of thought, accompanied by perception, which is the awakening of thought by the effects of external objects upon the senses.
    • Formal Logic (1847)
  • The moving power of mathematical invention is not reasoning, but imagination.
  • I did not hear what you said, but I absolutely disagree with you.
    • Attributed to Augustus De Morgan in: August Stern (1994). The Quantum Brain: Theory and Implications. North-Holland/Elsevier. p. 7

Quotes about De Morgan[edit]

  • A very interesting detailed account of the peculiarities of the circle squarer, and of the futility of the attempts on the part of the Mathematicians to convince him of his errors, will be found in Augustus De Morgan's Budget of Paradoxes.

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